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Mary's World Part 4: The Sealed Orb

Time passed and Kumiko finally moved toward Yoshino City, and was greeted by the guards upon entry. "Now how did a human like you get past the Wakaba guards?!", one of them said. "If you can't figure it out, you don't deserve to know.", Kumiko said, spinning one of her orbs on her fingertip, "So just let me in." "I don't think so! You're going back to Wakaba!" "I thought you'd say that."

Kumiko tossed the orb, revealing her CMokou. "Let's do this!", Kumiko said. "Right!", CMokou replied before taking out the guards. "Too easy.", Kumiko said before returning her Boneka and turning toward the Boneka Center, "Hope they're still open." She then walked up to it and went inside.

Kumiko looked around, seeing that Nurse Joy was the only other person there. "Hello?", Kumiko said, startling her, "Are you still open?" "Y-Yes!", Joy replied as she turned around, "Oh? Thank goodness, I thought you were a Boneka." "Heheh, sorry.", Kumiko replied, "Anyway, I need a quick favor." "I'll do what I can, though that's limited with this uprising.", Joy replied just before Kumiko placed her orbs on the counter. "I think you know what to do with these.", Kumiko said. After thinking a bit, Joy got a bit excited. "I never thought I'd see these again.", she said, "I'll take care of them right away!" "Thank you.", Kumiko replied. Joy gave a nod before taking the orbs and walking into the back room.

After a few minutes, Joy returned. "I'm done.", Joy said, "Good as new." "Thanks.", Kumiko said as she grabber her orbs. "It might not be my place to ask, but how did you become a trainer?", Joy asked. "Well... It's actually kind of odd.", Kumiko replied, "All I really did was make a CUtsuho doll, and it just turned into a Boneka the next day, and the two of us just saw things the same way, so we decided to work together." "I see.", Joy replied, "That is strange, but at least there's hope for us." "Yeah.", Kumiko replied, "Well, thanks. C'ya." "Good luck!", Joy replied.

Immediately after exiting the Boneka Center, a red-haired boy bumped into Kumiko and knocked her down. "You okay?", he asked. "Yeah, I'm good.", Kumiko replied, "Why the rush?" The red-haired boy then pulls out a pure-black orb from his bag. "I swiped this from the Boneka Storage, but was followed.", he replied, "It's a sealed orb that contains a Boneka, but I can't unseal it. Well, what I can't use is useless to me. But if the Boneka get it, it could be a problem, so here." He forces the orb onto Kumiko before running off to Wakaba.

Kumiko looks at the orb until she hears something approaching, and quickly puts it in her bag. Just then a group of Boneka appeared from the route. "Citizen, did you see a red-haired man coming by here?", one of them said. 'I can't take this many on. Gotta play it cool.', Kumiko thought. "Nope, sorry.", she said. "Blast!", the Boneka said, "We lost him! Troops, retreat to HQ!" "Yes sir!", the rest of them said before the group ran off. "*Sigh* That was close.", Kumiko said, standing back up, "I'm surprised they didn't realize I'm not from here." Kumiko then looked toward Route 30. "Next stop, Kikyo City."

*To Be Continued*

Author's notes: Sometimes it's hard to create parallel events between two worlds. But, I gotta push through, y'know?