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I read the big bold letter on my test, F, this isn't good. Not good at all. I, Tsukino Usagi, failed another test. Of course this is the usual for me. I can't pass math exams. My kanji sucks as well! Not to mention, Haruna asked me to stay after school to explain why I obviously do not study for exams. That was jovial. I hang my head in horror and stuff the failed test into my briefcase. My parents would kill me.

Not before Mamoru hears about this!

My heart sinks, that man will definitely be the death of me today. He lives to torture me over my terrible test scores! At least Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako will be there to hold me back from committing murder. Sometimes I could murder that raven haired man. Those oceanic eyes and that smirk, that damnable smirk he throws on to please the women. Infuriating!

I stop in front of the Crown Arcade, taking deep breaths before walking in. The doors slide open, announcing my arrival to the people inside.

Motoki is at his usual spot, behind the counter serving delicious food and drinks or taking a person's payment. Today it seems his little sister is helping out too! Only she is wearing her skates to serve the people faster. I see Motoki doesn't look pleased with this - how can he, his precious marble floors take a beating.

The Crown Arcade is one of my favorite places to hang out at after school. Minako and Makoto likes this place too. We ogle Motoki from our usual booth as he prepares orders. I'm sure he's noticed our zealous eyes gazing up on him. I take one step after another, slowly. Then my eyes scan the Arcade for that one person, that person that I loathe. The bane of my very existence. Chiba Mamoru! There he sits, perched at the front counter drinking his usual black coffee. Yucky stuff.


I stop, wide-eyed, teeth gritting, fists clenched. Oh there will be hell to pay now! Minako and Makoto rush over to me. They must have missed the memo that I'm attempting to walk in unnoticed by the bane. Minako is another blonde, we could be considered twins...by looks of course! She wears her hair differently than mine, thank god. Otherwise you might not see the difference between us. Makoto isn't blonde, she's a tall, amazon like girl. Her brown locks are always kept back in a hair band. Did I mention she's tall?

"You took a long time. Did the teacher hold you after school?" Minako asks as we sit down. I nod and pull out the exam. Their expressions are less than pleased. If Ami saw this, I would receive a lecture. I cringe at the thoughts of a lecture. "Usagi, you studied with Ami. What happened?"

"I'll tell you what happened. She stopped studying arithmetic and began studying the difference between candy."

My eyes twitch, teeth grind and I hold back a string of insults. Mamoru stands behind Minako, reading the test score. He looks thoroughly pleased that he has already upset me. Makoto turns and reprimands him for picking on me.

"I only call them like I see them!" Mamoru defends himself. "I'm sure you don't receive scores like this, Makoto." The green-eyed amazon narrows her eyes. Oh, I can tell she doesn't like him.

He decides to leave us a lone for now. I immediately change the subject, hoping to talk about anything but my horrible score. "Motoki looks extremely handsome today." I take note of the man's attire. Of course he wears the same uniform, like Mamoru wears the same horrible pea green jacket. Bah! I shouldn't think about him.

"He looks extraordinary!"


We swoon as the man flashes a smile. Nobody else would understand our obsession if they knew. Ami and Rei certainly don't understand it at all. Rei is more infatuated with Chad and then Mamoru. I don't think Ami has ever noticed a guy besides Greg and he hasn't been back to school for some time. Motoki brings our milkshakes to us and as usual, tells us the shakes are on the house.

"You should at least make Odango Atama pay!" Mamoru laughs turning around on his stool.



Minako and Makoto grab me and hold me back. Anger courses through my veins and I struggle against them. Motoki even shoves himself between us. Minako attempts to calm me down. It doesn't help. I scream more profanities today than I ever have.


"Let's just calm down and forget he's here, Usagi." Makoto suggests to me, I turn and glare at her, daring her to make another suggestion. I hear feet shuffling and turn back toward my intended target who is now standing instead of sitting. "Usagi, please! People are staring at us!"

People are staring. Some even have cell phones out, hoping for more of a fight. Normally the decibel raises slightly but today, today they were getting much more of a verbal smack down. I hear a few people encouraging us to continue. Motoki gives them a stern look.

"I just want to drink my milkshake in peace. IN PEACE!" I whine before hanging my head dramatically. Minako and Makoto glare at Mamoru. That glare usually means they're daring him to say one more word.

Eventually Mamoru decides to call it a day and says good-bye to Motoki before hurrying out the door. Rei and Ami walk in as he walks out. Both girls look confused as they walk toward us. "Did we miss the daily fight?"

"You did. Usagi almost ripped him to shreds!" Makoto says sighing as she flexes her arms. "We held her back though."

Ami pats my back and notices my arm covering a paper with a bold red-letter covering most of the writing. I don't really notice her take the paper either. Ami is the intelligent girl, the blue-haired genius but also the graceful one. Rei is just the opposite of her and the rest of us. She has long ebony hair and these angry violet eyes, her skin is also translucent. I've often teased her about being so pale, she points out that I'm just as pale if not paler. We argue a lot.

"It's so obvious, Usagi." Minako begins before sipping more of her milkshake. Rei and Makoto grin evilly.I don't think I'll like where this is going. Once that blonde starts on something, she doesn't relent. I look off toward Motoki, hoping he walks over to talk, flirt...anything!

"It is quite obvious! USAGI!" Ami agrees, looking at me with a fiery gleam. I shudder as I think of the things she will say. Minako looks pleased that someone agrees with her.

"Thank you, Ami! I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees it!"

"Usagi, you need to study harder! Look at number four! I showed you how to solve these problems! They're the very same problems!"

Nobody says a word. Minako looks at Ami grimly. Rei and Makoto giggle and I shake my head, approving of Ami's lecture. I think Minako is a bit flustered that nobody has caught on to her tirade.

"That wasn't what I was referring to! If you walked in a bit earlier and watched,"

"I paid attention to you, Ami. I didn't nap during the test or anything."

"Excuse me, I'm trying to talk." Minako says irritably. Ami continues lecturing me, much to everyone's dismay. "AMI FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" Ami looks at the blonde and shrinks in her seat. Minako begins berating about her thoughts being interrupted and proper communication etiquette. "Now that I can get a thought out and everyone is listening." She pauses to make sure we're listening. I feel my stomach churn, what in the world does she plan on telling us? "Usagi, it is pretty obvious you like Mamoru."

Oh no she did not!

She totally just did.

"That is what you wanted to say? Failing an exam is more important than her bickering with that man trollop!" Ami snorts looking at Minako seriously. Yep, she's mad because she tutored me for hours and I failed. This is not good.

"Ami, relax. We all know that Usagi is an air head." Rei says smirking. Oh that little witch! "Her feelings for Mamoru are much more entertaining though. Good gossip."

"Why are you guys so mean to me!" I begin whining and pouting at them, Makoto takes pity and offers a shoulder to cry on. "Makoto is my only friend it seems." I stick my tongue out the other girls, earning a few mean looks.

"Can I get you anything?" Motoki walks over, looking at Rei and Ami expectantly. Rei orders a passion fruit milkshake and Ami orders mint tea. "I should have guessed. You girls order the same thing every day. Do you want fries or anything?"

We deny the greasy food and he scurries off behind the counter to make the tea and milkshake. Once Motoki is out of hearing range, again, the girls begin asking me about my feelings toward Mamoru.

Mamoru is definitely handsome, he has the charm of a perfect gentleman but he's this horrible man who makes a point to tease me daily. If he could talk to me like a normal person, I would honestly say that I could grow to like him. Even just as a friend. That wouldn't be expecting too much of me. Would it? Sadly, Mamoru looks at me like I'm a five-year old with an IQ of a mouse. He never takes me seriously. So even if we start being friends, that's all we will ever amount to. This thought leaves a pang of hurt in me.

"Earth to Usagi! We asked you a question?"

I blink several times as I come out of my thoughts. They're all looking at me, waiting for an answer. I tilt my head curiously and wait for one of them to reiterate the question. "Sorry, I was thinking."

"About Mamoru?"

"About how you'll study harder next time for an exam?"

Every one glares at Ami, Makoto even shakes her head at the blue-haired girl.

"There will be this party a few nights from now! Every one will be going. Mamoru too! What about you?" Rei asks again.

Apparently, a few girls and guys were hosting a party in the eastern Crossroads apartment complex a few nights from today and invited a lot of people. Rei is friends with one of the girls and got an invite. Rei had to ask nicely to get invites for her close friends. Usagi didn't think of attending the party. She attended several parties but they were such a drag. Rei gave her the pout and it sold Usagi.

"Maybe you and Mamoru can dance! Then start kissing! Start touching each other and...and-"

"Minako! Don't be such a pervert!" Makoto shakes her head disapproving of the blonde's fun. "Usagi, at this party you need to dance with Mamoru! Get his attention!"

"We'll dress you in something sexy!" Minako squeals getting excited and pulls out her phone. The girls look at her and tilt their heads. What in the world is that blonde doing. She glances up at us, she offers an apologetic smile before explaining that she does most of her shopping online and takes pictures of all of her clothing. That is one crazy blonde. "Like you've never taken photos of your clothes before!" She asks rolling her eyes. I meet Rei's eyes, we're thinking the exact same thing.

"You've lost your marbles."

"Seriously?" Minako tosses a piece of ice at Makoto, sticking her tongue out at her. "I think we should dress Usagi in something purple and black!"