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Mamoru walks quietly toward the Arcade this afternoon. Classes were rather boring today. Sometimes the dark-haired man felt he didn't get enough stimulation to keep him awake. To beat it all, he slacked off in his morning classes. Bah, the professor noticed too. He sighs, releasing the air he'd been holding in now for some time. He hoped Motoki heard the voicemail he left for him about his usual black coffee.

Then he also remembered, Usagi.

He stops in his tracks, recalling how much she wanted to strangle him two days ago. He had made a point to avoid the fiery blonde. Those big cerulean eyes of hers, burnt with anger. It worried Mamoru that he could tease her to the point that she would feel the need to hurt him. Kind of scary even. She'll be in there waiting with forks or a hammer! Mamoru go home and have Motoki deliver the coffee to you! Coffee isn't worth your good looks and wit! He debates with his conscience for a few minutes.


The man turns around, cringing, afraid of who that voice belonged too. Lucky for him, it was only Minako, Usagi's identical twin. Only they aren't twins at all. He straightens up and waves at her. "Minako, having a good day?"

"Always! Oh don't worry about Usagi, she hurried home earlier. She's going to the grocery store with her mom and has to study for two hours because she failed another test."

"Oh, that's too bad." Mamoru cheers inwardly. He would live to see another day. He also feels a bit down, sometimes he looked forward to their daily bickering. Teasing her is what he does best. It's his daily stimulation. "Are you passing all your exams?"

Minako glares at him and gives him a face, Mamoru takes that as a sign. Now he knows where Usagi gets it from. They continue talking and walk in the Arcade, Motoki greets them before going to fill more orders.

"Mamoru, are you attending the party this Friday?"

"Yes, why?"

"Rei, invited us! I just wanted to know if we would be running into each other!" Minako feigns innocence. He gives her one of his own looks before sauntering to the counter. Minako sighs with relief, he didn't suspect anything.

"I know what you're up to, blondie!" Motoki appears behind Minako, poking her side, watching her jump.

"I don't know what you mean." She squeals, sticking her tongue out. "I think he's swell and wanted to know if I'd see him at the party."

"Usagi also thinks he's swell despite the teasing. He looks miserable without her here to bicker." Motoki notices the slouch in his friend's shoulders. Minako nods agreeing with him, poor Mamoru looks bad.

"I know Usagi has a crush on him! We're dragging her to the party too!"

"Oh no..."

"What?" Minako glares at him, sometimes the Arcade owner could be irritating to no end. "Is there something we should know about?"

Motoki shrugs and returns to the counter, leaving Minako standing there. Everyone seems to have a secret today. She sits down in the usual booth and waits for Makoto and Rei to show up. She hopes they didn't forget about meeting at the Arcade.

"Mamoru!" Motoki serves him the usual black coffee and lingers for a bit. Mamoru begins drinking his coffee trying to ignore the man standing in front of him. Sometimes Motoki annoyed him, like now. Watching him drink his coffee. "A party?"


"This friday night? You're going?"

Mamoru nods, savouring the taste of his coffee.

"Are you meeting anyone special there?"


"Just friends?" Motoki watches his expression change and grins.

"Yes. Just friends."

"Usagi will be there."

"I know."

"You like that idea of running into her at a party, don't you."

Mamoru tilts his head, maybe this is a sign of Motoki losing his mind. He watches the Arcade owner grin and laugh. He sometimes wondered if Motoki ate paint chips when he was a kid. Poor guy.

"Answer me! Dammit!"

"I guess I don't mind the idea. We'll bicker, like usual." Mamoru replies slowly, emphasizing each word. This makes Motoki turn two shades of red and grit his teeth. It's Mamoru's turn to grin.

"I'm not Usagi, I'll slap you."

"Oh Motoki. You wouldn't do that."

"I'll deny you free coffee!" Motoki threatens him, glaring at him. Mamoru sets his half empty mug on the counter, glaring back.

"You wouldn't!"

"Try me. I'm not beyond it."

"Bah, Motoki!" Mamoru whines shaking his head. "I look forward to my daily coffee. It tastes so good."

"Only because it's free! Maybe that should stop."

Mamoru looks pained by the declaration. He wouldn't receive free coffee anymore? What is the world coming to? Motoki laughs, cackling like an old woman who drank too much vodka.

"Fine. I look forward to seeing Usagi at the party." Mamoru relents and looks down at his mug, hoping that saved his free coffee. "Are you happy?"

"Of course I am! Usagi is a sweet girl, she needs a good boyfriend."

"Has she ever had a boyfriend?"

"Do you know who her father is?"

Mamoru shakes his head, not understanding about Usagi's father. Motoki's jaw almost unhinges in shock. He thought everyone knew of this man. He was famous for giving young men a hard time about his daughter.

"Tsukino Kenji! He's death with a shot-gun! Usagi is his precious jewel."

Mamoru feels his stomach turn upside down. Shot-gun? Oh god, he never dated anyone whose father was maniacal. This would be a first for him, hoping to get the blonde's attention and then try to appease her gun wielding father. Life gets better and better.

"I'll be okay. He can't be too bad of a man."

"Watch out for a shot-gun. I won't speak at your funeral." Motoki warns him playfully. "Just dance with her at the party, she likes dancing."

"I'll remember that. Looks like it's that time of the day. Study time! See ya Motoki!"

"Usagi, that dress looks perfect on you!" Minako assures the blonde.

The dress looks good...for someone older than fifteen. Usagi realizes this as she looks in the mirror at herself. The dress is purple with a black sash around the waist. It isn't a long dress, hikes above her knee and is skin-tight. It's also V-neck with gold sequin around the edges.

Makoto and Rei give their approval. Usagi mutters a few words about the dress being innapropriate for someone her age.

"You have the legs for it though!" Rei tells her almost screaming at the blonde. "You are such a Odango!"

"Rei! Why you gotta be so meannnn!" Usagi pouts turning toward the girls. "It makes me look older than I am. What if I sit down and it hikes up to my butt!?"

"Mamoru will get a show." Makota snickers, Minako and Rei double over in laughter. The thought of poor Mamoru seeing Usagi's dress up over her butt would cause the man to have a heart attack.

"Do I have to wear it?"

"YES!" The girls squeal in delight. "We'll be at the party too, Usagi. I won't let anyone hurt you." Makoto puts her arm around the petit blonde, comforting her. Minako and Rei agree with Makoto about protecting Usagi.

"We won't protect you from Mamoru though." Rei stifles back giggles as she speaks. Usagi sticks her tongue out at the Miko. Rei sticks her tongue out at Usagi too.

"Calm down you two, we still have to find dresses for us." Minako reminds them and walks over to the other side of her closet. Rei turns around, watching Minako dive into her closet and disappear a completely. She wonderes sometime if there something wrong with her.

"I can find my own.."


A voice interrupts Makoto and she glares at the closet, tempted to close Minako inside. Usagi steps out of Minako's room and into the bathroom to remove the dress. Rei and Makoto sit down Minako's fluffy bed and await their turn to try on one of her many ensembles.

Minako makes more noises from the depths of her closet and rattles a few hangers hoping to get their attention. Makoto stands and walks over the closet and listens closely.

"I think she's stuck in there."

"We should probably go in and find her." Rei suggest shaking her head disappointed.

Both girls stick their arms in the closet and poke around hoping to find their friend. "Who seriously has a closet with this many clothes!"

"Hoarders." Makoto replies getting annoyed from not finding Minako. "Where is she!?"

"I got her!" Rei says excited to get the blonde out of the mess. Makoto moves beside Rei and helps pull the blonde to the surface. Minako brings out three more dresses, just as short as Usagi's. Rei and Makoto look at them before voicing their disdain. Minako pleads with them however, ignoring their annoyance.

"You have to wear them! Chad will be there and if it rides over your butt, he'll get a show!" Usagi smirks walking back in Minako's room, Rei glares at her. She was only repeating what Makoto told her. "You guys want me to wear this skimpy dress. You have to dress just the same!"


"Oh god..."

Makoto says nothing, she fingers the aquamarine dress Minako hands her and releases the breath she was holding, knowing she can't get out of this.