Hey again, people! I bring you more SasuHina angsty moments! I was reading a really generic chick lit, when I came upon the idea for this story... I just wanted something different, you know! I hope you guys like!

Hinata really should have stayed at the restaurant. She really should have at least brought someone along with her when she stormed outside. She really should have at least brought her pepper spray. She really should have not worn such high heels. She really should have watched where she was going... If she had done all those things she really should have done, she really would not have been in this position.

To define 'this position', Hinata was pressed up against a wall between two men, one man's hand over her mouth, a knife at her throat, and both men's hands touching places she really wished they wouldn't... yes... she was going to be raped, and there was nothing she could do about it. If they would rape her quietly, it wouldn't even be so terrifying, but the things they were saying as they touched her... the things they were promising to do turned her stomach... and one of them had a knife, so screaming was not an option.

Hinata really would have struggled if not for that knife and the promise to kill her if she so much as screamed. Her knees were shaking and her heart was racing in her chest. The alley the men had pulled her into was strewn with garbage and smelled worse than it looked. It was also shrouded in shadows that would make it difficult for passers-by to notice anything happening in it. Hinata could hear footsteps on the sidewalk near the alleyway, and soft masculine conversation and laughter.

'Please look in here, please notice what is happening,' Hinata begged mentally. The men stilled, waiting for the passers-by to move on before they continued. They were taking inordinately long to move on.

"I'm just saying, baka, that she might be someone you actually want to meet," one of them said. It sounded like they had stopped walking. Hinata heard a muffled curse.

"You're only saying that because you're not the one in my position," the other male replied.

"You forget that I'm not single." The first male gave a low chuckle.

"And she worked damned hard to make it so. I don't envy you, man." Hinata clenched her teeth. Couldn't they just look in the alley? Would it be so hard? Apparently she was not the only one getting impatient either, because one of the men slipped his hand between her legs. Hinata squeaked.

"Yeah, she sure di-" The second man paused, cutting his sentence short. "Did you hear that?" Hinata could hear a shuffle from the street. The man with his hand over her mouth tightened his grip and whispered a curse.

"Hear what?" the first male passer-by said.

"I thought I heard a woman squeal or whatever you may call it." There was a moment of silence.

"Dude it was probably just a rat."

"It was not," the second guy said, scoffing. "I know what a woman sounds like."

Hinata could almost picture the first guy wiggling his eyebrows when he said, "Oh, I bet you do." The footsteps sounded again, coming closer to the alley. Hinata's heart skipped a beat. She risked her own death by squeaking again.

"There, I heard it again!" the second guy exclaimed, and the footsteps began sounding closer together as the men ran over to the alley. Hinata squeezed her eyes shut when the knife pressed against her throat hard enough to draw blood. Hinata didn't know what happened - her eyes were squeezed shut - but there was the sound of flesh meeting flesh, the crack of bone, and manly grunts and exclamations, and then she was lifted into the air. She chanced a glance at the man whose arms she was in, and her heart gave a funny beat.
Concerned eyes of the bluest blue met her grey ones, and the streetlights cast their orange glow over his light blonde hair. Equally blonde eyebrows were furrowed on his forehead, and Hinata could feel the bulging muscles in his arms …. which yes, she was currently in. Her rescuer was impossibly good looking, in her estimation. His companion was nowhere to be seen, however.

The hot blonde carried Hinata across the street and rested her gently on the ground.

"Are you alright? Can you stand?" he asked worriedly, his eyes roving over her. Hinata tried to say she was fine, but when her mouth opened, nothing came out, so she nodded instead. She knew her face must be totally red by now. The man let go of her, and her knees promptly gave out. But not to worry. His arms wound back around her immediately to steady her. Hinata felt her face heat up even more.

"S-sorry," she stuttered, blinking rapidly.

"It's alright," he said, his slightly raspy voice sending shivers down her spine. "You're bleeding," he stated. "Here, lean against this car... let me take care of that," he said softly, leaning her back against the side of a car. Hinata would have needed time to prepare herself if she'd known what her rescuer was about to do. As it turned out, she was very unprepared... she felt her face growing alarmingly hot as her rescuer stepped back and reached for the hem of his shirt.

Hinata's eyelids drooped slightly, and her vision slowed to slow motion. The yellow glow of the streetlights eased with velvet smoothness over the tanned abdomen of her blonde rescuer as he lifted the hem of his shirt. Centimetre by centimetre of his ripped abs was revealed to her as he pulled the hem of his shirt over his torso, his back arching a little as he pulled the shirt over his head. Hinata's eyes took in the tiny hairs on his skin, accentuated by the yellow glow of the streetlights, the more prominent hairs at the base of his abdomen that disappeared into his low-rise jeans, the sink of his navel in between his abs, the rippling muscles on his flat stomach and impressive pecs... She felt her jaw drop a little when he tugged the shirt over his head and shook out his blonde hair.
She blinked slowly when he dropped his arms and his muscles rolled and shifted back to a relaxed position, and then he was pressing his shirt to her neck, his head bent close enough to her that she could hear his breathing and smell his hair and skin... and oooh did he smell good! Hinata drew in a shaky breath that rippled through her chest.

"Don't worry," her blonde rescuer said, his voice gentle. "I'm not gonna hurt you." That was the least of Hinata's concerns, if she was going to be honest with herself. She just felt that this hot blonde was not someone to fear.

She was scared of him. It was a fear Naruto could understand, however, because of what had just happened to her. He tried to be as gentle as possible while dabbing at her throat. He hadn't even believed Sasuke when he had thought he'd heard something in the alley. He shuddered to think of what could have happened to this girl had Sasuke's ears not been as sharp as they were.

He hadn't failed to notice how utterly gorgeous the woman was, either. He forced himself, however, not to think about it, because it was just sick to think thoughts he would normally think when faced with a girl like this one after what happened to her. To think of how scared she must have been, a knife to her throat and two men assaulting her... Naruto felt anger streak hotly through his veins. Men could be such sick dogs.

Another shaky breath streaked through the girl, her ... ahem... well endowed chest heaving. Naruto reigned in his thoughts and muttered another gentle reminder that he wouldn't hurt her.

"Did they... did they hurt you ... apart from your neck?" he asked, concern warring with his anger.

Knowing Sasuke, those men would be feeling plenty sorry they'd touched Hinata by now... and Sasuke was taking a while to come back, so that meant they were probably getting the beating of their lives. Sasuke had put people in the hospital with his blind anger before, so now that he had a reason to beat up on someone, legitimately, Naruto shuddered to think what he was in that dark alleyway doing.

The girl shook her head 'no' and Naruto breathed a sigh of relief.

"I still think we should take you to the hospital to get checked out," he said, his hands smoothing over the incredibly silky hair at the side of her head.

She smelled like gentle, soft flowers. Whichever perfume she was wearing, judging from the rest of her apparel, it was expensive. Another reason for him to peel his mind away from where it was heading. Poor guys like him had no place even looking at girls like her, who simply screamed class.

"A-ano... n-no... I don't n-need to g-go to the hospital," she stammered nervously. Naruto could have kicked himself. He must have frightened her, acted too fast or something.

"Hey, hey," he immediately tried to soothe her, making eye contact with her. "I'm not gonna hurt you. Let me take you to the hospital, just to make sure that you're really alright," he pleaded, holding her head gently in his hands and looking into her grey eyes. The poor thing was frightened and in shock it seemed. She shook her head no again.

"N-no h-hospital," she stuttered again, her whole face red.

"Don't be afraid, or embarrassed. You couldn't help what happened to you," he soothed. "You have to be checked ou-" His words were cut short when she fainted dead away in his arms. He stared dumbly at her, blinking maybe three times before what happened clicked. "Oh, shit."

Sasuke felt a vague satisfaction with every punch he landed on the girl's assailants. He'd caught a glimpse of her exceptional beauty as he'd pulled the men off her. His fists were bloody and bruised, but he kept pounding away at the two would be rapists. It did not matter to him that he was taking out his frustration with his parents on the two men.

'What makes them think I want to get married?' Sasuke thought, scowling. He landed another punch on the already stunned man, sending a savage kick at the other man that tried to take him from behind. 'I've just started living! I have a girlfriend, damn it!' he raged mentally. He didn't really love Sakura, or anything, but she had tried damned hard to get his attention, so why not stay with her for a little? His parents didn't take into consideration the fact that Sasuke didn't want to get married because of some business deal or other. That was just... outdated! Apparently, however, his parents were stuck in the old traditional regime. This was all Itachi's fault. His cookie-cutter brother who had his perfect girlfriend and his perfect life with his perfect car and his perfect plans had gone bat shit crazy and murdered several people roughly ten years back... and was now locked up in the KCF – The Konohagakure Correctional Facility. Itachi was disinherited from the Uchiha family, pushing Sasuke up the ladder to Uchiha family heir.

He got all the perks. The high seat at the family business. The cars. The women. The VIP treatment. The arranged marriage... but that was not a perk, now was it? He sent another well placed punch to the man's face, sending him reeling into the wall. The other man tried to tackle him, but Saskue backhanded him across the face with enough force to snap his neck to the side.

He was blindly kicking and punching and beating up on the men when Naruto rushed back over with the girl limp in his arms.

"Shit, oh shit, Sasuke, we have to get her to a hospital," Naruto said urgently, his bright blue eyes worried. Sasuke was momentarily stunned by the long graceful neck of the girl in Naruto's arms, but he shook the thoughts away. Sick.

Sasuke didn't know why Naruto was still his friend. That level of goodness in a person was unrealistic, even worse when paired with a dark horse like him. Why the Uzumaki man refused to turn his back on him, Sasuke would probably never know.

Naruto was everything Sasuke wasn't. Cheerful, positive, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, strong... He and Naruto had met in juvie back when they were about fourteen years old, and Naruto had not let go of Sasuke since. Sasuke scowled.

"Hn," he responded shortly, releasing the throat of the man he had in his grip. The man crumpled in an unconscious heap.

"Should we take them to the hospital too?" the blonde asked, one blonde eyebrow raised. Sasuke deadpanned.

"Let them rot," he snarled, stepping over one of the men and giving him a parting kick. "I don't want him messing up my car." He brushed past Naruto, his mood hurtling southward at a rapid pace. His mind ran back on his parents.

If the girl they had picked for him was even relatively cool, it would have been... bearable... but Karin was the bane of his existence. She was related to one of business's greater moguls, Orochimaru, who owned the majority of West Konohagakure's businesses and was spreading his arms outward. Orochimaru disgusted Sasuke, and Karin was worse. She was unbearably annoying. He would murder her before he spent the rest of his life with her!

Sasuke opened his car and watched as Naruto gently laid the girl on the back seat. She was gorgeous, even passed out, and Sasuke suddenly swallowed a lump of desire. It was like everything was pointing him away from Karin. He got behind the wheel and turned his convertible on.

"Should I sit in the back with her?" Naruto asked him, peering worriedly at the girl.

"Whatever," Sasuke grunted, pulling on his seatbelt. Naruto probably thought 'whatever' meant 'yes, that is the best idea', so he got in the back seat and rested the girl's head gently on his lap. Sasuke scowled to himself. He would not have even thought of that. Sometimes he hated himself, and with Naruto, he couldn't even blame his extreme goodness on above average parenting, because Naruto's parents had been killed in a freak accident and Naruto had been on his own from his early teens. Sometimes his goodness annoyed Sasuke.

As they drove to the hospital, Sasuke glanced periodically into the rear-view mirror to see Naruto staring down at the girl's face, and stroking her hair and cheeks gently. A familiar burn pushed its way into Sasuke's chest. He'd never be like that, would he? He turned his focus back on the road, and felt a tug of relief when they pulled into the hospital parking lot. Naruto was out of the car with the girl in his arms before Sasuke could even park.

"You go park. I'll take her inside," the blonde said urgently, almost running with the girl in his muscular arms as he took her inside. Sasuke parked quickly, scrambling out of the car and running inside as well. He reached in time to see Naruto running behind two female nurses that were pushing the girl on a gurney to the examination room.

"We found her in an alley... two men were in the process of assaulting her.. I- I don't know how far they got," the blonde was saying to one of the nurses as they ran. The nurse nodded and took the girl ... or rather, the woman – as Sasuke saw now in the much improved lighting – to the examination room. He came to a halt beside the still shirtless Naruto. He didn't miss the lustful gazes the majority of the female nurses sent Naruto's way and the burn crept back up into his chest.

He got his fair share of appreciative looks, but Naruto was on a whole different level. Sasuke was several inches shorter than Naruto, for one, and had a noticeably smaller frame, even though he worked out just as much as Naruto did.

"They're checking to see if she is alright," Naruto said unnecessarily, his concern evident in his eyes and tone. Sasuke nodded mutely. He turned around. His knuckles were aching. He and Naruto sat in the waiting room waiting, not so patiently on Naruto's part, for the nurse to come back out.

The nurse slipped into the room and motioned to Naruto who was already halfway across the room by the time she noticed him. Sasuke followed at a much slower pace, but his heart gave a small anxious thump in his chest. He was almost as worried as Naruto was, but he wouldn't show it... that wasn't his style.

"She has some bruises on her legs and arms, and even though it does not look like she was raped, we applied a rape kit anyway, just to be sure. We're waiting for the results right now," the nurse said. Her gaze dropped to Sasuke's fists. "You should get your hands checked out. Come this way," she said, motioning for her to follow her.

After Sasuke got his hands cleaned and bandaged, he and Naruto filled out the appropriate paperwork and went back to the waiting room. They waited in tense silence for the nurse to come back out. When she did, Naruto shot to his feet, and Sasuke got up too, albeit a bit slower.

"You got the results?" the blonde asked worriedly. The nurse nodded, a small smile on her face.

"Yes, we are happy to let you know that she was not raped. She just woke up and is asking for you," the nurse said. Naruto nodded and literally ran off to see the girl. Sasuke followed, but the nurse stopped him.

"She only mentioned a blonde. I'm sorry, sir," the nurse said. Sasuke clenched his teeth.

"I was the one that beat them off her," he snarled, pushing past the nurse and following after Naruto.

Hinata flushed when the blonde from before burst into the room. She smiled tentatively at him.

"Hey, are you alright? How are you feeling?" he asked, approaching the bed. His eyes slid over her worriedly.

"I-I'm f-fine," Hinata stammered, giving him a shy smile. "Th-thank you for earlier," she added, extending a hand. He seized it, his own large warm one enveloping hers completely.

"No problem," he said then, giving her a wide, dazzling grin. Hinata felt her heart give an unsteady thump. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto."

Just as Hinata opened her mouth to respond, the door opened and a solemn, dark haired male entered the room. He was darkly good looking, but had a kind of standoffish edge that made Hinata nervous immediately.

"I'm H-Hyuuga Hinata... pleased to meet you," she said. Naruto grinned again.

"Wow, that's a beautiful name," he gushed, bright blue eyes sincere. "And that baka is Uchiha Sasuke. He's the one that beat those guys off you," he added pulling the other male closer. Hinata gave the man a small smile and extended her hand.

Sasuke dropped his gaze to the small hand she was offering and hesitated only a second before he shook her hand.

"P-pleased to meet you, Uchiha-san, Uzumaki-san," the girl said again, her voice whispery and soft. She was as beautiful, or more so, than her name.

"Hn," Sasuke grunted in reply, even though a smile tugged at his lips. Hyuuga, huh? Suddenly this arranged marriage idea didn't seem so bad. Maybe if he could get this girl instead of annoying Karin, his situation might not be so bad. It would still be an advantageous bond to make, so his parents would be pleased. She looked like the sweet house-wifey type. He could still have a life and be with her, if that made it any clearer. Perhaps there was some use to this night after all.

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