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Shroud of Darkness 2: Emma

Chapter 1: From the Shadows

Titan Tower (main room):

It was 5:30 on a Friday night and everything was pretty normal at the Titan Tower. Well, as normal as a building of super-powered teenagers could get, Raven thought as she read her book, sitting on the left side of the half circle couch in the main room. Like always, Cyborg and Beast Boy were watching some idiotic movie. Ninja Monkeys 3, really guys? You've watched it like 15 times. Couldn't you find something a little less cheesy? the blue-haired teen sighed, smiling slightly then stopped before someone could see her smile, though no one did. Before returning to her book, a blob of red and orange caught her attention. It was her fellow team member, Starfire. She was watching the movie, but with less interest. Raven's face saddened. Starfire. Why? Why did you choose him over me? I could have given you more than he ever could and yet you still chose him. She sighed, standing up and walking towards the door. Perhaps some meditation could help me relax since reading isn't doing much good. She got to the center of the room when he walked in. Speak of the thief, she internally spat.

Robin stopped at the top of the stairs. "Titans," he called out, getting Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire's attention. "I've done some thinking lately and I think we should start patrolling the city."

Nice idea, birdbrain! Why don't we make target signs and tape'em to our backs while we're at! I'm sure all those evil assholes would love it! Raven internally sneered. As much as she liked the outdoors, the city was different. It wasn't peaceful and quiet, no. It was loud, noisy, and filled with idiotic people just waiting to ruin the day.

"What! Why? We have a computer that watches the city for us and tells us when the bad guys show up!" Beast Boy whined.

"True, but what if they block our sensors or evade them? You can never be too careful when it comes to evil," the tight-wearing hero stated, folding his arms.

" Aw, man, he's gotcha there BB, and besides, getting some fresh air won't kill yah. It'll be fun," Cyborg chuckled, looking at green-skinned teen's defeated expression.

"Friend Cyborg is right. Being outside can be the fun," Starfire agreed cheerfully as she flew to Robin, gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek.

"But I have the feelings of curiosity. What is 'patrolling'?" she asked, puzzled by the foreign human word.

Why are you so cute and innocent? Wait she's not cute! she can't be cute, not after turning me down like that! Raven argued with herself before answering the Tamaranian's question. "Patrolling is where you fly around the city looking for evil, then - depending on how strong they are - you either attack and save the day or call us for back-up."

"That's right, Raven," the masked teen said. "Well, now that that's settled, I did some research and found that most crimes either happen in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night. With that being said, we will have two patrols, one after breakfast and one when the sun sets. The day patrol will last from after breakfast 'til lunch, and the night patrol will be from sunset 'til a little after midnight. Sound good, Titans?"

"Uh, I guess so, dude," the shape-shifting teen answered.

"I gotta question. How are we going be able to patrol all morning, and then turn around and patrol half-way through the night? I'm not too sure about you guys, but my batteries won't last that long," stated Cyborg.

I have to agree with Cy on that one. I may be a fan of late night reading but patrolling all nite AND day? Aw HELL no! the gray-skinned hero thought.

"Good question, Cy. All of us won't be patrolling at the same time; we'll take shifts. One of us will go on the morning patrol and then someone else will go on the night patrol. We'll rotate shifts every week," Robin explained. "So, who wants the day shift?"

"I will gladly go on the day patrol!" Starfire exclaimed in her usual cheeriness.

"Sure, Starfire. Now, who wants the night shift?" he asked.

"I'll take it," the half-demon said. Now that I've got the night shift I won't have to see the "Happy Couple" as much. Guess this patrol thing isn't so bad after all.

"Alright then. Since its already 6 o'clock, there won't be a day patrol. You can go tomorrow, Star," said the boy wonder.

"Yes, Love Robin," she agreed.

"Well, since all that's been covered, lets eat!" the robotic teen exclaimed.

Titan Tower, sunset (Raven's room):

Well, the sun is setting. Better head out, Raven thought, looking out the window in her room. She turned and walked to her closet, grabbing her signature blue cloak and putting it on. She began to walk towards the door when, suddenly, there was a knock. Wonder who it is? She approached the door and cracked it open so she could see who was there. When the door opened, she came face-to-face with Starfire.

"Friend Raven, before you close the door, could I talk to you?" the orange-skinned alien asked.

"You already are," she replied sharply. "Fine. Come in, but I've gotta leave soon so make it fast. I don't want to piss off Boy Wonder by being late." Raven opened the door fully, turned on a light, and walked over to her bed to sit down.

"Thank you," she said, stepping into her teammate's room and closing the sliding door behind her. She walked over to the bed and sat down beside Raven. "I am not good with words, so please have the patience," she started. "I have not been a good friend. I have caused you much sadness, and I apologize. I.."

"Don't apologize Starfire," she interrupted. "You have nothing to be sorry about. You don't share the feelings I have for you, and even though I may not like it, I approve of your relationship with Robin. I haven't been fair. My anger and jealousy, as much as I try to control it, clouded my vision. All I saw was that you chose him over me and left me all alone, and not that you are happier with him and that he is happier with you. You deserve the best, even if that means that you date someone else." Raven explained. She took Starfire's hand in hers. "You deserve to be happy, even if that means that I'm not."

"But you should have the feelings of happiness, too. No one should having the feelings of sadness or loneliness," the orange-skinned hero said, squeezing her friend's hand.

"I know, and I will be. Getting over something like this takes time. And I am happy. I'm happy because you're happy," she smiled.

"I do not understand. What do you mean by 'getting over'?" the Tamaranian teen asked, once again confused by the English language.

Raven chuckled. "It means that for me to be happy, I have to get rid of my feelings for you. Once I do, we will be friends again."

"So you are saying that we are not friends?" she asked, her voice laced with worry.

"No, we are, but we are not as close friends as we used to be, before I had ... romantic feelings for you," the blue-haired hero blushed as she spoke of her, now past, feelings. Talking about her feelings, of any kind, always felt awkward. Mainly because she didn't know how to express them; she would just lock them away and forget about them.

"Oh. I understand now." Starfire stood up, letting go of Raven's hand and facing the half-demon hero. "I have enjoyed this talk. It has helped me in the understanding of emotions and how they effect the bonding of friends. I have the hope that our bond will grow stronger." She walked to the door, opened it, and stopped. "Have the goodest of luck on the night patrol, friend Raven," she said with a smile. Waving good bye, she walked down the hall, leaving Raven alone in her room. She got up and once again looked out her window. Crap, the sun has already set and it's now dark out. Robin's gonna be pissed as hell... Better teleport to the city and avoid any possible chances of running into him. She closed her eyes and focused, visualizing Main St. in her head. Without a single word, she teleported out of the Titan Tower.

Somewhere in Jump City (11 pm):

It had been a couple hours since she had began the night shift, and Raven was bored to tears. Not that I like fighting, but I could really use some action right about now. I'm almost falling asleep! she thought, stifling a yawn as she flew down a less-populated street. As she flew, a loud crash was heard form an alley just ahead. What was that? The half-demon flew towards the alley and hid behind the edge of a building that served as one of the alley's walls. She let her powers reach out and into the alley, searching for any forms of life. None. Then what made the crash? This alley is a dead-end and I didn't see anyone leave. She walked into the alley, stopping about halfway and began looking for what might have caused the crash she had heard just minutes ago. As she continued looking through the shadows, she felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder. She yelped and quickly grabbed her shoulder, only stop when her hand came into contact with a feather. A feather? How did I get stabbed with a feather? It's not even possible. She gingerly grasped the four inches of feather sticking out of her shoulder and slowly removed it. She hissed with pain. Holding the feather up, she saw that it was six inches long. God! No wonder it hurts! Had two fucking inches stuck in my shoulder. Curiosity getting the best of her, Raven carefully ran a finger across the edge of the feather. "ACK!" she yelped, dropping the feather in shock. She had cut her finger, from a feather... This is so going in my book of weirdest things ever. Suddenly she felt another sharp pain in the middle of her right thigh. She dropped to her knees in pain. "WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?" she yelled.

"Feisty now, are we?" the voice chuckled, floating from the darkness to Raven's left.

The teen hero snarled. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?"

"You," it stated. "Dead."

Now the voice was coming from the shadows in front of the grey-skinned hero. "Why?" she asked, her voice dripping with hatred and pain.

A figure appeared from the shadows in front of her. Walking slowly into the light she saw the figure was actually a girl, looking not much older than Raven. The girl was of average height. She was thin, fit, and had pale grey skin, just like the teen hero. Her hair was black, and hung just past her shoulders. her bangs were styled to cover her right eye. Her eyes were strange. They were completely black with thin emerald green slits. She was smiling wickedly, showing a pair of gleaming white fangs. As for her clothes, they were rather pedestrian-like. She wore a green tank top and a black hoodie tied around her waste, a pair of black skin-tight jeans, and a pair of civilian combat boots, the kind that Gothic people would wear. As Raven examined the stranger, a flicker of movement behind the strange girl caught her attention. Wings. She had a pair of black angel-like wings upon her back. Black feathers. Looks like I found my attacker... and a good looking one at that. The thought caused the injured teen to blush, turning her cheeks a little darker grey.

"Like what you see, Smokes?" the girl smirked, placing her right hand on her hip.

Now the grey hero's face was an even darker grey.

"Well, that answers my question," she chuckled, causing her ample chest to bounce. The hero's attention went straight to the bouncing pair of breasts on her foe's chest.

"Look, as much I love the attention, could I kill you already? Kinda got a busy schedule tonight," she said, tapping her foot.

Raven blushed even harder, which she didn't think was possible. "W-who a-are you?" she stuttered.

"Oh, goody! A chance to give a lengthy introduction!" the girl exclaimed sarcastically. "My name, Smokes, is Emerald Moon. Emma for short. I am a Hell-spawn Angel, banished from heaven and rejected from Hell. Basically, I died, went to heaven, stayed there a while, got bored, did something bad, got kicked out, and then was sent to hell where I stayed for a while, too, and got kicked out again and then banished to earth for eternity. So I'm neither living, nor dead, simply just here," she explained, shrugging. "So, any questions?"

"Yeah, one. Could you maybe, I don't know, fuck off? I'd like to deal with my wounds and go home," the teen hero stated.

That rubbed the HSA, Hell-Spawn Angel, the wrong way. She snarled with irritation. Walking over to the wounded teen, she plucked an 8 inch feather from her right wing. As she held it in her hand, it began to morph into the shape of a knife. Getting ready to stab the teen hero, Emma grabbed her neck and started to lift her off of the ground. She suddenly shrieked, dropped her, and backing up a few feet. Her face almost as white as the moon that bathed the two grey-skinned teens in light.

"Y-You're p-part human?" she stuttered in utter shock.

"Didn't . . . realize that till now, paper-face?" the teen hero coughed.

"I-I... Shit. I'm sorry. All I smelled was demon so I..."

"Assumed that I was just another big bad demon for you to slay?"

Emma gasped, faking a shocked expression. "How did you know that I slay demons?"

"I can read minds," she said in a monotone.

"Figured as much. I should probably heal those wounds of yours," the ex-angel said. She slowly walked back to the blue-haired teen. Raven tried to scoot away but fell on her back instead, wincing in pain from her injuries. Slowly, she pushed herself up.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you," she said getting on all fours and crawling up to the teen hero, their faces just centimeters from touching. The ex-angel placed her right hand on top of the wound on Raven's thigh. Her hand burst into black flame, the fire licked at the stab wound. Raven hissed in pain but was cut short by the soft feeling of a pair of lips on hers. Holy Shit! She's kissing me! Why the fuck is she kissing me? the half-demon's thoughts screamed at her. What happened next shocked both girls: Raven started kissing back. As lips lapped at each other hungrily, Emma removed her hand from the teen hero's leg and firmly pushed on her shoulder, causing her to fall backwards and break the kiss. Violet eyes met black and green. Grey lips met black with even more passion and hunger then the first kiss. As they continued to kiss, Raven's wounds healed and Emma's fire died away. After what seemed like an eternity, they broke apart, panting for air. They continued to look into each others' eyes, until Emma realized the position they were in. She was on all fours, straddling the living teen fiercely gripping her, now healed, shoulder. Turning a dark grey, Emma got up and dusted herself off. Raven quickly followed. Wow, she's a little taller then me, she thought. After a few awkward minutes of silence, Emma spoke first.

"Well, um, I better be going. The world doesn't save itself," she chuckled. As she turned to walk away, Raven grabbed her wrist.

"Wait, w-will I ever see you again?" the girl asked.

"Oh, believe me, Smokes, I will be back. Here, take this," the ex-angel reached behind her back and pulled out a white feather. "This was my last white feather, I want you to have it."


"Because it's very special to me, and it will ensure that I will come back. I never leave a feather behind." She smiled, placing the feather in the teen's hand. "Think about me hard enough and I'll show up. I'll see you later, Smokes." She cupped ravens cheek with her hand. Tilting her head upward, she kissed the teen hero softly on the lips. She slowly backed up; once she was about seven feet away she winked at Raven and then stretched out her black angel wings. With one big flap, she flew off into the night sky, leaving a very shocked - and happy - Raven behind. All I can say is, Best Fucking Day Ever. Speaking of which, its pretty late. Better head back to the Tower. With that thought in mind, she teleported back to Titan Tower.

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