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It had rips, tears, and folds. Even though it is just a sheet of paper with words on them, those words mean the world to him. For those words are the only correspondence that he has had with his oldest brother. He hasn't told anyone but he looks up to Danny. Yes, Joe is his best friend and brother. Erin is his older sister that he would do anything to protect. But he looks up to his Marine brother who is fighting for his country.

He doesn't care that his family knows that he has kept every letter because he is sure that rest of them have done the same thing.

He knows that each letter is different depending on the recipient. His letters all have the same theme. He is told to watch out for his family. To do well in school (even though his mind isn't on his studies). To stay out of trouble. And last but no least that Danny loves him and that he will come home as soon as he can.

Until Danny comes home Jamie is going to keep these letters for it is the one thing that reminds him that his oldest brother, his role model, his hero is okay and coming home.