I want to thank you guys for all the support on this story. Since this was my first story I have written in over a year and my first every Blue Bloods story, the response was amazing. This started out as a simple little one shot and evolved into this. Thank you so much. I have a few more stories up my sleeve for our favorite police family. Enjoy the last chapter. :)

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As Jamie was driven home, he knew that the news could have been much different. He wondered if Joe and Erin had heard yet. They had handled Danny's disappearance a little bit better than Jamie. Erin had to wear a brave face for Nicky, but he could tell she was worried she would never see her older brother again. Joe felt that with Danny away he had to make sure that the family was doing alright. It was as if each child had their own job, a job that would keep the family together. They wouldn't have to do it much longer, for their brother was coming home. It finally hit Jamie full force when the car pulled into the driveway, he felt the weight lifted off his shoulders and started to sob.

"Jamie?!" Frank asked quietly. "What's wrong?"

"What if they made a mistake? What if they really didn't find Danny and he is still missing? What if they are wrong? What if Danny isn't coming home?" Jamie asked in rapid fire fashion. However Frank could tell that it was that he was scared of the mistaken identity - -he was afraid for his brother.

"It is Danny. He is coming home it may still be a while. He needs to recover from the injuries first but trust me, it is you brother and he is coming home."

As Frank held his son in a comforting embrace, he offered up a silent prayer that his oldest was relatively fine and coming home.


2 Months later

For the Reagan family the last five months had been some of the hardest they had been through. First Danny was captured and labeled missing in action for almost 3 months. Then came the long two months before their son, brother, and husband was deemed fit to fly home. They had all had a chance to talk to Danny on the phone. It made it all seem real. However Jamie kind of refused to talk to Danny on the phone too much. He didn't want to get his hopes up for he knew his brother would still be hurting when he came home.

As the time grew nearer the house became a little bit less populated. Frank, Mary and Linda all went to the airport to meet Danny. Joe, Erin and Jamie all stayed behind to comfort each other and finish the decorating. The silence between the three of them was almost deafening until the hum of a car outside was heard.

"They're home!" Joe exclaimed.

They all ran to the door to see their older brother gingerly step out of the car. As Erin and Joe rushed Danny, Jamie glanced at the three remaining family member gathered around the car. He could tell they had all had their crying moments. As he stepped off the porch he started to take in his brother's appearance. His face had colors of lingering bruises that looked painful, his right arm was still in a sling even after being in a military hospital for two months and his left leg in a cast. It made it all too real for Jamie. As he got closer his eyes started to tear up. He knew that there were tears running down his face while he waited to talk to his brother.

"Don't worry Jamie, I'm not going to break," Danny joked, hoping to break his baby brother out of his zoned out state.

That one sentence broke through Jamie's resolve and he let the tears fall without abandon. When he finally reached his brother, he felt Danny embrace him in strong bear hug. Jamie's sobs started to lessen as he finally allowed himself to step away from his brother.

"I'm so glad you are home," Jamie whispered.

"Me too, Jamie, me too," Danny quietly replied.

The night wore on, dinner was eaten, stories were shared and the family whole again. The Reagans could finally breathe again.

As everyone started to head home, Jamie made his way up to his room and noticed a piece of what paper sitting on his pillow.


Thank you for the reality check. I didn't realize until I was over there just how lucky I was to have such an amazing family. What was able to get me through those cruel months was the idea that I would get to see all of you again. However I knew I had to come home and see you. The entire family means the world to me, but you are my baby brother and I hate knowing that I caused you pain. Yes everyone in the family has received a letter, you know me too well. Good job on keeping the family together.

I want you to know one thing kid, no matter what you choose to do in life, whether it be lawyer (like Erin), NYPD (like Joe, Dad, Grandpa and I) or something else I will always be proud of you. Proud of the person you have become and proud that you are my kid brother. And lastly don't forget I love ya kid.


All that Jamie could reply with was a text message,


Thank you.