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The arcade had been very peaceful following the events in Sugar Rush. The word of what had happened had spread quickly, and soon enough most of the arcade had gained a new kind of respect for their resident 'bad guys'. It was great. Sugar Rush went back to being the peaceful candy-coated, go-karting game it was before, and the citizens of the game - though it had taken a little bit of time - had eventually gotten used to their new (or old, rather) monarch once again.

The game characters that had previously been homeless, were now taking up residence in Fix-It Felix Jr., and many would say that it was because of them, that the classic game had regained some of its former popularity in the arcade. The residents were definitely not complaining.

In fact, it seemed like everyone was happy. Everything was going well.

At that particular moment, the voice of one of the game characters from a dancing game near the entrance of the arcade rang out, signaling the end of the day. The arcade was now closed, and though it was 'game over' for the day – it was now that the characters themselves got a chance to come out and play.

Fix-It Felix Jr., pushed the door to the newly-fixed apartment building open with a smile and looked to all the NPCs that were gathered around the door. "Good job, everyone!" He told them. They all offered him their own forms of congratulation, and made their way around to do their own things. Felix quickly cornered the building, only to see a hulking man pushing himself up out of the mud.

"Oh man, I think I swallowed some!" The hulking figure said with a laugh, standing up and rubbing his oversized hands off on his overalls. Felix laughed as the two walked together. If someone had told him a year ago, that he would have ended up being best friends with his game's antagonist, he most likely wouldn't have believed them.

The two made their way to the small tram station that was near the entrance to their game, and Felix hopped into it with a grin.

"Are you going somewhere?" The wrecker questioned him with a knowing smirk.

"Sure am, brother. I'll catch up with you later. I think I may have talked Mary into making you another cake." The fixer grinned, amused at the excited look that crossed his friend's face. As the tram took off towards Game Central Station, he waved back at him.

The ride through the tunnel was pleasant, the peaceful 'clickity-clack' of the tram on the tracks echoed off of the walls. Soon enough, it came to a stop, and the excited man hopped over the side of it and raced his way through the main area. The hub was filled with other game characters that were currently getting off work. Though he only had one location in mind. He went straight for Hero's Duty and ducked inside the portal leading to it, eventually coming out the other end to meet with a particularly bleak and unwelcoming environment. Though he'd long since gotten used to it at this point… well, kind of. Though he didn't mind. He wasn't here for the environment.

There was no official 'quitting time' in Hero's Duty. Not even after the arcade closed. Unlike most games that worked together to clean up a day's worth of messes, the soldiers of the first-person shooter were always on alert for a rogue Cy-Bug that may have escaped the final beacon of the night. This was quite the meticulous process, since it involved everyone scouring the barren land for any traces of the godforsaken viruses.

Naturally, Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun led the group of hulking men. In spite of her gender and slightly shorter stature, she was just as tough - some would argue even tougher - than the males she commanded. This proved to be especially true when she barked orders and disciplined anyone who disobeyed. The woman didn't hold back when it came to her position.

Not even when they were off-duty.

With the routine perimeter check done and out of the way, they all returned to the loading dock. From there they would head in their own personal directions, whether that entailed relaxing in their bunks, heading to Tapper's for a well-earned drink, or, in a certain blonde's case, spending time with her new husband.

Calhoun traded her armor for something a bit more comfortable, yet still entirely fitting of her role: She wore a fitted black tank top, camouflage pants, and strong combat boots. An olive duffel bag was slung over her shoulder as she headed to the train. She could have been running drills or practicing in the simulation hall, but her evening plans consisted of something a little more engaging.

Or at least something that didn't involve shooting her gun.

When he spotted her walking towards the train, his eyes lit up almost instantaneously and a large grin was plastered on his face. Even now, after all the time they had known each other, he could still feel his 8-bit heart speed up whenever he saw her.

She was pretty much his exact opposite. She handled dangerous situations on a daily basis with ease. She commanded a squadron of men in the most dangerous game in the arcade, and not only that, but she was entirely dedicated to making sure they did not go through a repeat of the Sugar Rush incident.

She definitely lived up to the title of her game; and despite the fact that her game was pretty much the complete opposite of his, and all in glorious high-definition too, she still was content to spend time with him. So he just grinned up at her as she approached.

No sooner had Tamora approached the train did she spot a familiar face. A smile pulled at her lips - one that was reserved for Fix-It Felix Jr. alone - as she knelt down onto one knee to be at face-level with him.

"At ease, soldier," she told him softly, reaching out to playfully pull the brim of his hat over his big blue eyes.

"Hello, Tamor-ah!" He laughed and stumbled back slightly when she reached over and pulled his hat down over his eyes. A blush colored his cheeks and he lifted the brim of his hat back up to look at her. "How was work?" He asked her with a smile.

"Like any other day on the clock," Tamora replied, watching him. "Killing those filthy abominations and trying to get into the tower." Surprisingly, though, the kids in the arcade were getting much better. It wouldn't be very long at all before one of them actually defeated the game and won a medal. Until then, however, it would be her foremost obligation to do her duty, just like every other soldier was expected to do.

Without warning, she grabbed onto the small hero's shirt collar and reeled him in for a well-deserved kiss, causing the tiny man to yelp out in surprise. Though his shock quickly gave way to a pleasant smile as he melted into the kiss. This woman wasn't the type to wait for a man to make a move. No, she'd always been forward and clear with her demands. She didn't - nor would she ever - hold back.

Once the kiss ended, she slowly pulled away with a satisfied hum, leaving him to simply stare at her with a dazed smile. "How was your day?" she asked in return. "Do a lot of fixing?" She knew it was Felix's job to clean up Wreck-It's messes, but at least the two were on better terms now that Ralph was an acceptable part of the Niceland community, rather than the disliked brute he'd previously been.

"Oh, um. Yes! Busy." He cleared his throat and attempted to look somewhat composed as he readjusted his shirt. Though how effective that was, he couldn't say. "… so, did you have any plans for tonight?" He asked, giving up in his attempt to smooth down his shirt.

The blonde shook her head. "Negatory. I'm all yours," she replied, offering him another smile.

Never in a million years did Tamora ever once think that she'd be married to someone like Felix. Actually, she never thought she'd be married at all. Not after Brad. Nevertheless, she was glad that she'd been proven wrong, for she honestly couldn't picture herself with anyone else. This little fixer was absolutely perfect for her in every single way.

And really, she could have cared less about their alarming differences, because, if anything, that only made their marriage all the more unique.

With that established, she took to her feet and stood up again, reaching her full height. "Did you have anything in mind, Fix-It?"

"Well, actually, Tammy, I don't have much of anything planned for tonight..." He told her apologetically, reaching up to rub the back of his neck in a gesture of uneasiness. "Though I do know that Q*Bert was planning to take a bunch of the others to Tapper's tonight. We could tag along, or stay behind." He shrugged, and looked up to her again, "Or, if you had something else in mind, that's alright too."

Tamora considered the options that Felix provided. Both had their perks, she supposed. Getting a nice, cold root beer after a long day sounded awfully tempting, but she knew she'd see some of her soldiers there. Not that that was necessarily a problem, per se, but spending time with her husband was something she enjoyed doing without the presence of the men she commanded.

Besides, she couldn't threaten them as much as she normally could during arcade hours should they jab at her for being ooey-gooey with Felix (something she couldn't help whenever the small hero was around her).

In the end, she decided to mix both plans. "How about we head to Tapper's, stay and schmooze for a bit, and then head back to your place?" That way, they'd be able to have a drink and enjoy the company of friends before they focused exclusively on each other. "Does that sound okay?"

"Sure does." Felix replied with a grin, straightening up excitedly at the prospect of now having something planned.

Though he only went to Tapper's on the odd occasion, he figured that a get-together thrown together by Q*Bert and some of the other characters that had taken residence in their game was reason enough; and with Tammy there, it was all the more special. He swore that woman could make watching grass grow interesting.

With their plans now established, the two made their way through the tunnel leading out of Hero's Duty and straight through Game Central Station to get to Tapper's.