I looked down at my mothers cold lifeless body in the casket her skin pale and lifeless her eye's closed her hands crossed across her chest pain filled and in my mind all i could think was you're with angels now

"hello earthy to Marley" I heard Bethany's voice calling breaking threw my trance I looked over at her slightly dazed my mother funeral was just yesterday and here I was at school none of my so called "friends" even asked me how I was feeling they were to busy with there own selfish lives but Then again I never considered the Soc girls I hanged out with as friends..

"did you hear anything I just said about the dance?" Beth snapped at me she had bleached blonde hair and implants she was basically the school slut and the Queen Soc I wasn't really sure how I became friends with her or any of the girls really it just happened on the first day of school they just pulled me into there group and I became a so called Soc even though I never hung out with the boy's soc and I wasn't a cheerleader and I didn't hang off the guys or wear the latest fashion I was more so there charity case

"oh.. no sorry Beth.."I said looked down

"uh if your not going to listen and be a part of the group then leave" Beth demanded her bitchy tone

"yeah" the other girls backed her up like an annoying high pitched echo I stood up and walked a way little bit I scanned the cafeteria I didn't really have any friends so I didn't know where to sit I didn't want to sit with the Soc I didn't want to deal with there stuck up rudeness and drama and the chances of a Greaser letting me with with them was slim to none not mention most seat were taken as I scanned I saw Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis they were Greaser, Johnny was a timid guy they i never really heard talk much even in class but I knew he had troubles at home and that his dad beat him as For Ponyboy I knew he was a smart kid and that his parents past away a few years back and his older brother raised him I noticed that there friend Two-bit wasn't with them so I decided to take a change and hope they'd let me sit there I walked over to them slowly and I as I got closer the looked at me Johnny had a slight fear in his eye's

"uh.. hey Ponyboy hey Johnny... do you think.. I could sit at the table... I kinda got kicked out of Bethany's for not paying attention to what ever she was talking about" I said looked down nervously

"uh yeah sure.." Ponyboy said I looked up and gave a small corner then went an sat at the far end of the table I put my tray down and poked around at what ever the lunch lady had put onto my plate it was a brown gunk I could hear there talking quietly to each other but I couldn't make out what they were hearing

"what is she doing hear" I herd Two-bits voice say with disgust I looked up to see him standing at the other table he looked at me like I was a piece of trash I could feel tears threatening to fall Ponyboy opened his mouth to answer Two-bit I got up quickly knocking my chair over and ran out of the Cafeteria an out into the court yard over to the big oak tree and leaned against slowly sliding down it till i was on the ground I pulled my knees to my chest as the tears started to flow I really was having a bad day hell I was having a bad week ever since my mother died my dad had been treating me even worse he was always cold to before mom passed away but after he did it had gotten worse he treated me like trash and Soc didn't make me feel better either they didn't care about me at all and Two-bit the way he looked at me and the way he said that just made me feel like I really was trash I couldn't stop crying the tears just kept coming out the bell rang for me to go to class I slowly stood up and took a deep breath I wiped my eye's but I knew they were red and puffy I started walking to math class when I entered the hallways they were dead I took a deep breath I was late and I knew it I walked over to the door to see writing notes on the board he'd always tell the Greaser to just come in quietly and sit down when he was in the middle of lesson so that's what I did I opened the door and as I walked in I remembered Two-bit, Johnny and Ponyboy were all in my class everyone looked at first only a couple socs looked at me and then the whispers started because I was late and had been crying the only seat that was left was in the far corner behind all the greaser I walked back there and sat keep my head low as everyone looked at me

"class leave Marley alone and get back to writing your notes" Mr Nelson said not looking from the board and luckily they all listened after he had finished his lesson he walked towards me I prepaid my self for the lecturer he kneels down beside me

" I heard about you're mother Marley I'm so sorry for you loss you're a brave young girl and im sure your fathers proud of you for coming to school today but why don't you just rest ill exempt you from this assignment alright?" he said gently I just nodded trying not to burst into tears again I always liked he was a strict but kind man I felt eye's on me as Mr Nelson got up and walked away and as he moved I noticed Johnny in the seat across from me he had a look of sympathy on his face I looked away trying not to cry I sat there trying to keep my self calm class went by slower then ever before there as a couple minutes before the bell was about to ring when a note was placed on my desk I opened it to see in pink writing

"you're a stupid attention whore no one likes you, go back your dumpster you piece of trash"

I felt a lump form in my throat as my lip began to quiver I quickly got up not caring about my book bag and ran out of class tears streaming from my eyes I kept running till I got outside I stood at the school gate and leaned against it tears streaming from my eye I suddenly heard foot steps running towards me the sound of the gravel being displaced under there feet I took a deep breath and looked up to see Johnny

"w..what do you want.. nothing you can say can make me feel worse then I already do thanks to my father Two-bit and those bitches" I muttered out between breaths tears still falling

"I brought you your book bag actually.." he said quietly I suddenly felt like a jerk

"oh.. t..thanks.." I said

"Johnny what the hell man!" I head Two-bit's voice say I looked up to see him and Pony running out the front door I picked up my bag and turned around to leave I felt Johnny grab my bag forcing me to stay they caught up to us and I could feel the dirty stare from two bit I shut my eyes biting my lip to stop it from quivering

"apologies Two-bit" I heard Johnny Say his voice louder then I've ever heard it

"what why the hell should I apologies to a know good soc like her" Two-bites voice was just like my fathers and it killed

"I said apologies Two-bit" Johnny said his voice Stern

"I'm not going to apologies to a soc piece of trash like her" Two-bit spat and with that I couldn't take it anymore I ripped bag out of Johnny's hand and ran off down the street crying when I got home my dad was drunk sitting on the couch I lucky he didn't say anything when I went upstairs but not long after he came stumbling into my room

"Marley get over here you little bitch" he cursed at me I got up looking down and for no reason he slapped me across the face I yelped

"be a good bitch and go get me some more beer" he snapped at me I flinched and opened my mouth to argue

"now you little cunt" my dad said slapping me the grabbing me by the hair throwing me out the door I ran down the stairs before he could hit me again I figured I just go there and make him happy and he'd leave me alone as I walked out side the cool wind made my cheek sting more I let a tear fall from my eye I headed to the DX station since it was the closet one as I walked in I didn't notice Two bit looking at the magazines I just kept my head down till I got to the counter

"how can I help you" I heard soda pop Pony boy's older brother say I put the money out on the counter I had done this more then once in the past few days and as Soda looked up and saw it was me he just nodded and went to the cooler

"what the hell are you doing here soc" I heard Two bit say I just ignored him keeping my head low luckly before he had time to say anything else sodapop was back with the beer he handed them to me and waved me goodbye as I walked out side out of all the people that had to be there is was Bob the king of the soc

"well well look who it is little miss Marley" Bob said in his cool guy voice

"hi bob" I said very flat tone

"come for a ride baby" Bob said pulling me to him I pulled away

"no thanks I have to get home" I said trying to walk away he yanked me back by my pony tell causing me to yelp loudly and drop the beer bottles on the ground but one that I griped in my hand tightly

"that wasn't a question no get in the car" Bob demand still pulling my hair I knew what would happen if I got in that car I would loose my V card weather I wanted to or not and bob was defiantly not the boy I wanted to loose it to I fought with him trying to pull away

"let me go" I screamed he shoved me against the mustang

"listen hear you little fucking bitch your going to get in that mustang right fucking now you worthless piece of nothing" he hissed at me and with those words my father voice came filling into my head those were the exact words he called me the night my mother died I felt my self becoming into a shell I stopped fighting with him I just stood there I heard the door ding meaning some one was comming out or going in

"good little whore now get in the car so I can show what a good time is" bob said sliding his hand up my shirt and with that all the anger came rushing back I was not being raped by this ass hole

"what's going on out here" I head Soda's voice Bob turned to look at him

"non of your fucking business Greaser" and with that while his focus was some where else I raised my free hand with the bottle in and and smashed it over bob's head it caused him to let me go and stumble back I took off

"You fucking bitch your dead" he screamed at me I looked back and for that second I did I ran straight into some falling on my ass I looked up to see Dallas Winston one of the toughest greasers around and one who hated socs more then anything he looked down at me then at bob he stepped over me and walked over to soda like i was invisible I slowly started to get up and saw bob getting up my heart began to race

"you better get out of here bob your on our turf causing trouble" soda said I stood there watching Bob looked back at me and because Dallas was there and Bob knew that he'd love any reason to hit him so he got up and walked to his car and drove off and on the way threw his trash bag at me covering me in garbage I collapsed onto the ground sitting there not moving I looked like trash, I felt like trash I was treated like Trash and now I smelt like it I hit the ground with the palm of my hands I laid down in defeat I heard footsteps in the gravel I opened an eye to see Soda

"you can tel Two-bit he can come end me now I give up everyone win's" I said closing my eye's again I heard him crouch down he picked something off and threw it aside

"what the hell are you talking about?" he asked confused

"I am a nothing but a worthless piece of trash soc." I said in flat mute tone with no emotion

"who told you that?" He ask in a quizzing voice

"everyone my father the kids at school Two-bit I'm trash I look like trash I feel like Trash Im treated like it and now I smell like It. I give up so if Two-bit or Dallas want to come end me before I have to come and my father does let them Id rather a half decent greaser do it then my father " I said to him in the same tone I heard him sigh and I felt my self being lifted to my feet I opened my eyes Soda started to clean me off

"I may not know alot about you other then your names Marley your a Soc and you go to the same school as my brother but I know that your not any of those things" he said in a kind voice

"It feels like it" I mumbled he sighed again

"come on inside ill find you a half decent shirt to wear yours is covered in well i'm not inertly sure" Soda chuckled and started pushing me inside there garage when we walked in I saw Two-bit Dallas and Steve all hanging out by a car Soda sat me down on a bench and went to get a shirt

"what the hell is she doing in hear" Two-bit said Glaring over at me I looked down

"Ow what the hell Dal!" Two bit showed I looked up to him rubbing his head Dallas smirked not saying anything Soda came back with his checkered button up id seen him wearing all the time I looked up at him

"just take it and go get changed would yeah " he said I sighed giving in and took it heading to the bathroom I got changed in the stall and I walked out I noticed how much I looked like shit I sighed I turned the sink on and washed my face off I turned the water off then took a paper towel and dried my face other then the bruise forming on my cheek I looked all right I sighed and walked out of the bathroom to see Soda, Dallas,Steve Two-bit, Ponyboy and Johnny I froze in the small hallway that led to the bathrooms after to earlier i really didnt feel like talking to any of them since they were all chatting away and joking i decided Id tried to sneak away I hid behind there rackets and I was about to make a dash from the door when I felt my self being lifted from the floor

"where do you think your running off to doll face" I heard Dallas voice as he flung me over his shoulder

"uh... the door..."I admitted

"why" he asked simply before dropping down gently on the counter in front of all the boys all of them but two bit were giving me the same do tell look

"well.. choose there option one two or three" I said

"how about all of them" said Soda from behind me I sighed

"well A. I really didnt want to talk about anything, B I really didn't want to have to face Johnny after what happened after school and C I really do not want to be around him" I said point and Two-bit who just gave a dirty scowl causing me to flinch

"well first off your your going to tell us what happened but before that do explain what you mean between about this after school thing" Dall said leaning on the pole I looked down and shook my head

"she got kicked out of her lunch table for not paying attention to queen barbie so she came and asked me an johnny if she could sit at the table we said sure the Two-bit over there deiced to show up and be an ass and say shit to her she took off crying later she came to our math class late the teacher said something to her Johnny heard wont say what tho and then she got some note from Queen barbie and she ran outta class and Johnny hear took after with her book bag and when me and two bit got out to them Johnny demand two-bit apologize he said some asshole remark she took off running" Pony boy explained for me

"Oww what the hell was that for!" I heard Two-bit yell I looked up to see Dallas was no standing beside him he pulled him off the counter and pushed him towards

"fucking apologize to her" Dallas demanded in threatening voice that made me flinch bad

"im fucking sorry.." Two-bit mutter quiet

"Louder so she can hear you" demanded Dallas

"Im fucking sorry alright" Two bit said louder

"for" Added in Johnny quietly

"for calling you shit" Two bit I just nodded

"now I believe you have some explaining to do" Soda said I looked down

"about..." I said looking down

"the whole bob thing and that mark on your face" said Steve I looked up Johnny looked very aggravated and tense at the mention of Bob

"bob was trying to get me to go with.. i didn't want to.. If i did he would of.. yeah.." I said looking back down

"and the mark?" I heard Pony's voice say softly

"my dad..."I said quietly looking up that made Johnny tense up even more even Steve tensed up at it I took a deep breath

"speaking of which I better get home to get my ass whopping for not bringing back beers" I got off the table and headed towards the door I felt my arm being pulled back I looked up to see Dallas

"you don't seriously think were going to let you leaving knowing your going to get beat do you?" he said I looked down taking my arm back

"why wouldn't you.. I'm just a soc.." I said Soda, Dallas, Steve and even Pony boy all broke out into a fit of laughter I stood there confused

"w..whats so funny.."

"kid even if by some fucked up way you were a Soc before after what you did to ol Bob earlier there's no way your a soc" Said Dallas still laughing

"is that good or bad thing..." I said quietly mostly to my self

"It's an amazing thing" said Soda I looked up and he smiled

"you never really did Act that much like a soc Marley" Pony added

"really.." I said looking down

"well you did give me and Johnny Valentines candy's last year unlike all the others" Pony said I looked down and blushed

"come on guys let's head back to the house" everyone left the store and I fallowed they all started to pile in a truck I just stood there I felt my self be picked up again but this time it wasn't Dallas as I felt my self be sat down on the edge of truck bed I saw Two-bit he gave me a smile

"you're one of us now" he said in a taunting voice I felt my self being pulled back I let out little yelp and head Dallas laugh Two bit got in the front with Soda and Steve It was just me Dallas Pony and Johnny in the back they all joked around on the way to Curtis' house I just stayed quiet thinking about what Two-bit Said I was now one of them I was now a greaser would this be better then me being a Soc.. would I have more in common with them.. there was alot of things I was unsure of but one I knew that being a greaser meant no more stupid frilly dress parties no more having to impress the world and If someone tried to hurt me Id have them to protect me or so I hoped I hadn't even realized the truck had stopped till Dallas picked me up

"come on doll face" he said to me I groaned annoyed at the name

"stop calling me that" I whined he didn't reply he dropped me down on the couch next to Johnny I glared at the back of his head and then he turned around I squeaked and hid my face in my jacket him and the guys except soda who seemed to have wondered off somewhere laughed at me

"arlight alright calm your jet's kid ill meet her jeez" I heard a older male voice say I looked up to see a older guy right away i knew he was Soda and Pony's brother you could see it in his eye's

"Marley this is mine and ponys older brother Darry this Is Marley she's gonna be the new member of the gang right Marley" Soda said looking at me with his movie star smile I opened my mouth only to have a pillow thrown at me

"yes she is" all the boy's said at once I sat there with my mouth open

"okay Im really starting to feel like im not going to get a say in anything" I announced Darry laughed and walked into the kitchen I felt my arm being pulled an I was suddenly onto of Two-bit I sat up he smiled and tried to pull me back down I quickly got up and crawled away

"hey" Two-bit whined

"that is just to creepy for my liking" I said the boy's all chuckled we spent the rest of night laughing at dumb joke and eachother the boy's would get into mini wrestling matches on the floor and I would climb up onto of the couch to get out of the way and Darry would laugh at my strangeness as it started to get later the boy's all quieted down

"alright im off to bed" Darry said

"night"I called out after him all the boy's just looked at me and I felt super awkward because none of them said it

"night Marley if the boy's bug you to much just punch them out" Darr said with a chuckle before disappeared i just looked down still embarrassed

"aww look guys Marley's embarrassed" Two bit called out I shot a glare at him

"well maybe if any of you were nice and said goodnight to Dar as well I wouldn't be!" I stated they just laughed at me I shook my head we all were watching tv and I felt my eye's slowly get heavy I yawned trying to keep my eyes open I felt an arm wrap around me and pull me into a warm body It was Johnny's he just held me not saying anything and I slowly found my self falling asleep