Tears started to flow like a water fall from my eye's the boy's all stood there struck with fear and anger Dallas didn't know what to do you could see it written all over his face my father smirked walking backwards keep the blade to neck he opened the back door of the car shoving me in it I hit my head on the other side yelping for pain and before Dallas could get to him my father got in the front seat and sped off

"you think you can just run away from me you stupid whore huh? Think again you fucking bitch you ruined my life so now i'm going to fuck up yours" my fathers voice was harsh I laid there holding my head crying I had to get out of here some way some how I had to do it.. I looked on the ground there was nothing I bit my lip sitting up I covered his eye he swerved multiple times cursing and clawing at my hands when he started to go off the road I sat back doing up my seat belt right before we started to speed down a hill I shut my eye's before we collided into a huge tree class shattering my body was yanked forward I slowly opened my eye's my father laid there his head against the steering wheel a chunk of class sticking out of his skull blood gushing from the open wound slowly making it's way down his skull I pushed on the door trying to open I rammed my body against it unjamming it I fell onto the ground my body hurt more then ever I slowly crawled my way up the hill using roots and such to pull my self up I could feel the blood streaming down my arms from the glass that cut it as I made my way back to the road I saw Darry's truck speeding down it he came to a screeching halt as he saw me the boy's all hopped out I felt my self going in an out of consciousness as my ears rang Sodapop was saying something but I couldn't heart my body fell over onto him and darkness took over me I don't remember much of what happened next I remember being in the truck for but my eye's were only open for a moment and Dally was shaking me trying to keep me awake the next time my eye's opened there was bright lights passing me as I was wheeled down a hall by doctors and after that it was just silence and blackness I wasn't sure how long it was it felt like an eternity to me but slowly and gradually I could hear a beeping it started of very faintly way off in the distance and slowly but steadily got louder and as It did I could feel pain threw out my body and soon my eye's flutter opened to be blinded by the bright light of the hospital I tried to sit up pain filled my I groaned

"whoa easy there miss" said an unfamiliar female voice I slowly sat my self my arms shaking under the pressure I could see the lady now she was in a suite she smiled at me

"my name is Barbra I'm you're social worker you've been in a coma for a month were so glad you're awake your friends have been dying to see you but first if you''re up for it id like to have a little talk with you" she said her smile was sweet and her eye's were kind but deep down I knew nothing good was going to come from this I just nodded she took a deep breath

"well.. you're father passed away in the accident and since he was you're last living relitive when they release you from the hospital you will be sent to a girls home" Barbra talked slowly letting it all sink in I blinked the door opened It was Ponyboy he had a book in one hand his eye's went wide as he saw me

"Marley you're awake" he screamed he ran over dropping the book Barbra got up and left the room Ponyboy sat on the bed opening his arm's wide letting me lean into him for a hug

"we've all been so worried about you we all come to visit everyday Darry's here every night after work and sits for hours, Steve and Sodapop come and visit it all the time they talk about girls and car Two-bit comes in and tell's you jokes and makes the nurse come in so you can watch Mickey-Mouse with him and I come everyday and Read even Johnny come stop visit but he doesn't let Beth in and Dall he's here all the time even when the others are here he's just out having a smoke I'm so glad your awake" Pony was rambling on but I didn't mind It was nice to know the boy's cared he slowly pulled away I looked down

"Pone.." I said softly

"there sending me to a girl's home..." I said to him trying not to cry

"WHAT" I hear Dallas voice say me and Ponyboy both looked up at the door to see Dallas standing there he looked steamed he hands turned to fist his face was red rage was in his eye Ponyboy slowly stood up putting his hands in the air

"Dally.. you need to calm down.. we'll figure this out.. you sit with Mar.. I'll go get the gang someone will no what to do" Ponyboy's voice was calm as he walked towards the door Dallas didn't say anything he just walked over to me and sat in the chair Ponyboy ran out the door I sat there looking at Dallas I gently rubbed my foot against his leg as he sat there glaring at the door he looked like he was going to pounce and kill anyone who walked in Ignoring the pain the pulsated with in my body I slowly got off the bed putting my hands on his shoulder

"Duckey" I said softly his gaze was directed at me and became soft and full of worry he placed on hand on my waist as I slowly sat down on his lap I brushed my hand against his face

"it'll be okay.."I said softly Dallas didnt say anything he just leaned down and kissed me it wasn't rough like the ones before it was soft and tender full of love we slowly parted he rested his forehead on mine we sat there in silence

"I hope Two-bit brings me a beer and chocolate cake" I said softly Dallas chuckled and ran his finger threw his hair

"if he doesn't I'll make him go get some" he said smiling giving me another small peck I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder not long after we heard the nurse and other voices screaming back and while they were screaming the door opened and Ponyboy walked in with Johnny and Two-bit

"I brought cake" said Two-bit with a smile holding some out I giggled he walked over and handed Dally the plate and fork he sat up on my bed Johnny gave a week smile I waved a little there was still yelling I looked over at Pone

"Steve snapped.. which made Sodapop snap" he said I tried to get up Dally wouldnt let me

"but I gotta go tell him to shut up" I complained Dall chuckled putting the cake and fork on the table he picked me up wheeling the IV with me to the door he opened it and sure enough the nurse, Steve and Sodapop were there screaming at each other

"Grease Monkey and Fizz head leave the nurse alone get the hell in here and give me hug's" I demanded Steve and Sodapop stopped yelling and turned to look at me a smirk on there faces

"yes ma'am" teased Sodapop I rolled my eye's Dally walked me back into the room sitting me on the bed I tried to reach for the cake he picked it up getting a piece on the fork and held it to my mouth I opened it rolling my eye's

"that's so cute it's gross enough to make me hurl" said Two-bit I laughed we sat for a while making little talk mostly asking how I was and what was happening

"where Darry.." I asked softly

"he's talking to the Social worker" said Sodapop I sighed Dally fed me another piece soon after Darry came in his face was not a happy one I knew it meant bad news

"so?" asked Ponyboy Darry sighed

"there ain't anything we can do we ain't family there's no choice" he said sadness in his voice

"that's bull shit were the only family she dose got!" said Steve standing up

"Steve.. it's okay.. Darry tried that's all that matters.. I can still write you.. and maybe ill be able to come see you guys or you'll be able to see me.. and in a couple years I'll be 18 and I'll be able to come back" I said trying to think of positives none of the boy's were happy and Dalls grip tightened I sighed they stayed there in till the doctors kicked them out I couldn't sleep that night all I could do was cry I was awoken in the morning by Barbra

"Marley sweet heart.. it's time for us to leave" she said softly as I sat up I saw a bailiff behind her I sighed the nurse came in unhooking me I was handed some clothes I got changed Barbra placed he hand on my back as she slowly walked me out of my room

"what about my friends" I said softly she wouldn't look at me

"I'm sorry sweetheart.. they aren't here and we can't wait" she said I felt tears well in my eye's she walked me out of the hospital to the car she opened the door as I got in and right before she closed the door I heard my name begin screamed I turned to see Dallas I put my hand at the window he came running down the street Barbra started to drive tears fell from my eye's as I watched Dallas slowly disappeared I leaned my head on the back of the passenger seat tears flowing as I leaned forward I felt something on my neck start to fall forward I touched it gently I felt a chain I fallowed it it was Dally's dog chain the tears fell harder my life had finally felt like it had meaning I had friends that loved me and now I had lost it all I had nothing left I cried the entire way to the home

"were here.." said Barbra quietly I sniffled and wiped my eye's looking up I saw an old looking house that reminded me of a prison I got out and fallowed Barbra to the door she knocked on it loudly the door opened and older lady with a sour look on her face he nose turned upwards and he hair was pulled back tightly she looked strict and mean

"this the orphan girl" she asked he voice had a think Russian accent

"yes this is Marley" said Barbra the lady put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me in

" she will enjoy it here" the lady said slamming the door she pushed me aggressively into the house

"the kids are in lessons you will start them shortly the kitchen is off limits you eat when your served and if you don't then you starve no exceptions wake up is 5 am no exceptions bed is 7:30 also no exceptions once you're placed in your room you will have a list of chores there it no laughing or yelling and no talking unless spoke to understood" she said I just nodded she shoved me up the stairs

"good" she said forcing me down the hall she opened the door to a room it was small had one bed and small window

"this will be you're room till I figure where to place you change into that dress and leave everything else out side the door do not leave the room unless I come get you" she said forcing me in and slamming it I flinched tears started to fall I changed into the dress it was a mute grey and plain I laid down on the bed i was hard i stared at the wall crying missing the boy's I didn't want to be here I wanted to be at the Curtis house cuddling with the boy's with Dally watching mickey-Mouse with two-bit I couldn't help but cry harder I played with Dally's chain in my fingers suddenly the door opened the lady came back I stood up she walked over to me and ripped the chain off me

"no jewelry" she said threw gritted teeth she walked back to the door slamming it I fell to the ground crying pain and anger filling me I grabbed the pillow biting it it wasn't the same as biting Dallas nothing would be I started at the door I couldn't stay here I refused to be here some how one way I was going to get out and I was going home. Were I belonged were my heart was

{Squeal s/9056627/1/The-Heart-is-squeal-to-I-ll-protect-you}