Hey Ranger fans. This is the latest in my collection of point-of-view stories. This is a story told from Zordon's point of view, about all the things he and Alpha have to deal with on one special crazy day. There'll be a "24"-style ticking clock in the top corner, because I though that would be really cool :). This story will be part of the Junior Rangers saga, which means that the original MMPR team are still around (and are now in college), and there's a junior team of six younger Rangers. That's really all you need to know, Zordon explains everything else as we go. Some of the chapters will be quite long, others will be quite short (because Zordon and Alpha aren't busy every minute of the day), and there will be a lot of little continuity Easter eggs for those watching closely. Zordon always knew a lot more than people thought he did :). Anyway, enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated.

3:59 AM

On my home planet of Eltar, we had a saying. In the hours before dawn, we would often remark to each other that the night was so cold and quiet, even the ghosts were asleep. After all this time, it is one of the few memories I have of Eltarian culture. The irony is that sleep is something I have no need for anymore. With a physical body that no longer needs replenishing, I have no use for food or drink, either. It's been so long that I can't even recall the taste of my favourite Eltarian wines, from the vineyards under the orange skies of our second moon.

In another life, I was a great warrior, charged with the protection of Eltar. Until the day one of my oldest foes trapped me in a dimensional rift, out-of-step with the rest of space and time. I've remained here ever since. I miss the simple things the most, like a cool breeze on my face, the warmth of the sun, or the feeling of soft grass between my toes. But I try not to live in the past. For centuries, Earth has been my adopted home, and this is where I now find myself, still watchful.

My name is Zordon. And this is the story of my day.

As Alpha blinked to life, powering back on after his daily recharge, I switched on the lights in the central chamber of the Command Centre, and began reviewing the data streams. There is a planet to watch, and a galaxy of threats to monitor. There are people who need our help.

And others who need to be stopped.

Glancing across the Command Centre, I watched as the clock set in one of the counters ticked over to four. Registering movement in my energy tube, Alpha looked up to me and granted me a little wave.

"Good morning Zordon," Alpha said.

"Good morning Alpha," I smiled, my voice booming through the room. "Let's begin the day."

To be continued.