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Later that evening, when even the ghosts were asleep…

With the moon and stars keeping watch high above, I checked back over the events of the day. The monsoonal flooding on Euclid was subsiding, with no major damage or loss of life. Lava from the volcano in the Mediterranean was flowing safely out to sea. All twenty-three of the miners on Techthon had been rescued, the moon was still quiet with Zedd saving his schemes for tomorrow, and most importantly of all, the Rangers were walking their friend home, promising to talk to him again in the morning.

Despite everything that happened, the Earth was still turning. The galaxy remained safe for another day.

It had been a long day. It seemed like everything was finally catching up to me. I felt… tired?

Hmm. That was new.

"Alpha, can you watch the monitors for me?" I asked. "Let me know if there's anything that requires our attention."

"Not a problem Zordon," Alpha replied. I knew he'd be waiting for me in the morning.

"Thank you Alpha," I smiled. With that, I stepped back, and disappeared from the central chamber as my tube went dark. I shut my eyes for just a minute, feeling the events of the day ebbing away, and for the first time in a long while, I drifted off into a deep, restful sleep.

The End.