I'd like to credit keelhaulrose for the song prompt, Hunter Hayes for his melodic voice and perfect songwriting and J.K Rowling for the chance to play with such wonderful characters and make a completely non-canon couple potentially work.

This story is told in three parts so keep checking back or follow the story for the next two. I really hope you enjoy it. I love you all. 3

From a distance he could see her, but he would only allow it to be from a distance.

As Hermione Granger wandered down the halls arguing with that bastard Ron Weasley once again he found himself narrowing his eyes. The sexual tension between Weasley and Granger was the kind that everybody but the two of them could see. But he didn't deserve her.

In the past few months something inside Draco Malfoy had shifted, ever since that once conversation outside the Room of Requirement. Draco had just exited and was taking a few minutes to collect his thoughts. He could remember it like yesterday. Granger's kind smile despite how undeniably rude he had been to her. Her much less bushy than previous years brown hair falling past her shoulders. Her eyes that seemed to see right inside him. She had been nice, much nicer than he had deserved.

Now he found himself watching her more and more. Since her eyes had seen inside him, Draco was letting his own eyes see inside her. And when he saw Weasley with her, bickering instead of appreciating, he felt his blood boil slightly.

No, Draco Malfoy did not wish to feel this way. Had the pure-blood Slytherin boy who had always tormented muggle-borns intended to find himself almost adoring one, even from a distance? The answer was most certainly a no. But he couldn't help it. Nor could he help the overwhelming urge to punch Weasley in the face every time he saw him. Though the asshole didn't deserve it, he had her.

"Malfoy…mate? I'm bloody talking to you!"

Blaise Zabini's voice broke the inner monologue in Draco's head. His distraction once again came from nowhere else but Hermione. Hermione Granger. This might have been the first time he had thought her first name in his head. Or the first time he had allowed himself to.

"What the hell are you looking at anyway?" Blaise continued, following Draco's line of sight across the Great Hall to where the Golden Gryffindor Trio of Hermione, Weasley and Potter were sitting. "Potter?" he scoffed. "What are you doing looking at Potter for?"

Draco rolled his eyes. Perhaps it was his newfound multiple personality talking but sometimes he wondered why he had chosen such childish, idiotic friends. Had it been a child's attempt to make himself look greater in comparison? Probably. He leaned back in his chair, averting his eyes from…her.

"I wasn't looking at Potter" he said coolly. "I wasn't looking at anything. I just had more important things on my mind. Were you saying something of particular importance?"

The air of arrogance and ease was something he had learned from watching his father.

"Yeah" Blaise said, not pushing the matter. "I was saying that slut Parkinson keeps pumping me for information on you. It's driving me absolutely bonkers." He rolled his eyes back in his eye rather stupidly for effect.

Bored already, Draco sighed. "Me? What about me?"

"She says you keep running off. Thinks you're keeping secrets, she does. And if I'm being honest mate, she's right. You're a very mysterious man, Malfoy. Not that I'm prying into your personal shit or anything. But it'd be really brilliant if you'd get the bitch off my back, right? She's hot but she can talk your bloody ear off."

As Blaise had been speaking Draco's eyes had drifted off to where they had been previously. Hermione was laughing at something Harry had said and her smile was absolutely stunning. Everything about her was stunning. The way she knew absolutely everything blew him away just as much as it annoyed him. Hermione always had something nice to say but she also knew how to defend herself if need be. Oh, how he hated to be thinking like this. What would his father think of him now?

But he didn't care. All he really cared about was perhaps one day being enough of a man to tell Hermione what she truly deserved.


So, he could tell her what she truly deserved today…even if it was only in a letter. Draco had never had a way with words. He'd never been as intelligent as Hermione and there was no way he could string together all these words in person. It was going to be hard enough on paper. But he needed to get all his thoughts that Weasley was too stupid to think up onto paper and to Hermione. She needed to hear, or at least read, how he felt.

You know I'd fall apart without you. I don't know how you do what you do. Everything that doesn't make sense about me makes sense when I think of you. If you put aside the math and the logic of this…you need to know that you're wanted too.

I want to wrap you up. I want to kiss your lips. I want to make you feel wanted. I want to call you mine. I want to hold your hand forever and never let you forget it. Hermione, I just want to make you feel wanted.

I think I may just love you…

Slowly he raised the quill from the parchment, staring in amazement at the words that had formed. How was this possible? Everything he could have said and more had appeared without any effort at all. He thought he might love her? That had been unexpected. It was like that exercise where you just let yourself write or draw anything without thinking and the truth always comes out. It was poetic, it was truthful and it was the first time he had ever bore his soul to another person.

Without a second thought, without even signing the letter, he put it in an envelope and let his owl fly away with it.

"Ron!" Hermione had rushed immediately to where Ron and Harry were sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room when the owl bearing a letter addressed to her had arrived. The minute she had opened and read it Hermione had been filled with an amazing rush of hope and excitement. "Ron! Is this from you?"

Looking up from where he sat playing Wizards Chess against Harry, Ron raised his eyebrows. "What is it?" he asked, reaching out for the parchment.

A little reluctantly Hermione handed it over. Her heart was fluttering, unable even to register the dumbfounded expression on Ron's face. Was everything just falling into place? Had Ron finally grown up and gotten a clue? Was this going to be a day she remembered for the rest of her life?

"Who is this from?" Ron had finished the letter now and had chucked it on the table between him and a confused Harry. The tone in his voice was nothing Hermione had expected and she backtracked quickly.

"You didn't send it?"

Of course he hadn't. She was stupid, foolish and completely mental. Not to mention she had just made a complete ass out of herself.

Harry, who was now reading the letter, looked up in amusement. "Of course he didn't" he chuckled. "Ron couldn't write something like this. It sounds like a girl wrote it." He put it back on the table, still cackling. Ron glared but didn't speak. He appeared to be seething.

"I thought it was sweet" Hermione snapped, grabbing her letter. Who had sent it then? "And if you can't appreciate something like this then no wonder a certain someone isn't interested" she hissed before rushing away.

If it hadn't been Ron then who thought they might just love her? And why hadn't they signed the letter? Did they not realize that Hermione had a curious mind and couldn't not know who had written this to her?

Well, at least she knew she was wanted by someone.