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Today was the day. Here he stood. It felt sort of how he imagined it would. And yes, Draco Malfoy had imagined this day many times. But for all the times he had imagined it you would think the butterflies that were currently making a home inside his stomach would be in check. Yet they weren't. He was nervous.

Those two words, 'I do', had been playing over and over in his head for two days now. Once or twice he had even practiced saying them. He just couldn't believe that he would get to say them to Hermione Granger.

It really was funny how things worked out.

For the past five minutes he had been pacing the room. Getting ready hadn't taken long and now he was just waiting, panicking a little.

All those years ago he had thought to himself how much more he deserved Hermione than Weasley did. Or…Ron, he should say. The three boys—Harry, Ron and Draco—had managed to reach some common ground over the years. They couldn't all exist in Hermione's life without it. Now he found himself wondering if he did deserve Hermione. With his past, the thoughts he'd had over his life, his family…did he really think he deserved her just because of his feelings.

Were feelings always enough?

Well, they had to be. They were here and he was going to be married. Tomorrow he would wake up and beside him would be a Mrs. Malfoy. Mrs. Hermione Malfoy and he was going to treat her ten times better than his father ever treated his Mrs. Malfoy.

Hermione had taught him that he didn't have to end up like his father and for that Draco was incredibly grateful.

Another few minutes of restless pacing had passed before the door opened and a ginger head appeared. It was Ron and when Draco said nothing he simply walked inside. It wasn't even Weasley's wedding and he looked kind of nervous.

"Hey" he greeted, looking around the room awkwardly. Draco simply shrugged and continued pacing, not committing to the conversation very much.

"You doing okay?" Weasley inquired, not stopping his eyes piercing every inch of the small room except for Draco himself. "You look like shit, mate."

At least he was honest. Draco couldn't help chuckling quietly and when he did Weasley…Ron…finally looked at him. "I feel like shit too" Draco admitted, pausing in his tracks and turning to face Ron.

Ron nodded. "Yeah, I get it" he said. "Being nervous is normal, that's what my mum said. My dad too." He gestured towards the door sort of clumsily. "They're out there, by the way. They said to tell you good luck…"

It was here he trailed off and for a moment Draco wondered what he was thinking. Was he thinking of what could have been? Did he have any regrets? If Draco was in his place then he knew what he would be thinking, and regretting.

"Look, Malfoy…" Ron began, avoiding Draco's eyes again. He hadn't quite gotten into the habit of calling Draco by his first name yet. "I just wanted to say…I don't mind. I'm happy for you."

Draco raised his eyebrows. "With Hermione?" he asked, just getting everything clear.

"Yeah" Ron replied, slowly. "I mean…I love 'Mione. I'll always love her and I was really stupid to let her go but…you're not as much of a git as I thought you were." Draco snorted and Ron laughed himself. "Well I mean, you are but you love her too and she loves you back. I just wanted you to know that I'm happy for you." He shrugged as if this conversation was as uncomfortable for him as it was for Draco.

But he appreciated it. "You're not as much of a git as I thought either" he offered, shrugging. "And I do love her."

"Then what are you so nervous about?" Ron asked, punching Draco on the arm awkwardly and then moving his hand quickly. "She loves you too. I can tell, even if she doesn't talk to me about it."

"Maybe I don't deserve her. There's so many things…"

Immediately Ron cut him off with a shake of his head. "Bloody hell. You're getting ready to marry the girl I love and you don't think you deserve her? She chose you and Hermione knows what she wants and deserves what she wants. You make her happy. That's what she deserves, right? So you go and marry her and if you don't make her happy then I'll restructure your face with my fist. Got it?"

Knowing that he was serious—jokingly so, but still serious—Draco nodded.

"Right" Ron said, heading back towards the door. "I'll see you out there then." And then he was gone.

Walking down the aisle was something that most girls dreamed of as children. While they were doing that Hermione was reading books.

Finding your one true love was something girls fantasized about as they were getting older. While they were doing that Hermione was fighting battles with her two best friends.

So Hermione had no idea what she was doing as she put one foot in front of the other that day. Everybody was staring at her and the attention made her cheeks redden a little.

It was all worth it though because at the end of the aisle she could see him. His blonde hair was falling into his eyes slighty and that perfect familiar smirk was in place on his face. Her one true love that she had found was better than any fantasy she could have conjured up and Hermione had never felt so lucky.

She knew that it was him who had sent her that note in their sixth year. He had given himself away when he uttered the same words to her the nights he gave herself to him. Those words shared between them were Hermione's greatest treasures and tonight she planned to give him some words of her own.

As the preacher went through the usual 'we are gathered here' speech all Hermione could think away was the words she had memorized in her head. There was no piece of paper to read off because she had it word perfect. Every word was perfect. She knew what she needed him to hear.

It was she who had suggested they write their own vows after all.

When the time came Draco went first.

"I vow to love you unconditionally and to continue to be worthy of you even in our darkest moments" he said, not reading off a piece of paper at all. "I vow to treat you the same in marriage as I do right now. I vow to never let my eyes stray because everything I could ever need is right in front of me now. I vow to be the man who is deserving of your love, the man you have let me become, forever."

They were sweet. Every word made Hermione's heart melt and beat faster at the same time. It was her turn. She could feel a surge of energy inside herself.

"As good as you make me feel" she said, starting quietly and allowing her voice to grow in volume. Inside her chest her heart pounded and she wondered if the guests at the back could hear the noise. "I vow to make you feel better. Better than your fairytales. Better than your best dream. You're more than everything I need. You're all I ever wanted."

She paused and you could hear a pin drop in the tent. It appeared that many were holding their breaths and Hermione found that she had been doing the same.

Then she began, watching his face as she pronounced each word perfectly so that he couldn't mistake them.

"I want to wrap you up. I want to kiss your lips. I want to make you feel wanted." As she spoke his eyes widened and his smile broadened. "I want to call you mine. I want to hold your hand forever and never let you forget it." A deep breath. "Draco Malfoy. I vow to make you feel wanted."

The moment she finished she found his lips on hers. Before even the 'I do's' he was kissing her as if she was the only person in the room. "Hermione," he whispered so that only she could hear. "I think I love you."

A small smile played upon her lips. "I think I love you too" she whispered back, touching her lips to his once more.

It was the beginning of forever and she hoped the end never came.