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In Which Bunny makes a Cameo and Amellus learns to Skate.

Southern Hemisphere; July 1823. Jack is 111 and Amellus is 4.

Years had come and gone. Amellus had managed to traverse the preliminary toddler years with minor incidences and Jack was growing into his role as a Winter Spirit.

It was during these years that Jack had begun spotting the elusive Easter Bunny but not once had he been able to corner him to ask questions. He had first spotted the Easter spirit during their transition south to the Burrow 23 years ago. One of the blankets Jack had 'borrowed' managed to obtain a rather large rip which neither tangible family member could understand while the Wind was suspiciously silent about the whole thing. This meant Jack had to sneak into one of the mountain villages to grab another blanket. It was when Jack grabbed a colourful blue, red and yellow patterned blanket that he noticed multiple children screaming in joy holding small colourful objects. He looked closer before spotting two grey furred ears. He was about to scold Amellus for following him when he noticed the ears were much larger than Amellus'.

"Conejito!" yelled a child, only about aged six, skittering towards the bush where the ears were poised. The ears shot away and a grey blur dove into a hole that miraculously appeared. Jack froze and stared in wonder at the sight.

He had seen the Easter Bunny.

He looked just like Amellus did.

He had found the Easter Bunny.

He…He….He just screwed up.

All the answers to his questions had just dived down a hole.

Jack swore loudly and creatively for a good thirty minutes before returning to where he'd left Amellus with their supplies. Amellus was disappointed when Jack related the story but quickly shrugged it off in a way that only a child could.

"You'll catch him Marya. I just know it!"

Jack had spotted him several times but never got close enough to catch him.

Jack shook away his thoughts and concentrated on the frozen Lake in front of him and Amellus. Amellus looked up at him and smiled excitedly before bouncing on to the ice, slipping and sliding and giggling madly as he went.

Jack watched for a few moments, simply smiling and committing the moment to memory. After a few seconds, Jack joined him on the ice, gliding gracefully towards Amellus and easily catching the energetic child before he could fall onto the ice.

"Easy Snowball, easy!" Jack laughed as he set Amellus back on his paws. Amellus was dressed in a blue and green patterned blanket turned poncho and had simple wooden slabs strapped to his lower paw pads. Under them, Jack froze ice blades to create a semblance of ice skates that the humans used to skate. Jack had no need for the skates but Amellus had begged Jack for weeks to learn how to skate. He had noticed Jack skating freely over the ice, laughter reverberating over the clearings and joy penetrating the very air around the area while summoning the snow to coat the ground. Amellus was immediately enchanted with idea of dancing on the ice his 'marya' created and Jack agreed to teach him after a few pouty faces and begging eyes.

"Okay, you remember what I told you? One foot at a time." Jack gently coaxed the humanoid rabbit who was trembling with nervous excitement. Gently, Amellus slide one foot forward and grinned wildly when he didn't fall over. He slide the next foot forward and was slowly propelled forward by the tender hand on his back.

The young laprine squealed happily and before gaining confidence and propelling himself forward a few steps. Jack stood back, watching his charge with a keen eye and revelling in the sheer joy emerging from his son. The Winter Sprite followed the enthusiastic student as he slowly slid around the lake, carefully observing the innocent child before him. Amellus was growing up. He was already at the age where most children would be given chores and learning how to read and write. While Amellus was tasked with keeping his toys under control and ensuring his 'nest'-room was clean, he didn't do any lessons. Jack did know how to read and write as well as numbers (he really had to find out how he knew all of this) but, he wasn't sure how to go about giving lessons to his son. His thoughts were interrupted by a sharp cry.

Amellus was on his hands and knees with tears rolling down his furry cheeks. A small amount of blood showed on his knees where they had scraped on the ice. The stinging sensation reverberated through the legs and startled the young one like any other child. Jack flitted over to the crying child and gathered him into a cuddle. Kissing both of the knees and the tip of Amellus' twitching nose, Jack nuzzled and raked thin fingers through the top of his son's head to soothe him. Amellus hiccupped a few times and curled into the hug.

"Feeling better, Snowflake?"

Amellus nodded and Jack pressed his nose to Amellus' in a sign of affection. "Would you like to try again or do you want to go home?"

Amellus thought for a few moments and clung to Jack's hand. He look towards the ice mistrustingly and nervous. Jack gently coaxed Amellus out of his lap and held his hand gently. "I'm standing right here. You believe in me, right?" Jack smiled gently down at the tense form.

Amellus nodded his head wildly. "Always, Marya!"

Gently, slowly and patiently, Jack tugged Amellus around the lake on his skates. "Then Believe me now."

After a few lap, Amellus slowly regained his confidence and forgot about the pain in his knees. As they skated around the lake, the two family members laughed in combined and shared joy and love.

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