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Your God


Looking up at the afternoon sky, Nara Shikamaru was happy about two things. First, he was finally out from the office and wasn't getting back there until Tuesday, thanks to the fact that it was a long three day weekend. Second, he would have the weekend to himself so, he could catch up on his much needed relaxation at his condo. Alone.

Hopefully his friends wouldn't bother him either. Anytime he was off they pestered him to go to clubs or on picnics or things that ran along those lines. At twenty-three years old he was one of the few remaining among his friends, and their friends, who wasn't in a relationship, about to get married or married. Naruto and Sasuke were engaged, Sakura was dating Kankurou, Ino and Sai were married and with a kid, Chouji too was married, his wife expecting twins. Neji was after Gaara's heart and Temari, whom he had dated a while back, was getting romanced by none other than Ten Ten who was divorcing Lee after a very short and unsuccessful marriage. Turned out Lee was in love with Neji.

Damn, thinking about all their lives, he realized they all either had good relationships or really messed up, catastrophic ones. Really, what a drag, that's why for one weekend, even if it was just this one starting up, even if it turned into the only one during the entire year, he didn't want to deal with any of them, or know anything concerning their troubled or joyous lives.

Just once he wanted to have a relaxing retreat for himself and only himself. Perhaps do something he liked for a change or try something completely new. Maybe he would ask the owner of the penthouse to allow him to go up to the roof and he could spend the mornings staring up at the clouds for hours with just his thoughts.

He really needed a break from it all. A break from what his life entailed, a break from the routine he had developed and an unwinding that refreshed and reenergized him so that he could keep going. Everything had somehow turned into a schedule he could blindly follow and he was desperate to break away from it, if even for some hours.

Getting into his black car, he drove west towards the high rises in the city in one of the cleanest parts it had. It didn't take him long before he was parked in his space in the underground parking lot and was heading up in the elevator to the ninth floor. The Shougi was one of the city's newer buildings that had gone up during the last five years. All modern and functionally stylish, it presented the area with twenty-seven condo's and one penthouse that was the size of the entire circumference of the thing. Each condo had two beds, two full baths, living room, a smaller room he used as an office, full kitchen, it's own balcony that gave view to the skyline and city lights, not to mention those large windows that offered the most spectacular view of the city and sky. The first couple of floors of the place consisted of the lobby, a gym, indoor pool and a child care service for the tenants.

As soon as he had known about one of the condos freeing up he had bought it without hesitation. It was close to his workplace, downtown area, restaurants and such but, as a bonus, gave him the distance he sometimes needed from the people he knew without taking away the access to the easy routes he could take if he ever needed to get to one of his friends or family members in a flash. Plus, it was clean, liking the façade the most, where, unlike other places, there were trees planted and grass with some outdoor sitting areas. He was glad he could afford the place, having graduated from the university at twenty, he had quickly ascended in his career field thanks to his brain and his mentor. Not to forget his father who had encouraged him and helped him out with the purchase.

His neighbors weren't that bad either. They all minded their own business and he hardly ever saw them. He only knew that there was a doctor down the hall on his floor, a retired actress on the eighth floor and one of the Uchiha owned the penthouse. Made sense for it to be an Uchiha too, they owned about a fourth of the city and he didn't doubt that they owned every penthouse on the west side, leaving the east to the Hyuuga, the south to the Senju and the north to the Uzumaki.

He also knew the guy that lived across from him enough to hate him. He rather not talk about the man though, rather not think about him either. The bastard had caused enough conflict for him already and was the only actual down-side to his place. He really hated that guy.

Shaking off bad thoughts the elevators opened up on his floor with a soft ding and he stepped out into the hallway and cursed himself to hell and back.

Talk about the devil and hating people with a passion. There he was again, that damned religious sadist, coming out of his condo. With only sneakers and jogging shorts on, the guy had to be on his way down to the gym. Exact reason why Shikamaru preferred to work out early in the mornings. Anything to avoid the foulmouthed, disrespectful, bastard of a neighbor.

Shikamaru placed an uninterested stare on his mug as he walked over to his door and past the guy and hoped that, like most of the time, the silver haired man had no intention of talking to him. The brunette walked right past the bastard and was glad to reach his door. He expected to hear the elevator as he got his keys out, but he didn't hear a thing and he could swear there were a pair of eyes on him and he prayed to himself that it wasn't an orchid-violet stare.

Checking through his peripheral vision, he cursed inwardly again as he saw the man leaning against the wall next to the elevator, staring straight out towards him. Without turning his face to the man he looked him over.

With his broad shoulders, flat, ribbed stomach and corded arms the man was an in-your-face menace. He knew the guy could fight, that he got cash that way, he had seen him in action. The bastard's wild stare was testament to that menace, proof that it was there, especially anytime he decided to smirk like he was a crazy sociopath. He averted his eyes as he stuck his keys in the lock and focused on the door. The brunette then decided to just close his eyes altogether and step inside his condo locking the door behind himself.

Well, away form being stared down by the freak next door he felt more comfortable.

Taking off his shoes, tie and suit the first thing he did was go to the bathroom and start the water running. He had a routine he had developed over the past six months for his Fridays. It helped him relax the week off and consisted of him taking a shower to get all the dirt off and then soaking in a hot tub of water for an hour or two. Depended really on his level of stress. And after his little meet-and-stare with that freak he was going to soak for the rest of the afternoon and night.

Jumping in the shower and giving himself a quick rinse, he got into the tub. As soon as he was in that hot water and his mind relaxed he couldn't help but be reminded of why he hated the guy next door.

One of the people he admired the most in his life had nearly lost it because of the punk. Asuma-sensei, his tutor and mentor had been a professional fighter part time even though he was a professor at the university and Shikamaru had developed a close relationship with the man since he was twelve. A year ago Asuma had gone up against that bastard next door. The foulmouthed asshole had been gloating the entire time. Talking down to his sensei, was the first thing that had gotten Shikamaru to dislike the man, but it didn't end there. The guy had developed a sadistic streak in which he actually enjoyed seeing his opponent in pain and basked in being the one that had caused it. The last thing that had sparked hate in him, had been that when Asuma had been about to give the final blow, that would have given him the national title, the bastard had made an illegal move and knocked his sensei down and assaulted him.

Asuma had been taken to the hospital with a very bad concussion, two broken ribs and a shattered knee. A blood clot had almost finished him. The only good thing had been that the silver haired man had lost all his titles and was banned from the league. For life. There was no way in for the man, ever again and that was such a 'disappointment' to some, since he had still had a good number of years ahead of him. To Shikamaru, it was the best thing that could ever happen. His manager, who loved money more than anything else, had been distraught and furious. The then twenty-seven year old had also been forced to pay Asuma an established amount for the damages caused. That, the bastard had actually given them without any trouble, to their surprise and everyone else's for that matter. As for the rest, he knew the guy still had to be fighting illegally. There was no doubt about it, once a fighter they couldn't easily stop, especially if they were sadists or masochists that got some form of pleasure out of it.

He really hated the man. He kept thinking as he let himself sink down in the bathtub. He had to drown those thoughts in water and get him out of his system.


It was around nine that Shikamaru got out of the bathroom and sauntered over to his kitchen to eat something. Though he wasn't that hungry, he forced a sandwich down his throat, then brushed his teeth and went to his bedroom and laid in bed for a while, checking his phone for messages or missed calls. He had one from Chouji inviting him to a barbecue restaurant with the family on Sunday. Naruto wanted to hit the clubs tonight, which would, of course, include the Uchiha and Shikamaru didn't want to deal with the snob, Ino wanted to go see the latest family oriented movie tomorrow with her husband and toddler-

See…that was exactly what he kept talking about. Even when he had sent them all a text stating that all he wanted to do this weekend was rest, they all still insisted on including him in everything. He disliked it in a way. It made him feel like they felt sorry that he was alone. There was always someone they tried to introduce to him too. Someone they 'supposedly' ran into and thought he should get to know. He wasn't complying with any of them this time. He wasn't going to play along for their sake.

He was going to take this weekend for himself, damn it. If it was the last thing he did. What a freaking drag.

Shikamaru hit everyone back excusing himself for the weekend and after a couple of convincing texts they managed to back-off and he closed his eyes willing himself to sleep…it didn't arrive until midnight though.

How could something so simple be so troublesome?


Not realizing when he had fallen asleep, Shikamaru woke up to the sound of hard banging on his door, which was uncharacteristic to the building he was living in itself. No one should be hitting anyone's door like that under no circumstances.

Checking the clock on his night table, he saw it was just past two and knew there was no way anyone should be awake at that hour. His neighbors, who were the only ones who had access to the building, never bothered him, so what the hell?

Slipping on his deep green robe and grabbing his phone, just in case, he got up and walked up to the door, wondering if the banging could be the police, detectives…the military. Maybe that bastard next door had finally gone off and done it, maybe the freak had killed someone and was being searched for. Whatever it was, the bastard deserved it and Shikamaru would volunteer to testify against the punk, if he got the chance, and it turned out to be relevant to the case.

Looking through the peephole he expected to see the boys in blue, but instead saw no one. The only thing off was that the door across from his apartment was wide open. He couldn't see anyone past it either, there was no one in there.

Taking a moment to think out all the possibilities, he placed his keys and phone in his pocket, put on some slippers and opened up his door cautiously. When he was sure there was no one in the hallway, he stepped out of his place and locked the door behind himself.

He stood there for another moment, with his back to his door, staring across into the lit condo that belonged to his enemy. It was strange, but if someone had knocked, perhaps it had been because that someone was in need of help. He peered inside the place from a distance. The floors, unlike his own hardwood choice, were slate, there was a lot of metal, leather, black, and medium to dark grays in there, the walls were all white though. The rest, well he knew from having seen the place before buying, that the three condos on each floor had different and varied floor plans, each style contoured to the odd style of the building, so he knew where everything was or should be at as he looked around from outside the doorway.

For a second he wondered if it had been the freak and why the bastard would knock on his door and then disappear, leaving his condo's door wide open. Among the endless possibilities was the chance that maybe the bastard had brought someone in and the person had managed to injure him and had been the one to bang on the door after fleeing from the scene because the freak was still alive. It could also be that the bastard had been the one trying to do the killing and had fled the scene because the person was still breathing.

It could also be some sort of trap, but what the hell for? They didn't talk, never had a confrontation, they hardly ever even looked at each other, much less usher a single greeting. He wasn't even sure if the bastard recognized him from a year back.

This was such a drag, he should just get back inside to his bed and not deal with any of this shit, but damn, if it was that someone else was hurt in there, he didn't want that person to die while he could've done something. Checking the time on his phone he saw it was twenty minutes past two and he slowly approached the opened door thinking himself a bit paranoid as he stepped through the threshold. He was expecting the scent of fresh blood to hit him in the face, but instead all he got was a cool fresh, forest scent along with a dim men's cologne. He hated to admit it, but it was a nice combination, very relaxing vibe, along with all those cool grays, it was perfect.

Seeing no one, he walked over to a black leather sectional and was about to look around when he heard the door shut behind him and lock. He didn't even flinch, didn't need to.

So, he was right in a way, this was a trap.

Looking past the living area and the opened themed kitchen, he looked over unto the wall that led into a hallway where the master suite and bathroom were, and into the full-length mirror that reflected him and the half naked sociopath behind him. Standing in front of the door, arms crossed over that chest.

"Did I fucking wake you?" the man asked in a dark tone and Shikamaru didn't say a word as he looked the man over. About two, maybe three inches taller than himself, the silver-haired man was barefooted and shirtless with only a pair of black leather pants on.

After six months of living next door to each other the bastard just had to get his attention this way? He was probably just itching for a fight, especially one with the student of the man that had caused him all those titles and fame. Though he probably didn't know how close he was with Asuma, the bastard probably just thought he was another one of those guys that hung out with fighters.

The guy was an idiot actually.

He had no idea that Shikamaru knew all his moves, had studied him way back before his sensei had gone up against him and he knew what to expect, what to avoid and how hard to hit to make the bastard hurt. Asuma had taught him both self-defense and offense and he had the brain to memorize and predict an opponent's movements. Reasons why he had been on Asuma's team.

"What, you too fucking good to talk to me dip-shit?" the man's approach had the brunette tensing up for a fight and he turned to meet the bastard face-to-face. He should have expected this to happen sooner or later, but for some reason, he felt a bit surprised still.

"It's just too troublesome to deal with idiots right now and if you don't mind, I rather leave this place and get back to my bed." he told the man with a lazy tone not even responding to the fact the man was tensing up as well.

Shikamaru let his eyes wander over the man's bigger and defined body. He looked over those arms and those fists that had provoked so much damage and he wanted to break each wrist and elbow, then pull those arms out of their sockets. Wanted the man to feel ten times the pain he had inflicted on anyone. He stared at the necklace, the amulet he had always seen the man wear, some sort of religious symbol, an icon for that sadist of a god the man worshiped and he felt like choking him with the chain, then shoving the amulet down his pretty little throat.

"What a fucking shame, you want to leave so…soon. After I had planned a very…interesting…night for us." he started and Shikamaru looked the man in the eyes, unfazed.

"What, you finally gonna kill someone? Or is it that you're still mad that my sensei nearly cost you your titles and you ended up loosing them anyway because of your own stupidity." that was pride hurting worthy.

"Well, fuck. I knew you did remember me. Amazing how you have kept your cool all of these months of having me as your front door neighbor." he retorted.

"I don't waste myself on trash like you." Shikamaru told the bastard who glared and he glared right back.

"Ouch. Is that supposed to hurt me, bitch?" that damn annoying attitude. "It'll take much more than that." he said softer, nearly under his breath.

"I'm not falling for whatever you want so, if you don't mind, I'm leaving." Shikamaru told the guy and walked past him towards the door.

A hand grabbed his arm and he fell into self-defense mode and quickly reacted and countered, punching the guy in the jaw with his free hand. He was instantly unhanded and then he continued towards the door when he heard that familiar, eerie laugh he had never been able to forget. Looking over his shoulder the guy was holding his chin and licking his lips like he had enjoyed the punch and was basking in the pain it had produced. He ignored him and faced the door again and that was when he noticed. The lock required a key to get open and they weren't anywhere to be seen.

"Fuuuck, this is going to be fun." the man said and Shikamaru heard a jingle of metal and looked back at the keys the man was shaking. "I've been watching you for weeks. Shit, I've been wanting this chance. You must be fucking angry at me still and I'm bored and quite a vengeful fucker. Sure that fight ended my professional career but, it also ended your sensei's. I couldn't believe my luck when you moved in and for weeks I waited and nothing fucking happened so, I've decided to take matters into my own hands."

Shikamaru approached the guy as he tensed, glaring at the bastard as he looked up into those violet eyes.

"You should open the door before you regret it." he told him face-to-face just a couple of inches apart.

"Or what? You little fuck." he looked up into those crazed, adrenaline filled eyes and considered his options.

He glanced around the space and wondered just how he could beat the guy enough to take the keys, but not to kill him. He noticed the door to the side room was open, it was supposed to function as an office in the condo with it being connected to the adjoining bathroom that also led out into the other hall, but who knew what the hell this freak used it for. He measured the distance and tried to make out what was inside but it was too dark, especially, because the hallway light was off and the only lighting came from the kitchen. He looked at the room's door again and, noticing it then, he wondered why the hell the lock was on the outside part of it.

Shit, maybe the guy had nothing in it and would lock him up in there if he got the chance. Well, that wouldn't happen if Shikamaru locked him in there first. He could then break the main door down or call the manager for help.

Shikamaru's suspicions became real when the meathead looked over his shoulder at the dark room's open door and chuckled then threw the keys inside. They hit the floor inside loudly suggesting there was nothing to stop them in there.

"What the fuck do you want, Hidan?" the brunette asked him, pronouncing that name like it was dog shit.

"It's nice that you remember my name." he said softly under his breath again, then the man chuckled and spoke up with a cocky tone. "Who the fuck knows, let's just start with this." he said and pulled back bringing his fist up. Shikamaru dodged what would have been a sure sucker punch to his chin and as he kneeled he slid off his robe, staying in his pajama bottoms, so that it wouldn't become a hindrance for himself or an advantage to the sadist.

He kicked it away to the main door along with his slippers as he instantly came back up with an uppercut, landing it square on that jaw again, knowing the guy was a bit slower than him and couldn't have dodged it sooner. This sent the big man back and Shikamaru expected him to curse or get angry, but all he got from the man was another one of those eerie laughs as he straightened.

"Fuck yeah. Jashin-sama is gonna like this." he declared with pride.

"What a drag, you're going to start up with all your god shit now?" he really wasn't into hearing any of it. He had before and there was no point to it.

"Don't blaspheme or I'll kill you." yeah, sure.

"Don't underestimate me or you'll end up shitting into a plastic baggie for the rest of your life." Shikamaru told him and what he got from the guy couldn't have confused him more if it had been spelled out clearly.

"Really?" he asked chuckling, those violent eyes lighting up with something else entirely.

What. The. Hell?

Before he could think further and try to discover what the guy wanted, the bastard came at him again and Shikamaru put enough strength in his legs to lift himself up in the air as he kicked the guy in the chest. He had expected to give him a second kick, but his foot was grabbed and held in place and he was pulled, turned, then slammed up against a wall.

All the air left his lungs and as he gasped for some more, the man punched him in the gut. Shikamaru's head dropped on the man's shoulder and he cringed for a second as a hand grabbed his throat and began to squeeze.

"Do you want to fucking die?" the man whispered in his ear and Shikamaru took the opportunity to pull back. He wasn't going to die, he wouldn't give up so easily either. He head butted the guy and got him in the nose, this got the freak off of him. "Shit!" the guy yelled grabbing the thing and checking it over. Damn it, he didn't get enough momentum to break it, that would have distracted the punk a bit longer.

Shikamaru tried not to give him a chance to recover and kicked the guy again, this time gaining some leverage to hit him on the side with his elbow. He then followed through and got him a knee to the face once the guy leaned down to cradle his side. The man still got back up and retreated a bit closer to the door of that darkened room with the odd locking mechanism.

Fine, if that was what the bastard wanted to do, they would go in there, but on his terms.

Shikamaru got impetus again and went after the man before he could fully recover and body slammed him with full force sending him and the freak into the room, their legs being the only part of their bodies out in the hall. A bit of light shone through and the brunette shuddered with a bit of disgust at what he saw inside.

What the hell? This guy really was a freak.

Looking over he saw the keys and wanted to reach out for them, but first he had to knock the guy out or he had no chance. So as the freak started struggling Shikamaru punched his chest, pinning the guy down with his knees, applying all his weight and strength and then he punched the guy in the face. The man thrust upward trying to get him off, but Shikamaru made sure to stay on the guy and kept slamming the face until the lip ripped and blood ran down the man's chin.

That laughter came again especially as the guy reached up and those hands that had nearly killed his sensei encircled his neck again. He didn't give up though and pounded down into that chest and that face until hypoxia threatened to take over him. He took over those wrists and tightened his hold around them as he tried to peel those hands off of his neck. He kneed the guy in the balls and that loosened the grip enough that he was able to pull those arms off of his neck and he pinned those wrists to the floor above the fool's head.

He head butted the guy again which got the bastard all woozy and it was enough for him to let the guy go and offer one of his signature moves. He hit the guy full force on the temple knocking him out cold.

Shikamaru took in a deep breath as he slapped the guy, if just to make sure he was passed out. It was only a few minutes later that he got up and looked down at the bloody chaos he had created. The guy was a mess, but he still felt the adrenaline rushing through him and anger flowed through his veins so thickly he wanted to really mess the guy up further. At the same time he didn't want to give into it and become like the piece of shit lying on the floor. He wasn't a murderer either.

He walked inside the room and a dim light automatically turned on and he got a view of what exactly was in there. Seeing the keys he picked them up then walked over to one of those dangling chains and tugged on cuff. Looking over his shoulder at the body still lying on the floor, something sinister sprang up in him and he felt compelled to do something he had never done or even thought of doing before, ever. He knew little about it, but even if it only showed the shit on the floor that life was to be treasured and inflicting pain just for the hell of it and picking fights wasn't a good hobby.

Shikamaru watched the man stir a bit and a smirk crossed his lips as he walked over to him. "I'm going to teach you something. Thankfully it's Saturday, and it's a long weekend so for however long it takes, I won't stop until you fucking learn." he told the man who stirred again and tried to open his eyes.

He took the opportunity and picked the man up and had to fight a bit to muscle him up on a working table. The idiot was dazed enough to think he was being helped up and got on the table himself then passed out again. Shikamaru took the cuffs that dangled from all four corners of the thing and cuffed those wrists and those ankles. Then he walked around the room and accessed every little piece of equipment in it, going through some drawers on a tall, massive, black cabinet along the far wall. He then sat on the floor, in front of the man, thinking of everything he could do. After ten minutes he was satisfied with everything he planned out and the variations of it.

Getting up and walking out into the kitchen, he noticed the empty bottle of some sort of hard liquor and knew that was how the bastard had finally decided to confront him. He picked it up off the counter and threw in the trash can. Then he cracked open the fridge, amazingly the bastard had enough food in it for a week. A lot of fresh produce.

From the refrigerator, he turned to the cabinets, opened them up to a lot of black and red plates, some silverware, more food and canned goods. He left the kitchen and walked back to the main door and picked up his robe checking his phone, he hadn't damaged it. He left it on the sofa and placed his slippers next to the guy's near the door. Then he made sure everything was locked and turned catching his reflection in the hallway mirror. Damn, he walked up to it examining the damage he had received. His bottom lip was split, his neck was marked up red as well as an area on his abdomen. He had a red spot on his forehead from head butting the guy and his knuckles were a mess thanks to the punching.

Shikamaru walked down the hall and into the master suite hoping to find it to be normal and without all the freaky BDSM shit that was in the other room. Turning on the lights, to his surprise, everything was entirely normal. All the furniture was elegantly made with steel accents, the headboard on the bed being a modern design with steel bars that was very masculine and sturdy. The bed sheets were all black satin and damn, the place smelled good. He went over the things on the dresser, all designer shit. He walked up to the closet. Well what do you know, the bastard actually had shirts, amazing that he didn't wear them. Leaving the closet he went into the bath and was a bit shocked that it was all white. Only color in there were the gray towels and accessories, which were stainless steel.

He walked over and opened up the shower, grabbing a towel he took off his pants and stepped in. Under the spray he reached over and grabbed the bar of soap. As the scent of it hit him, he was reminded of what he was about to do, he had to admit that he had deep second thoughts. It was all troublesome but, damn after so long he was still angry. He wanted to get the guy back for having hurt one of the people he had always looked up to, to torture him a bit. He wanted him to hurt, wanted him to also pay for waking him up and picking a fight with him, but there was something else. Something he couldn't name that had crept into him the moment he had met eyes with Hidan out in the hallway, when he had arrived from work this afternoon. And it had been reinforced the second he had fallen on the man, pounding hard into his flesh.

He was curious. Wanted to know what it was about it all that got the man into wanting to inflict pain, especially when he was receiving it as well. And obviously he enjoyed it and felt a rush of power from it, as he was into the shit that was in that room. The guy took pleasure in it, who knew how many willing people he hurt and tormented in there.

Damn, just why had the guy chosen now to confront him though? After so many months, just why had he taken so long?

Shikamaru washed up, taking his time, wanting to give the guy a chance to react. It was only half an hour later that he got out and dried off, then he put his bottoms back on. He threw the towel in a white laundry basket and grabbing a fresh one, walked back to the kitchen looking for a large bowl. Under the sink he found what he was looking for and he walked with it and the towel to the room grabbing a lighter from the counter along the way. He stood in front of the door for a moment then stepped inside. He heard the soft breathing and walked past the table to the smaller bathroom, which was also white. He filled up the bowl with warm water and grabbed the hand soap bottle not finding anything else in there he could use.

He walked back out and set everything down at a side table that had wheels and he rolled it over to the worktable then took the lighter and went around the room lighting a few of the candles, including one of the three blood-red ones he had in mind to use. Looking back at the bloodied body, he walked over and grabbed the hand towel, dipped it into the warm water and came up to the guy. He started cleaning up the guy's face. The blood had dried in some parts and he had to rinse the towel to pass it over again. He watched the man stir a couple of times and knew he wasn't getting up that easily as he probably still had that alcohol in his system. When the water in the bowl was too red, he went back into the bathroom to clean it out and refill the thing with some fresh water. He did this two more times before the man was clean enough, using a bit of soap the last wash through.

Putting everything aside he assessed the body in front of him. He had a black eye, a broken lip, some red over that ribbed belly that hinted at purple. For a while he just watched that bruised chest rise and fall, rise and fall and then he thought of everything that could have gone wrong with the bastard to make him the way he was. His eyes traveled over those facial features that, though slightly swollen now, showed off what anyone could point out was a handsome male. The broad shoulders with the thinner waist was what women normally wanted physically in a man. They often looked for the protector types physically and Hidan was just that. With lightly tanned skin and that perfectly proportioned body the bastard was pure fight…and sex.

Shikamaru slapped the man across the face and watched him frown, shake his head and then those violet eyes opened up after a couple of tries. They stared at him blankly at first as they looked up at him. Then the bastard tried to move but when he found he couldn't much, the fact that he had been captured woke him up entirely, sobered him up like nothing else could.

The bastard looked around as he tried to release his wrists and Shikamaru smirked down at him as the man's eyes finally focused on him again and glared up in his direction.

Yeah, it seemed the man finally realized the tables had turned.