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Your God


Shikamaru woke up with the feel of warmth next to him and a scent that he favored sweeping into his nose, reaching deep into his lungs as he lay between the softest sheets, entirely naked. Between his thighs he was hard as stone and desperate for an indulgent heat to envelope him and help him find release, melting him along the way until he could no longer remain as a solid.

Reaching over and searching-

Shit, this had happened before and he hadn't found what he had been looking for that last time and he really hoped it wasn't the same thing-

Shikamaru's hands met warm, smooth skin, that wasn't his. He trailed over the hard muscles of thick thighs, a hip, ribbed stomach and stretched up arms. Unlike the previous time, on this occasion, the owner of the scent was truly with him, laying still beside him, breathing softly.

He opened his eyes to look at a sleeping Hidan and his heart fluttered. Secretly smiling to himself, he snaked his arm around the man's waist as he inched closer to him, embracing him. Too bad the man couldn't return the gesture, even if he wanted to, since Shikamaru had tied both of Hidan's wrists to the headboard and one ankle to the footboard rendering him hopeless, motionless but, he had wanted to keep the man tied in position and giving himself access to that muscled ass. There was no escape for the silver haired man. He'd also placed a strip of black tape over Hidan's mouth because he had kept talking and there was a string of six anal beads in him which the man had wanted in him, not that he had actually asked for them. It was something Shikamaru had picked up on as he had shown the man their new toy and he caught that little curious glint in those violet eyes. Yes, the man had ended up entirely at his disposition and he could do with him whatever he pleased, however, whenever and that just made him want to stay where he was forever.

Shikamaru trailed that body with his hands again, softly to not wake him as he thought back to when they had walked into the man's condo. They had relaxed once inside and away from the world around them, eating, showering and cleaning everything up. Then he had played with Hidan a while and had ended up tying him up to the bed, playing a bit longer and telling him to sleep afterward. The man had fallen under in a few minutes and he had watched him for a short period of time before laying beside him and falling asleep as well. They had both been too exhausted and spent to try anything else.

Wondering how long they had slept, Shikamaru looked over at the clock on the nightstand, saw it was eleven in the morning and reached over to his phone to check for any messages. He brought himself closer into Hidan as he read over the only text he had received from the blonde.

-Did you have fun last night with whomever sent you that gift?

It read and Shikamaru smirked at the phone shaking his head, nuzzling the shoulder of the man laying next to him with his nose as he did so. He deeply breathed in that luscious scent and sighed wondering how the hell the blonde had been up early on a Sunday morning, for once and, obviously, just looking for gossip. He could never get him to answer him back before noon, it was impossible really and the text had been sent at eight…too early for Naruto. If he thought about it carefully, it kind of had Sasuke written all over it. Maybe the Uchiha had used Naruto's phone to send it, wanting to avoid something like making the moment uncomfortable and odd. That seemed more probable than the blonde waking up for bits of gossip.

Ignoring it and placing his phone aside, Shikamaru caressed Hidan's back, ass and hip before he reached in between those perfect cheeks and started to pull out and push in the beads in the most leisurely of paces. He smirked watching Hidan stir, then arch and mumble something indecipherable before his eyes fluttered open and looked behind him, straight into his eyes.

Damn, he was lovely. His flushed face calm and serene. His eyes hazy with sleep, his silver hair sexily messy. He looked so appetizing, so fucking delicious, he desired to see the man this way more often. Shikamaru reached over and removed the tape on his mouth, looking down at the man with what he knew was pure lust and fascination.

"Kami-sama? You look like you want to eat me." Hidan whispered as he stretched his long body a bit uncomfortably and Shikamaru leaned in closer to him, gasping at the feel of those muscles against his skin. Trailing his hand from the man's ass up to his back towards his neck. He lightly squeezed it as he fell in closer, face-to-face, breath-to-breath.

"Would you let me?" he asked him back seductively and those eyes became hooded. "If I wanted to break you into little pieces and devour each part of you, take you within me, becoming part of me, would you let me?"

Hidan softly nodded and he squeezed that neck a bit harder, then stopped himself before it got too intense. He reached down again and pulled out the beads slowly as their eyes remained connected. Then he reached over to the night stand and grabbed a tube of lubricant, the one he had bought at that adult store on their way back last night, and squeezed some onto his fingers.

"Lift your leg a bit for me, Hidan." he demanded of the man who complied and he slid the lubricant inside the tight warmth. He was already stretched, but he wanted it slick enough for him to penetrate without lubricating himself up.

Pulling his fingers out, the man was ready for him and he positioned himself and slowly started to push in from behind as he reached forward to caress the man's erection.

"Do you realize how good you feel to me? Fuck, you stay tight, always warm, sucking me in…so fucking deep." he whispered and the man shuddered. Halfway in, he pulled out, leaving only the tip inside and then he rammed his full length inside in one go, making Hidan shout out a 'fuck' and having him tremble and groan.

Shikamaru's thrusts were deep and hard with the intention of making them both come fast, his nails digging into the man's hips trying to give Hidan an extra lick of pain apart from the bindings. He was hungry not only for food, but for that feeling of getting lost in the strong sensations of being with Hidan. Damn, he knew Hidan had to be famished as well and he had the whole afternoon planed out for them so, he didn't want to waste a single minute of it. Hidan had told him they wouldn't be able to play like this again until the next weekend. They had also agreed on Saturday nights and every hour of every Sunday being only for them, with no interruptions from their normal lives, which meant that for five days he wouldn't have him, they had to enjoy their time together since it would become the sparse precious moments of their relationship.

The thought of it all brought Shikamaru around to the realization that he still needed to somehow start telling his friends and family about being involved with someone and wanting to spend time with him, but he would ease into that as things progressed. They had a lot of time to learn about each other and coordinate their lives, that was if Hidan had the patience and wanted to stay with him.

Thrusting against the man's most sensitive spot, Shikamaru went faster and deeper and felt that cock twitch in his hands and those walls constrict around him as the man gasped and moaned out, coming on his hand. With a few more plunges into that tightness, he followed him with his very own release. He dug his face into the crook of the man's neck and opened his mouth trying to catch his breath, taking in instead the man's scent and unconsciously biting that lovely skin.

"F-fuck." Hidan groaned out and he stopped before he broke skin. "It's fine…eat me if you want…" damn, with that husky voice he might just do it too.

As they both calmed from their high, Shikamaru pulled out and got up to go around to untie Hidan from the bed. There had been a couple of things he had bought at that adult store, which he wanted to use badly. He had never realized there was an adult store that was fifteen minutes from the condo. The place had looked so clean, so tidy and with that fresh and modern look outside, he had always believed it was one of those foreign bakeries that sold expensive treats, especially since he had never paid enough attention to the sign outside of it to notice the difference. And well, it did still sell treats, just the fun adult types. And being open twenty-four-seven, he had gone in for a lubricant that would slow him down and make him last longer and had ended up buying a few other things and ordering a couple more from a BDSM catalogue they had shown him. He had found a perfect harness/swing thing too. Once it arrived, he would hang it on the back of the door in Hidan's playroom and fuck him hard as he hung midair.

"Go get clean, very clean. Then you're eating what I make. I want to fuck you in every corner of this condo, that way you can't do anything but think of what I've done to you instead, in every little inch of this place." he told Hidan and he sat back in bed as Hidan got up, stretched, arching his back and giving him a spectacular view of his ass, spotlighted by the late morning sun shinning in through the windows. He watched him go in, leaving the door open and caught his violet eyes in the mirror's reflection over the sink.

The man's eyes were screaming 'fuck me' over and over again, especially as Hidan smirked at him and brought his arm up to run his fingers over the studs on the collar and he licked those sexy lips. He watched those hands trail down to the bite mark Shikamaru had just given him, then they slid down his chest, his abs, a bit further down to his hips and then to his ass cheeks which were marked up with deep red, almost violet, lines from how hard he had hit him in play before going to sleep. The cane he'd bought left lovely tight marks and the sound it made when it hit skin was just plain out…amazing.

Shikamaru got off the bed and approached the bathroom door. Hidan's eyes filling up with anticipation as he smirked back at his reflection and whispered 'Kami-sama'. Shit…the guy was so fucking insatiable. Good thing too, because he hadn't known he too was like a wild beast who didn't know when to stop.

"Clean yourself. Don't make me repeat myself. I'll have to punish you for that when you're done here." he told him and the man looked, for a moment, like he wanted to ask something, but he wouldn't give him the chance. He closed the door and turned around, knowing he had made the man desperate. He had to smirk at himself for that.

Going through one of the drawers on the dresser, he picked out one of Hidan's silk pajama bottoms, walked out of the room and into the hallway. Stepping into the guest bathroom he took a good, warm shower alone since he couldn't shower with the man. Last night when they had tried, Hidan had ended up blowing him and he'd started exploring the man's body among other sadistic things. He couldn't keep himself from wanting to touch the man when their skins were bare and close.

Stepping out of the shower, he dried up and slipped on the bottoms. They were a bit long, but something he could deal with and the waist was nearly the same as his, so he had no problem there. Heading towards the kitchen Shikamaru looked around the place going through everything he had planed out. After breakfast or brunch, since it was nearly noon, he was going to take him in the living room, then the kitchen, then back to the playroom for the rest of the day. He had bought another plug, that cane, the lubricant and a few little things Hidan was sure to love and he would enjoy using. Not to mention he had found the unused leg spreader and had purpose with it.

Walking up to the refrigerator and opening it up, he saw there was nothing really fresh in it. Of course there wouldn't be anything fresh in Hidan's fridge though, the man had been away from the city for nearly a week. Shikamaru looked around for his stuff, he would have to get fresh ingredients from his place. Grabbing his keys and his dirty suit and shoes, he headed towards the door and stepped out to the hallway, forgetting about all his reserve and came face-to-face with the doctor.

Shikamaru wanted to hide as the doctor gave him the longest three take he had ever seen and turned beet red as he tried to smile. "N-N-Nara-san." he managed to mumble out and he really wished he had at least worn a shirt on his trip across the hall. The man must have been expecting to see him coming out of Hidan's condo at some point, well it was better sooner than later.

"Good morning." he told the man. "Thanks for the muffins, they were delicious." he told him as he closed Hidan's door behind him and walked towards his own. He was really glad it was only the three of them on the floor, he had to thank the designers for the oddness of the building.

"I-I'ma glad y-you-" he cut the poor man off, seeing he couldn't even usher out words correctly.

"Thanks for the conversation yesterday. It really helped." he added and the red turned down in the man. His handsome face softening up from embarrassed and shocked to settled and content.

"I'm happy for the both of you." he managed to say in a calm, though still shy, tone and then he smiled. "Thanks for the sugar and the compliment…and for listening." they stared at each other for a moment longer and then the good doctor smirked and started his walk towards his condo. "Enjoy yourselves. I need some shut eye, long day and night." he said with a light laugh and Shikamaru smirked at the man. Yeah, it had been a very long night for them as well.

Inside his condo Shikamaru dropped everything on the sofa and went through his refrigerator picking out the very best and freshest of things. When he was satisfied, he locked up and went back to Hidan's place taking only his keys and phone other than the food. Once back in the man's condo he left everything on the counter and he headed back to the master suite with the intention of checking on Hidan, but ended up staying in the hallway as he caught a glimpse of someone in the mirror he didn't recognize at first glance.

It felt like ages since he had last looked at himself in it, but with his hair loose over his shoulders, his body firm and pumped, Hidan's navy blue silk pajama's hanging low on his hips and his semi-erection showing through, he looked like some sort of a wild sex god that had escaped from who knew where and was ready to take over the world one hot, hard fuck at a time. No wonder the doctor had eyed him that way. Shikamaru touched his face, ran his finger tips over his swollen lips, down his neck and hard pecks to his muscled stomach. A glimpse of red caught his attention and he stared at the red rubies at his ears.

When the hell had he gone through this change? Would he ever come face-to-face with the lazy, mellow, trouble avoiding, intelligent strategist he had once been? Or would he remain the sadistic, dominant sex god he was looking at now?

Looking into his own brown eyes, he knew he was both, that he could be both, live as them both. No one had to know. Except for Hidan and him, no one had to know he was a god with a purpose of dominance and pleasure.

Hearing a light toilet flush and then the sound of the shower running he turned around, abandoning his idea of checking on Hidan and went to the kitchen to prepare their meal. It was half an hour later that he heard footsteps and turned and saw Hidan walk out into the living room with only the collar on and a gray towel around his hips, his hair humid still, his body flush from the shower.

"Naked. If I want you clothed, I will tell you, so otherwise, you remain naked in my presence. Your body is for my pleasure, isn't it? Just like my hands are for yours." damn, he could even demand things of the man without having to think them over or figuring how to phrase them. They just flowed right out with ease and knowledge. Was this recent or had he done that from the beginning? Was this newfound behavior always hidden inside of him?

He stared as Hidan dropped the towel and he glared at it as it laid on the floor.

"Take it to the bathroom where it should have remained." he demanded and watched him do as he was told. Shikamaru served them on red plates at the counter and the realization of it being with it from the beginning settled in and he knew and understood that this was a part of himself, a part that had never gotten the chance to awaken until now.

Hidan walked back out and Shikamaru could only stare at his very male body. Agile, warm and strong. Nothing like a woman's body and he loved it more than he should. "Sit and eat." he demanded and watched him as he followed through.

He sat in front of him and ate as well, not once glancing away from the man, watching as Hidan ate everything except for the vegetables and he wondered if the man hated them. The contract came to mind and he was reminded that he wouldn't let him do as he pleased. He could manage even food and what he asked and demanded was to be law for the man.

"Vegetables too." he told him firmly but, low and observed him further as they continued to eat. Hidan looked up at him for a moment and he made work of his own vegetables, showing the man what he had asked and Hidan reluctantly picked them up, put them in his lovely mouth, then chewed and swallowed them, repeating until he was done, the disgust showing in his eyes.

"Then why did you have fresh produce in you refrigerator two weeks ago if you didn't like them?" he asked and those violet eyes remained on the now empty plate. "Answer."

"The submissives like fresh vegetables." riiight, not really what he wanted to hear, but it was understandable and he nodded at the man. There was a moment of silence in which Shikamaru caught a twitch in Hidan's right eye and he wondered what was wrong. Perhaps the man hadn't wanted to think of his subs, perhaps the question put him off-

Hidan shifted in the stool and Shikamaru saw again that the man wanted to say something, it was in the corner of his mouth, of those lovely lips with the slightly thicker bottom one he enjoyed biting, sucking and licking.

"Speak, Hidan. What is it?" those eyes came up to meet his and then fell again. Those lips parted and then pressed into a thin line. Shit, they were going to end up in a deep conversation again. He didn't want to press the man, there were so many things he still didn't know about him. So many depths, he hoped to uncover at some point, but he certainly wasn't pushing him to speak.

"You're smart…" he started off slow and Shikamaru waited patiently for him to continue. "Like I've mentioned, I liked you the moment I saw you. I've beaten the shit out of many people in my life and could never find the one that could tear me apart outside the BDSM world and I never wanted to sub…. Then there was you-" he paused, looking up at him for a second. "-Like I said, when you moved here, I saw it as a godsend. Since I never had sex with my subs, it was always about power and pleasure, of feeding off my sadistic side. In fights though, when I got hit, it felt so fucking good, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted to feel. Two weeks ago you followed me into my playroom and used my shit on me. That darkness and quiet when you left me in there, nothing of the outside can be heard in there and vice versa…I had a fear of you leaving me. I thought you were leaving that first time after you had seen my fucking hard-on. You came back though and…I thought you would just beat the fuck out of me, but you did more than that…did you know?" he asked then he ran a hand through his silver hair. "Shit, I'm a fucking bastard, why did you fuck me? I just can't believe you want me still. I've seen your calculating eyes and I still fear you'll leave me at some point, that you'll fuck me up in a big way and leave me to rot in hell alone."

Shit. He would have to show him, with time and patience, that he really did want to be with him. No matter what Shikamaru told the man now, Hidan had something deep inside that beautiful head of his that wouldn't let him assimilate things as he should, so all he could do was show him over and over again until that fear went away and he could be certain without needing the visual or audible confirmation.

"Do you feel me when I touch you?" he asked and the man nodded. He might as well start and show him, little by little. "Can you feel how my heart beats?" another nod. "Do you know what I like about you?" the man shook his head. He looked him firmly and leaned in closer to him. "I liked your body the first time I saw it. Your character frustrated the hell out of me, but I saw the fight where you beat that weird looking, big man, with the big fists…watching the video I internally rooted for you and liked the way you were that precise moment when you kicked the gloating bastard in the head and he went down like a crumbling tower. The way you brought out your arms and lifted your head in victory…I loved it." the man smirked softly and he continued. "I've always liked the different ways you've looked at me. One way or the other, it always provoked an emotion or reaction in me-"

"I like the ways you've looked at me as well." he whispered and Shikamaru leaned in, even closer, into the man's face.

"Your body, dominating you, inflicting those different amount and types of pain on you, the way you sound and smell, I really like those. The way your skin feels…in and out…the way you shiver when I whisper in your ear…." he trailed off and placed a soft kiss on those lips. Hidan smirked wider into the kiss and the atmosphere changed in an instant, the verbal not being as necessary as it had been.

"You are my dominant, my top, my sadist. I might retaliate at some point, provoke you so, don't be afraid to fucking punish me for it." Hidan told him and even his voice changed from melancholy driven to punishment seeking. "I'm your bitch." that just sent a shiver down his spine and to his now full erection.

"How the fuck did this happen?" Shikamaru found himself asking and Hidan chuckled against his lips.

"I'm too intriguing to resist?" he offered and Shikamaru glared. It still was so absolutely right.

"So what are we now?" he asked not really caring if their relationship went without a title for a while. He was just curious to know what the man really wanted and how he should take things for the time being.

"Let's just say we meet for playtime and hardcore sex for now." the man answered as he pulled away and got up from the stool, taking his plate and Shikamaru's to the sink, followed by their glasses. He didn't want to object to that, but there was something in the man's tone that told him he needed to take things slow or he would scare Hidan into breaking away from him.

"For now? Then what?" he lightly prompted with a curious tone. Perhaps the answer would help him figure out what he would explain to friends. There was no way he could tell them that he was tying up a guy and fucking him and then he went home to sleep in his own bed.

"We take things slow…and as they come…" Hidan started. "…I do like you, too much, so we just take it slow for now, then well…" he said as he stood in the center of the kitchen in all his glorious nakedness. "…I should fucking become yours…with time…permanently." there was a bit of awkwardness in his tone, as if he were still unsure if that could even be possible.

"How's that?" he asked and the man smirked all cocky, like he always did.

"You dom me twenty-four/seven." it was a statement that sounded a bit like a question, but Shikamaru ignored the timidity in it and decided to focus on the arrogant, lusty side of it, his cock jumping for joy at the thought of being around Hidan everyday and not just weekends like they had decided. Anko did have her girlfriend as a sub and they seemed to work out fine.

Would there be more than just the BDSM part in their relationship once it went over into that though? He couldn't ask him that yet, like the man had said, they needed to take things slow and as they came. Shikamaru could see he needed to deal with Hidan with a lot of patience and understanding. They could deal with whatever happened when it did happen, but not before they even knew what would come of it. Patience, they were just starting and patience was going to become their new best friend.

"I wonder how everyone else would take that?" he asked the man with a hint of sarcasm, wanting to avoid the darker, deeper inquiries.

"They don't have to know." the man said in a deeper sultry tone. "It could be our little secret." he added, licking his lips as he placed his hands on his hips and looked at him with more than just sex in his eyes.

"Well, everyone would figure it out eventually." he countered and got one of those trade mark smirks you would see on a model in a sexy, racy ad in a man's magazine.

"Fuck them. Let the world know…I still need you." the man said and Shikamaru turned away from him and his hot-ass, rape-me pose and walked off towards the bathroom in the master bedroom where Hidan had given him a spare toothbrush. Okay, fine, it had been more like, he asked where they were and helped himself to one and anything else he needed.

"You'll get some of me soon enough. Let's brush our teeth-" he was telling the man who had followed him when he was interrupted.

"Fuck me." he heard Hidan whisper with a groan.

He looked back at the man, who was right behind him, over his shoulder and smirked. He ignored him, walking up to one of the double sinks grabbing a toothbrush and some toothpaste; he started to brush his teeth. Hidan had no choice but to do the same. When he was done he walked back out to the living room and sat on the sofa, in front of the spotless stainless steel coffee table he had cleaned while he cooked. He really loved the piece of furniture, all metal, strong and sturdy, a bit heavy too. In the corner of his eye he saw Hidan come out with a confused expression on his face.

"Fuck me." he repeated a bit louder and heavier. He said nothing back. "F-U-C-K M-E." he spelled out, but there was something he too was curious about and when he thought about it, Hidan hadn't said enough yet.

"You really do want me, need me, don't you?" he asked and got no response, perhaps because his tone sounded cold and lethargic again. "I still don't really get why me. I'm younger than you, might have muscles, but I'm not as thick as you or as tall. Even your cock is bigger than mine." he told him, stating all the facts.

He waited for the man to say something slick and off the point, but nothing came. He was really trying to stay on a lighter tone, but he had doubts too and if he knew that Hidan was going to be able to open up, at some point, it would bring him some relief and fill him with the hope, that maybe, their relationship would work and even venture out of the BDSM environment.

"Answer what I asked you." he demanded with a smirk as the man became a bit frustrated. He was really scared, unsure, unlike the slick personality and bravado he had shown the world.

"Fuck…I do want you…and…it's the way you look at me…. The way it fucking seems like your on some sort of…pedestal even if your are shorter, thinner, younger." he started slowly, taking his time between words, his voice low. His violet stare was glued to the floor like he didn't want to be asked further questions. "You are the first man to take me, fuck me. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else. No one."

Shikamaru's chest became tight and he decided to just let it go for now, even though he wanted to ask why him. Hidan was answering him because of the contract, because of the rules they had agreed upon and shit, he had pushed him enough, he wouldn't push further. They had time for that and he would wait for those words to come out of that pretty mouth out of their own accord.

"Then I can fuck you whenever, with whatever, on whichever, perhaps wherever I want?" he asked softly, watching the man. His body language shifted again and it was like he had jumped back into his own sexy skin.

"Yeees." the word itself seemed delectably said and he watched the man get on all fours and crawl closer to him in a sleek, sexual manner. All those hard, long, lean muscles expanding and contracting, flexing just for him.

"Get up on the coffee table." he demanded, putting aside all the deep crap they could work out later. "Belly up, arms stretched up above your head and spread your legs a bit for me, Hidan."

The man complied, moving ever so slowly as he got up on the stainless steel. Shikamaru stood over him as he spread those thighs and stretched giving him a perfect view of everything. He didn't have a single bruise on the top half of his body and he couldn't leave any, but he would add to those on his thighs and ass. He could use them as a reminder until the next time they were together like this.

Shikamaru got up from the sofa and walked over to the bag he had previously prepared with a few toys and a couple of things he had bought. He had more stuff laid out in the playroom and hidden in the kitchen. He hadn't cleaned up the dishes for a reason he would later enjoy.

Placing his hand over Hidan's knee, he let it travel up the thigh, caressing those bruises before he ran his nails up over those abs, the chest and grabbed the neck for a moment squeezing. He liked doing that for some reason and Hidan clearly enjoyed it as well. He looked into those violet depths and smirked as he saw lusty anticipation reflected in them.

"Kami-sama, hasn't anyone told you, your eyes seem to be filled with unparalleled intelligence." Hidan whispered and he placed a finger on those lips, sensing them part to feel a warm, wet tongue lick at him.

Shikamaru pulled away and went to the bag, taking out a pair of cushioned handcuffs. He took each of the man's wrists and cuffed them to the top two of the coffee table's sturdy, metal legs. Hidan chuckled and shifted, making the metal clang against each other as he brought one leg up on the table and spread his legs further apart. He was already hard, the long, thick length resting between his thighs. He wanted to speak, but said nothing only staring up at him with awe.

The brunette took out what was sure to be his new favorite object. Taking one side, he strapped it to one ankle and then the other strap to the other ankle. He lifted both of the man's legs and taking the middle, strong elastic strap, that connected the two ties, he forced it under Hidan's head, under his shoulders. The thing worked to perfection, keeping the man's legs up to his chest, further apart than his shoulder's width. It was pure delight, the control would be his alone.

"I guess I won't be gagging you for now, I want to hear every little sound you make." he told the man as he walked around the table and got a view of everything in every angle. "You, know, there's something I haven't done yet, he said coming in closer. He kneeled at the foot of the table, Hidan, lifting his head to look down at him with curiosity.

Placing the bag beside him, Shikamaru took out a plug, a pod-vibrating thing, a c-ring that went with the little pod and some special lubricant. He grabbed Hidan's erection and started pumping slowly, watching his hand run up and down the shaft, slowly. It felt so hot and heavy as he looked at it, at the sack below and that small spot that ate him up to the base every time he dipped his cock inside. They were right in front of his face and he chuckled, thinking of how they were doing this in broad daylight with more than a full wall of windows that had drawn curtains, remaining only in a thin, white sheath that would give anyone a blurry view if they paid close attention.

"Shiiiit." Hidan groaned as he squeezed and he watched that little hole twitch. He looked up at the man and licked his finger then prodded the hole with only his finger tip wiggling it around, hearing him gasp. He got closer then and looked firmly into those eyes as he licked the length, base to tip and pushed his entire finger inside. He had wanted to taste the length, know what it was like having Hidan's thickness in his mouth. Rubbing his finger hard against the prostate, he circled the head with his tongue before he took it to his mouth and relaxed himself, slowly letting as much as he could take go down his throat. "O-oh, go-god. F-uck me."

Shikamaru started to suck on Hidan's cock, liking the way it filled his mouth and throat, the way it tasted of him, loving how soft and hard it felt and he pulled his finger out of him only to lubricate them further and push three inside, assaulting that one spot as he took the man in his mouth and with his other hand, his thumbs playing with the sack. It was meant to make him come quick, but he could feel the man holding back the orgasm and Shikamaru did one of the things he knew could make the man shoot straight into his mouth. He lightly ran his teeth over the tip, then circled his tongue around the head before doing it again. Hidan gasped and he looked up at the man as he did it again, feeling his fingers get squeezed. The man came with his cock twitching in Shikamaru's mouth, exploding into him with a moan that Hidan tried to control, but failed at as their eyes remained connected.

"F-fuck." he moaned out as Shikamaru sucked in the last drop and turned away from the shaft, licking down the sack, then further down lightly licking and rimming, with his tongue, where his fingers had been. He kissed the spot deeply as Hidan shuddered and gasped and then he pulled away and stood again.

"You cleaned yourself really deep, even that tastes like fresh, clean you." he told the man with a smirk and headed towards the kitchen where he took out a bowl of ice he had prepared before. He showed it off to Hidan and watched those eyes widen. "You want some ice?" he asked the man who shook his head and he picked one up and stuck it in his mouth. "I'll feed them to you." that made one of those silver eyebrows lift up in curiosity. He so wasn't getting what he had meant.

The brunette kneeled where he had been and saw Hidan struggle a bit to look down at him. He put the bowl down and took out the blindfold, the candle and a lighter and placed them all next to each other as he stood, took the blindfold and looked down at the man who was helping him discover a lot about himself, helping him develop this newfound side of him further.

"I really like you." he said as he ran his thumb over the man's bottom lip. "You do trust me, don't you?"

Hidan nodded and he leaned down to kiss the man deeply, Hidan's mouth being hotter, since his was ice cold. Hidan seemed to like the contrast as he moaned into the kiss. "I trust you." the man ended up whispering against his cold lips.

"Who am I to you, that you would trust me? That you would offer up your body like this?" he continued asking as he ran his hand through that thick silver head of hair. Hidan looked at him and wanted to say something, but then he seemed to change his mind and Shikamaru found conviction in those violet eyes, where he wanted to see himself reflected always. Shit, he was falling for this man. Had fallen and was now falling to a deeper level-

"You're my god." he said, sure of what he was saying.

Shikamaru kissed him again, reached over for a piece of ice and brought it to the man's lips where he circled them, then ran it down his neck, his chest, he circled a nipple and went down those abs, dipped in the belly button, then down the cock, to the tip, to the sack and further down to that one spot.

He looked the man in the eyes and smirked. He knew he was going to have to fight for him, against many things, some would be their own, others would come from an outside source, but he wouldn't give up. He couldn't. There was something between them that seemed to stretch beyond time and connected them in some other level. He could feel it deep inside, had felt it strongly when he had said those words. There was something profound between them that was going to go further than the bondage and the sex, it would take them to some level they could only reach with difficulty and travel through it with hard work and patience.

He would wait, stay patient and try to understand.

"Yeah. Your god." he whispered and kissed him as he shoved the ice deep inside of him, feeling and hearing him gasp into his mouth.

He was going to blindfold him after the kiss, rob him of sight and keep him between hot and cold, soft and hard, vibrating and completely still. Then he would have him and move to the next step. He had planned it all out last night and even if it was all a drag, it was his Hidan and he would follow through. They had already confessed so many things to one another, to themselves and it seemed like they had lived many moments together too, but it wasn't over yet.

Shikamaru knew one thing to be true, this was just the beginning for them and where the road was going to lead them, he didn't know but, he sure as hell wouldn't easily give up.

***The following is a tiny taste of the first chapter of My God In Vanilla, from Hidan's POV***

***Nara Shikamaru, Kami-sama, was perfect, just two inches shorter than he was, his body had no scars, no oddities, it was well proportioned, corded with muscles that weren't too thick or bloated but defined and long. He loved the man's back, the natural arch it had above that round ass. And the cut of his abs, especially the ones above the pelvic bone…he liked to watch them contract and stretch when he got fucked. Actually, just knowing those muscles were moving to give him pain or pleasure was enough to drive him insane.***