"Flight 226 from Seattle, Washington, now arriving at gate 3A - Flight 226 -Seattle now arriving."

The announcement echoed through the airport, bouncing off the nerves of the Black sisters as they rushed to meet their brother arriving on that flight.

"Hurry up, you guys!" Rachel Black growled over her shoulder at her sister Rebecca, as they dragged 6 kids with them thru Honolulu 's tropical airport.

They looked like islanders, exceptionally beautiful ones at that. They fit right in with the locals, their gorgeous copper skin darkened even farther by the tropical sun, long jet black hair, lean healthy bodies from lots of outdoor living.

But the tribe of children they dragged with them, acted just like wild Indians.
And justifiably so.
They were the offspring of full-blooded Quileute warriors. The spitting images of their fathers, their Uncle Jake and all their relatives back in LaPush, Washington.

"We can't leave the car in a handicapped spot Rach! We'll get towed." Rebecca swallowed the damnit to avoid paying Sara's cuss jar, again.
She shuffled faster, trying to catch up to her sister.

" If THIS isn't freaking handicapped" Rachel yelled, holding up the arms of the two, small, dark-haired kids she dragged with her..."what the fuck IS?"

"Pay the jar, Mommy" an angelic voice chimed as the group thundered down Concourse A.

"Uncle Jake's really coming? Here? Right now?" Jayden, the oldest, was wide-eyed with excitement, as he caught up with the 2 women, dragging a huge diaper bag along.

"Yes!" Rachel huffed, hauling 2 toddlers up into the black, leather sling chairs as they reached the arrival gate.

"Your mom owes the jar." Becca bit out as the women glared at one another while settling the children safely around them.

With tiny necks craning for a view out the huge windows of the airport concourse, the children's insistent chants rose against the airport noise and their mom's nerves. "I wanna see the planes! We wanna see the planes! Da,planes, da planes!"

"Jeeze, Rach, 6 kids, 2 husbands and Jacob." They smiled at each other shaking their heads. "For 3 whole weeks."

The tots cheered. "Yay! Uncle Jake!"

"You think its gonna be enough time to get him straightened out?" Rachel worried quietly.
"It's all we have and he can't go on like he has." Becca squeezed her sister's hand as they watched anxiously for their little brother's plane to appear.


"Jeezsus. 3 fucking weeks." He cussed, glaring out the plane window.

He turned his attention back into the smallest damn aircraft, to ever be built.

He was sure of it, he thought stretching as much as he could.

His long legs were aching all the way up to his balls. He rubbed at the numbness in his thighs, wishing there was something, someone could do for his balls... "Damnit, if big people got to have 2 seats, tall mother fuckers should get better leg room." He mumbled his dissatisfaction, Yeah, even if it meant removing the fuckin seat in front of them. He was regretting the trip back already.

Jacob Black was one tall, dark, handsome mother fucker. Stunning really.
Standing 6'6 and packing only pounds of pure muscle, on long, thick, hard, limbs. He was 100% native american, homegrown in the wilds of LaPush, Washington. A beautifully chiseled face, framed by dark silky waves that barely touched his shoulders. His dark, smoldering eyes could twinkle with mischief and youth in more carefree moments. But it was his smile that sold you his soul. It could light up a moonless night, and melt away everything around you - when he chose to share it.

Jacob was definitely a chick magnet. The problem was - he didn't know it. He'd never reciprocated all the lustful looks and obvious eye fucks women gave him. He never paid anyone, any attention, except Leah.
He'd always been with Leah.
Never, anyone else.

After their father died, his twin sisters married brothers from the Rez. Two of his best friends, and ran off to Hawaii leaving him alone in Washington.

Well, not alone. More like enslaved.
It only took him 3 years and a quarter of a mil to regain his sanity. His freedom. His life back from...
Leah Fucking Clearwater-Black.

What a major mind fuck, she managed to pull on him.

He chugged the last drop of alcohol his ice-cold glass had to offer, just as images of Leah and his business partner, Sam Uley started the unwelcome parade through his memory. All the nakedness wasn't even half of it!

He slammed the clinking, mockery down on the plastic tray, wishing desperately he could get a refill.
Alcohol should never run out before the ice he thought angrily, glaring into the empty glass. And never, ever, during a Leah-Sam-naked- parade.

How the fuck did he ever let his sisters talk him into this visit? He slammed the tray shut in front of him and rearranged his legs 10 more times looking for a comfort zone.

He knew damn well they had ulterior motives and wouldn't give him a moment's peace. At least not about the confirmed bachelor status.

Shit, maybe Seth was right. Maybe he was turning into one sorry ass mother fucker - Maybe he was gonna shrivel up and die from resentments and lack of proper use. They all said he was a goddamn waste of male perfection. At least they made him laugh, once in a while.

The plane was with the slow roll, forever, before it finally lurched to a stop, breaking him from his pensive stupor.

"Welcome to Hawaii" a voice crooned thru the cabin, first in English then in Hawaiian. "The weather in Honolulu today is..."

"Hot!" a small voice shouted from the seat in front of him. The passenger jumped up like a jack in the box being sprung. A cape of mahogany hair floated into place around small framed shoulders, cascading all the way down her back. The small voice continued giggling and responding to the overhead information.

Jake's eyes darted back to the screen of his iPhone as it loaded his daily bank statement.

He didn't need any more brunette flavored trouble. No sir...he'd had plenty...but he was a sucker for tiny brunettes with big attitudes.

Jake busied himself gathering his gear, concentrating on not watching her. He watched the other bodies crowd uncomfortably, into every inch of aisle space, anxious to be purged from their confines. No sense being in a rush, he'd never fit himself into this crowd without looking like a bull in a china shop. Grasping his carry on, he moved over to the aisle seat, tilting his head so he wouldn't hit it on the way up. And, Whaddya know, it was a perfect view of the girl in front of him wiggling her way to the aisle. A really, niiice, heart-shaped ass going ... a brown wrinkled hand reached for his, interrupting the view and his thoughts.

"C'mon" she smiled down at him. " You're bout as tall as my grandson, up you go!" She motioned for him to get in line ahead of her. Jake grabbed the seat in front of him, pulling to help unfold his massive body from the cramped area. He stretched to full height, pulling his bag beside him, his head now skimming the top of the plane as his neck bent uncomfortably.

Annnnd all eyes were on him. A smug grin bloomed, warming his hard face.

"I bet you have a pretty girl waiting for you, don't you?" Her old voice cracked, through her knowing smile. Her hand landed softly on his back, so she could steady herself.

With a slight twist, he looked down his right shoulder into her smiling eyes.
"Two!" He teased back at her with a crooked smile.

"Two?" She breathed out a chuckle, patting his broad back. "Two times the trouble, and the pleasure, no doubt."

"My sisters." He shrugged, making the old woman snort with laughter.

Soft and warm crashed against his chest, his reflexes jerking him back as he bumped into the girl ahead of him.

"Ughhh, sorry… " he mumbled softly over her shoulder, steadying her with his hand at her elbow.

"Listen I gotta go! I'll be there in 2 minutes, silly!" she ended her call throwing him a quick glance over her shoulder.

Big brown eyes … check.

He watched as she tucked the phone under her arm into her bag, noticing a small delicate hand. No ring. Automatically it registered in his brain, then immediately he wanted to beat himself for it.

He was not skirt chasing. Was not, is not, will not. Vacation or not.
No. Way.

"Fuck" he stomped his foot mentally, insisting his brain clear itself of the brunettes delicious scent flowing from her hair. He tried in vain to back off her.

He'd been married his whole fucking life to the wrong girl, and now he was totally messed up over it. He wasn't gonna go there with anyone else.

Nope. Not ever.

It really was no wonder his sisters demanded the visit, demanded he cash in his ridiculous amount of vacation time. He obviously needed some type of attitude adjustment, and not just the alcohol kind he'd been embalming himself with. His family was living happy, healthy lives. Of course they'd wanted the same for him and be willing to help reset his brain about women, if possible.

Bright sun light hit his eyes as they finally reached the door. "Just a few more steps... a few more" He concentrated on his freedom from the crushing herd, aaand unff!

The girl stopped abruptly, squealing like, well, like ... crazy chicks do. Thennn, the bouncing began.

An arm appeared, pushing a huge flower necklace above her head, right into his face. Blinding him and putting him off-balance, he threw his hands up in front of him. That smooth little move, liberated his iPhone right out of his hand.
"Shit, what the fuck.." he bent quickly to retrieve the dropped phone, spying it an inch from Honolulu Barbie's spiked heel.

Grabbing for it with his large hands, her ankles tangled up from the unexpected invasion, making her, lose her balance as well.

His head tangled briefly under her fucking skirt, as he jerked up just in time to catch her falling off her shoes into his quick arms.

Hot breath shoots out of them in surprise as they land together.

Realization slows to a crawl. In his arms, an angelic face, surrounded by beautiful pink and white blooms, cradle dark eyes so wide, so curious, as they blink away surprise. Soft wet, pink lips, lift gently in a smile for him. The softness and sweetness so near...

Scowling abruptly, he eased her forward, onto her feet.

"S s-sorry," she blushes, regaining her balance. She eyes him rapidly, catching a load of all the irritation and negativity rolling off him.

"I had to stop and get lei'd." she smirks, straightening the beautiful welcoming gift around her neck.

"Maybe you should too." She bit out, turning on her heel and shuffling down the ramp quickly.

"Goodbye, thank you!" she waves back at the crew and the captain nods, watching her go.

"E Komo Mai." A beautiful Hawaiian girl murmurs, reaching for his head with a ring of flowers.

"No!" He snaps, pushing the offer aside, stalking quickly down the ramp, himself.

The tropical heat nearly takes his breath away. Adjusting his aviators he unfastened another button on his shirt. T he large glass doors to the concourse fly open, unleashing an out pouring of greeters, family and friends. People throwing themselves into warm hugs, exchanging happy greetings.

Hawaiian Flight Barbie is welcomed by 2 of her kind, and Mr. Leave Me The Fuck Alone, can't peel his eyes away. Young, pretty, curvy, tan, barely dressed, 20 somethings. All jumping up and down, squealing like Varsity Cheerleaders in overtime. They hurry off into the airport, arms linked together, laughing and talking a mile a minute.

"Uncle Jake! Uncle Jake! The cries shoot above the crowd. Way above the crowd. Like guns going off.

"Hey buddy!" He responds just in time to catch his oldest nephew as he launches himself through the air into his arms! Tiny brown arms wind around his neck and Jayden smiles "Aloha! Uncle Jake!" The smile is one of his own, melting his heart instantly.

He's quickly buried by his sisters and 5 other little people they have attached to themselves in various ways. Jake's legs immediately have a kid hanging from each making it impossible to walk.
"Hey sis," he smiles, winding a free arm around Rachel kissing her forehead. Becca hooks arms with him, reaching up on tiptoes to kiss his cheek. "Hey, Little Bro!" They laugh and try to shake the kids off a bit.

"You guys have GOT to stop… ya know?" He laughs, eyeing the kids with exaggeration, smiling at the chaos around them. Ruffling ebony heads, patting padded rumps, Jake was a hit with the kids.

"Oh yeah? By the time we're done with you, dear brother, you'll be an Islander with 6 of your own." Rachel smirked, looking exactly like fucking Paul.

Jake laughed to himself. His "not in this fuckin lifetime" went unsaid cuz he didn't wanna fight.
He just wanted to chill and now he was even more excited. He just realized, he couldn't wait to see fucking Paul and Embry.


"I can't believe you're finally here Bella!" The girls were chattering a mile a minute, gushing over each other as they stood at baggage claim, grabbing bags off the belt.

"Well, what was I supposed to do when all my college roomies ran away to freaking Hawaii?" She laughed doling out baggage for all to carry.

"It took you long enough to get with the program, girlie!" Alice laughed, pulling her along. "You're gonna love it here."

"It just seems so risky, giving up our good jobs in Seattle, to work here at the resorts." Bella cringed a bit looking up at all the hotels on the landscape.
"There's nothing risky about island life, Bella. You're trading your dull newspaper job for a lifestyle!" Rose sniffed.

"Here we are!" Alice warns loudly waving her arms wide.

"Oh my god...its pink!" Bella laughs, tossing her bags into the back of the pink, open top Jeep Wrangler.

"Yep! we're the only ones on the island with a pink Jeep. Its awesome!"

They all climb in and roar out of the parking lot, music blaring.

"You're gonna love the bungalow, you're gonna love Big Saul and Maria! You'll never wanna go back, Bella" Rose promised, squeezing her worried friend's tiny hand.

Bella turned and watched the beautiful landscape and seashore breeze by. It was enchantingly beautiful. Too good to be true. Like everything and everyone else in her life. This was all gonna be too good to be true. She just knew there was a heartache waiting to find her.

"Hey Alice! Stop at Big Kahuna's we need a bottle of wine and a bag of ice."

"Roger that, Rose" Alice chirped as she hung a hard right into a small convenience store.


"No! Nobody needs to get out here!" Rachel warned sternly, waving a dagger like finger at 6 kids and Jake.
"You got them Jake? We'll be in and out - just grabbing milk, beer and wine."
"We're good, right guys?" Jake commanded the kids cheerfully as the girls ducked into the small store.

Instantly, the kids starting fighting and throwing toys at each other, then the screaming started.

Jake counted to three, then jumped out of the car, snatching the worst offenders from the front seat. The mock scolding, holding them high above his head outside the car, seemed to do the job. Just as he worried they were laughing so hard they might pee themselves, the kids screamed and a huge, pink, lifted Jeep Wrangler almost mowed them down in the parking spot they were playing in.

"Jesus! Fuckin .." He yelled jumping aside, tucking the tots under his arms safely.

"You gotta pay the jar Unca Jake."

"Oh shiit! I'm sorry! Really sorry." Alice gushed leaning half way out of the drivers door. "I didn't mean to scare you all."
"Scare us? You almost plowed over us … take it fuckin easy next time, ya know." Jake scofffed as he turned to the mini van, loading the kids back into the front seat.

"Pay the jar, Unca Jake!" He slammed the door shut and glanced back at the Jeep.

Jake and Bella's eyes met. Recognition immediately flashing.
They both felt like assholes -instantly.

"Wow!" Bella giggled, trying to break the ice. "You had a lot of checked baggage didn't ya!" The girls all laughed as they surveyed the van full of little kids.

"Baggage? … Oh! No!" He looked around startled. "They all belong to my sisters. I'm here visiting- sisters, 2 of them." He fumbled holding up 2 fingers, nervously backing towards the car.

"Oh! Sisters..thats nice. You'll have fun." Bella smiled reassuringly.

"Well, if you ever get tired of playing with the kids ... you can come play with us." Rose offered in her overtly seductive way.

Jake blushed - freaking, fucking blushed and only managed a weak "OK, thanks." before diving back into the minivan.

The girls erupted into a fit of laughter.
"He's so cute." Bella giggled, craning her neck to watch him in the van. A sexy guy was even more irresistible with little kids hanging on him.
"He's sooo mine." Rose laughed louder, just as Becca and Rachel arrived back at their van.

After years of watching girls act like fools around Jacob, they just knew their little brother was the cause of the ruckus coming out of "Barbie's Jungle Jeep" parked next to them.

The Black sisters gave their infamous Sista Stink Eye Attack, before ducking into their vehicle and slamming the doors in unison.

The kids were in an uproar, squealing, giggling, laughing as they crawled all over Jake in the backseat.

"Jeeze Jake, you're not here 30 minutes and all you can do is leave a wake of people fighting for your attention." Rachel smiled as she rested her chin on the seat watching her brother bond with his nieces and nephews.

Her heart warmed seeing him laugh and smile. He hadn't been himself at all since Leah left.

She prayed they'd all be able to help him find this very part of himself he had apparently lost touch with. Amazing, it sure didn't take the kids long to dig out good ole Jake.

"They're cute little critters...I don't mind playing with them. " He laughed, flipping a toddler over his shoulder into his lap.

"She wasn't talking bout the kids." Becca smirked at him in the rear view mirror.

"Huh? What? " He evaded expertly, as the pink Wrangler took off, music blaring, gorgeous occupants laughing as they honked the horn, waving at him like crazy.

"Alright! Everyone in your seat-belts NOW!"
*Crack. Crack* His giant hands clapped loudly cutting thru the chaos like thunder.

Silence fell over the car as 6 tiny bodies stilled and 6 tiny mouths hung open in shock and surprise.

Becca and Rachel stifled giggles as Becca maneuvered the car from the parking lot. The girls were more than willing to let Jake handle things, and be thoroughly entertained in the process.

"Here. Kilani goes back in her seat. " Jake directed handing the baby over the front seat to Rachel.
"Ok! Everyone belonging in the back seat - GO!" he was pulling Jayden out of the baby seat next to him.

"But, I wanna sit by you Uncle Jake!" he protested.
"No! I sit by Unca Jay!" Billy insisted.
"Uncle Jake doesn't want you sitting by him - you smell" Jayden snapped, and Jake whispered something to him setting things straight.
The 4 oldest crawled off Jake, wiggling and pushing their way to the far back.

"Here, Emma, baby." he cooed softly with his deep husky voice, settling the youngest in the car seat next to him.
Rachel watched him maneuvering the tiniest child into her seat as if she were glass. His giant hands manipulated the fastenings deftly as he gazed tenderly at his infant niece. Rachel's eyes washed over his familiar features, her heart filling for love and concern for him. She could see longing in his eyes. She knew how badly Jake wanted kids, and how wretched Leah had treated him about that. She was heartsick for him.

"Uncca Jake?" 3 year old Billy tugged on his sleeve.
"What partner?" Turning away from the baby, he responded wrapping his huge arm around the tot, dropping his face to the child's eye level.

Such a natural with kids, Rach thought. Only a crazy woman wouldn't want to have kids with him.

"You need to sit..no walking around while the car its moving, lil dude."
"but, but, you're sitting in my spot!" the toddler accused digging his finger deep into his nose.
"Ooooo, Jeeeze! Tissue!" Jake growled thrusting his hand over the front seat.

The girls were laughing so hard they were crying, and Jake was getting no help fast. He leaned over the front seat demanding more urgently..."Need a tissue back here!" he growled waving his huge hand impatiently. Rach popped the plastic canister open freeing a ...
"Wet Wipe!" she barked slapping the damp thing into his palm.

"Dude! Dude...here we go...stop that! use this..." Jake had to push the tots finger away from his nose three times before getting it clean.

"You got that shit from your dad.." Jake grumbled, getting the little guy settled next to him in a booster chair pulled from under the seat.
"Pay the jar, Uncca Jake." Sara recited in monotone.

He whipped around, elbow flying up on the back of the seat.

Sara jumped a mile high in her seat, eyes flew wide, bottom lip quivering about an 8.8 on the Richter scale.

He narrowed his eyes playfully at the little girl who looked exactly like her mother had...not all that long ago, Jake thought emotion tugging at his heart.

" How do you know when to say THAT?" he smiled despite his efforts to remain stoic.
The lip quivering whipped off the charts and she wailed, loudly, "Mommmmmmyyyy!"

Jake snapped back in his seat, wide-eyed, hunched over in uncontrollable, silent laughter, biting his bottom lip hard.

"Its okay, Sara...Uncle Jake is bad, just like your daddy and Uncle Paul...just ignore him, too !" Becca glared at him before returning her eyes to the road.

"What?" Jake laughed out loud. "I just wanted to know how she knows when its a bad word!"

"She lives with Paul and Embry, Jacob" Rach ground out in defense. "How do you think she knows!"

Jake continued to shake uncontrollably with laughter. Finally he was able to dig through his pockets, locating a couple of ones.

"Here ya go , sugar." Jake cooed sweetly, handing her the bills. " Put these in the jar for now, I'm sure I'll owe ya more before my trip's over." He winked at the grinning child before him and turned around just in time to see Island Barbie's Jeep hang a louie at the entrance to Hilton Hawaiian Village.

He leaned forward, folding his arms across the top of the front seat and tugged on Becca's braid. "How much farther to your place?"

"Not, far. You're gonna love our new house..and no worries, you'll see them again, I'm sure!"