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" Flight 226 from Seattle, Washington, now arriving at gate 3A - Flight 226 - Seattle - now arriving."

The announcement echoed through the airport, bouncing off the nerves of the Black sisters as they rushed to meet their men arriving on that flight.

"Hurry up, you guys!" Rachel growled over her shoulder at her sisters Rebecca, and Bella as they dragged 7 kids with them thru Honolulu 's tropical airport.

"Not so damn fast!" Bella huffed, hauling baby Jai over to her other hip, falling farther behind.

"Pay the jar, Auntie Bells." Sarah reminded carefully. Aunt Bella could get real snappy these days.

Yep! They looked exactly like islanders, alright, exceptionally beautiful ones at that.

They fit right in with the locals - gorgeous tan skin, darkened even farther by the tropical sun, long dark hair, with gleaming sun kissed highlights, lean healthy bodies from lots of outdoor activity and eating healthy, organic, raw foods .

But the small tribe of children they dragged with them, still, acted just like wild Indians.

And justifiably so.

They were the offspring of full-blooded Quileute warriors and their Chief.

The spitting images of their fathers and all the relatives back on the rez in LaPush, Washington.

"We can't leave your car in a handicapped spot Rach! It'll get towed." Bella complained loudly, shuffling after her sisters.

" If THIS isn't freaking handicapped..." Rachel yelled, holding up the arms of the two, dark-haired kids she dragged with her " what the fuck IS?"

" Mommy!" Sarah stopped cold in the middle of concourse A, stomping her foot.

"If you all don't stop cussing around these little kids, goddammit! I'm gonna throw a fucking hissy fit of epic proportions!" she ranted, red faced coming way too close to hyperventilating.

"Your daughter's PMS-ing already, Bec!" Rachel laughed loudly, with nothing but a glance back.

"Pay da jar sissy." a gravely voice picked up his sisters slack.

The group continued, thundering down Concourse A, laughing loudly and cursing up a storm now, just to release the tension.

"They're really coming home? Right now?" Jayden asked wide-eyed with excitement.

He'd finally caught up with the 3 women, after being dragged down hauling the huge diaper bag they required, every where they went.

"Yes!" Rachel huffed, hauling 2 toddlers up into the black, leather sling chairs as they reached the arrival gate.

"They're really coming home right now!" she smiled, settling the toddlers next to her.

"Your mom owes the jar." Becca bit out harshly, as if Jayden were gonna pay the fine.

"Bella does too!" Sarah tattled.

"What about YOU!" Becca yelled glaring at her daughter for the vulgar speech in concourse A.

They all laughed when Jayden ran over to a blind man shining shoes, and poured the cuss jar proceeds into his can.

Sara proceeded with her epic hissy fit.

With tiny necks craning for a view out the huge windows of the airport concourse, the children's insistent chants rose against the airport noise and their mom's nerves.

"I wanna see the planes! We wanna see the planes! Da,planes, da planes!" they squealed.

The girls let the kids loose, lining them along the floor length windows, noses pressed to the glass watching the planes come and go.

They leaned into each other, exhausted.

"Jeeze, Rach, 7 kids, 2 husbands and Jacob." They smiled at each other shaking their heads.

"Who knew we'd be standing here -like this - with her! And him! Just one year later." Becca gushed, hugging Bella and Baby J tight.

The tots cheered. "Yay! Uncle Jake!

"An Bewwa!" Billy added, clapping enthusiastically by himself.

"Obviously it was just enough time to get him straightened out!" Rachel smiled, pulling Bella into another, Black Family hug. "We're so glad you found each other!"

Becca squeezed her sister's hands as they watched anxiously for their men's plane to appear.


"Nine and a half fucking weeks." He cussed, glaring out the plane window.

The cold glass of Jack Daniels he was nursing rested on his knee, his hand turning it around and around restlessly, as the ice cubes clinked away.

Jake glared unseeing across the endless sea of white puffy clouds.

He completely missed over two months of his son's infancy, and worried endlessly that Baby J wouldn't remember him or know who he was anymore.

Thanks to the incredibly selfish, immaturity of the "Clearwater Kids."

Gawwd, he was so sick of hearing them referred to as that by all the elders.

As humiliating and frustrating it was for Jacob to have all his personal affairs talked about and scrutinized - Paul and Embry worked hard, and remained 100 percent loyal to the proper process and outcome. They'd functioned effectively as a new Tribunal whose first task was to deliver justice to a loved family member and friend, and to bring proper correction, and punishment, to a loved family member and friend.

The gathering spotlighted so many other neglected areas and so many pressing needs for the tribe, they went ahead and created a Chief's high council and dedicated all their time to addressing everything they could reasonably take care of while they were all home. It was the perfectly productive way to fill the time, waiting on the things called for in Seth's case.

Jake would be forever grateful to Paul and Em for their help and patience in all they'd been able to accomplish, including setting guidelines for appointing interim/ acting Chiefs, for appointing new council members to fill the seats of three recently deceased members, including Jake's dad.

And for helping him update several tribal laws, including, revising the law requiring Tribal Chiefs and all tribal leaders to marry only full blooded Quileute members. With their tribe nearing extinction, it made no sense to limit the blood lines so severely anymore, and Jake learned first hand in school that marriage so close in bloodlines, caused many health defects and health issues. He was so ready to lead that type of purification for his people, especially after suffering first hand at the failed marriage the entire tribe had demanded and conspired for since he was born. He was also granted the equivalent of an annulment, in Native American laws. He followed that bitter process up with a very long, private sweat lodge session. He needed to purify his body and his soul, of Leah and any other women, before he took his Bella, as his one true mate.

Paul kept everyone focused on how Seth's personal system failed him. Not Jake or his family. "Excuses are like assholes," Paul preached, " everybody's got one! The real problem is Seth failed to use the good judgement and sense his parents, family and spirit guide, instilled in him. Seth's moral and ethical failings were his own." Elders repeatedly tried to point to Jake's abandonment of his family, Leah, Seth and eventually the tribe. It was exhausting for him to battle all the hurts of the past, but Jacob prevailed and was heard by the elders - and finally understood.

Jake never did need the transcripts from the hocats trial to know in his heart, Seth never meant him or his family real harm. But, it sure was entertaining reading, to see how cluelessly Seth fell in with the surfer weed peddler, and became an unknowing accomplice in such larger evils. It was a great example of how the ancestors teachings of ripple effects were so very true in everyday life.

In the end - everyone including Seth agreed - he'd be responsible for financial restitution for the damages he caused, but most importantly, was the repayment for what he'd destroyed between him and Jake. What took them years to build was agreed would take years to rebuild. So, Seth was remanded to the rez, to continue doing Jake's work, acting as his assistant in all matters concerning the tribe. When Seth was out in the white man's world - he lost himself. So, restriction to his native world was to help him build his spirit and identity back up. It would be a long time before Seth or Leah saw the world outside of LaPush.

"shit...oww." Jake turned his attention back into the cabin of the smallest damn aircraft ever, killing the last of the ice cold Jack in his glass, as he tried stretching his legs to the left.

"shiiit.." His long legs ached all the way up to his balls and his ass was numb. Rubbing at the pins and needles feeling in his thighs, he wished there was something, someone could do to keep that feeling away from his balls.

"Don't look at me." Embry defended, " I know exactly what you're goin through! "

All three men groaned, trying to readjust their positions in sync with each other.

Hips to the left, legs to the riiiight...fuckkk.

"My damn legs hurt all the way into my balls." Paul groaned, eyeing the blond flight stewardess in training as she passed.

"I'll betcha twenty bucks I can get her to rub my sore ass before we land." Embry challenged.

"Deal" they all barked low, laughing as three fists pounded together in agreement.

"Damnit, if big people are required to have two seats, tall mother fuckers should get more leg room." Jake mumbled defiantly. "Even if it means removing the fuckin seat in front of them." he protested out loud, kicking the seat in front of him.

"Hey! What tha..." a shrill voice sounded from the seat Jake kicked and a blond head popped up over the seat, giving Jake an evil eye.

Her nasty, expression melted right off her face as soon as she locked eyes with him.

Yep! Jacob Black was one tall, dark, handsome, mother fucker. Stunning really.

Quite a catch, too - Chief of the Quileute Tribe, ya know.

"Sorry" He mumbled, nervously turning his attention to his IPhone, as the girl continued staring at him, all dreamy eyed.

"Hey, hey, hey...he ain't the only beauty queen." Paul complained, offering his hand to the girl locked on Jake.

To his surprise, someone from the left intercepted his hand, pulling it into a hearty shake, despite the tiny size and softness of the delicate hand.

Paul followed the hand, up the arm to find a pretty face, framed with silky blond waves, tumbling around her shoulders, introducing herself.

"Hi, I'm Jessica..and this is Lauren." she nudged the blond statue still staring at Jake... "and, Angie's by the window."

Everyone exchanged hellos, with Paul and Embry continuing on easily, chatting up the trio of very young, hotties.

Yep!, yessiree - Jake, Paul and Embry were definitely chick magnets.

Only problem was - they'd "forsaken all others." Technically.

Lord knows, they could never reciprocate all the attention, lustful looks and obvious eye fucks women gave them - they'd never get anything else done.

Jacob, was blissfully ignorant to it all and quite happy that way. He never paid anyone, any attention, except Bella.

Paul and Em had always been with Rachel and Becca. And at this point in their life, they wouldn't have it any other way.

Buuuut, they weren't dead.

Not yet, anyway.

Annnnd, they sure weren't against having a little, harmless, fun, flirting a little, every now and again, and again, and again.

Paul ordered rounds of drinks, for everyone. Jake tried begging off - to no use.

Forty minutes later, the group was 4 drinks under, chatting up a storm with round number five on the way.

Lauren and Jessica returned from the bathroom, whisper shouting, "Eeeeeeeee! Look what we got!" tumbling back into their seats, flushed with excitement and too much alcohol - having hijacked a fresh bottle of Pineapple Rum.

"Whoa! way to go.." Embry chuckled snatching the bottle from Jessica's hand.

The guys laughed, eyeing the girls with amusement and major enthusiasm for the mid air hijacking, success.

"You guys are officially badasses!" Paul declared pouring out the proceeds into empty glasses.

"Yeah,they need proper terrorist names..." Embry teased, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

"You! You'll be RubusBluballas! " Em grinned at Angie.

"Whaaat? What kinda name is that?" she protested scrunching up her nose at Embry. When he whispered the true meaning of it to her, she was happy to live up to the name, and relieve Embry of his midair discomfort.

When Embry climbed OVER the seats to squeeze in with Angie, Lauren got pushed out, left standing in the aisle amidst all the commotion and overflow in their seating section.

"Please, keep it down." two stewardesses warned. "take your seat, dear.." they ordered shuffling by Lauren.

She looked like she was ready to cry, watching whatever was happening in the seats in front of them, and embarrassed by the statue act she was pulling in the aisle.

Paul finally stood up to let Lauren sit in Em's seat while he was busy in hers.

"C'mon, you can sit here" he motioned with a huff, backing into Jessica's seat, while Lauren wiggled by him into Embry's seat.

- and when he did, Jessica grabbed his arm, pulling him down into her seat - parking her ass in Paul's very ample lap. " He named me RubURBluballas,bar wench of the friendly, very friendly skies." she giggled loudly for all of them to hear.

When there was no protesting from Paul, and the giggling quieted, Jake was left stunned and wide eyed, all alone with the staring chick.

Soooo, he just buried his nose back into his Iphone apps.

"So..." Lauren drawled, finally breaking out of the Jacob induced trance.

"Here!" Jessica interrupted, handing the pineapple rum over the seat to them. "Your turn!" She plopped back down into the seats cozied up with Paul.

"Drink?" Lauren offered grabbing Jake's glass full of ice.

Jake chuckled in disbelief at the situation, nodding in agreement to more drink.

The not so distant past flashed through his mind, watching her pour his drink, into a full glass of ice.

He chugged the last drop of alcohol his ice-cold glass had to offer, as images of Leah and his business partner, Sam Uley started the unwelcome parade through his memory. All the nakedness wasn't even half of it!

He slammed the clinking, glass down on the plastic tray, wishing desperately he could get another. Alcohol should never run out before the ice he thought angrily, glaring into the empty glass. And never, ever, during a naked Leah and Sam parade.

He was flooded with relief, and so happy, realizing shit like that didn't affect him anymore. He really, truly didn't give a rats ass about them anymore!

He was momentarily sad for all the suffering he'd allowed himself to do, for the amount of anger and grief he let control his life for so long... But, dammit all to hell...he was free, now!

"Cheers!" Jake laughed loudly, grinning uncontrollably at the thought of seeing Bella tonight. Glancing down at his watch...only 3 more hours, he sighed.

"Cheers!" Lauren raised her glass, clinking with Jake. "Here's to getting everything you want tonight.." she winked pouring all the rum down her throat.

Jessica screamed, and jumped out of Paul's lap. Startling everyone around them.

"Here's to wet women." Paul laughed tormenting Jessica who just spilled her drink all over her pants.

"and to warm weather."...Embry added, just glad to be going home to Hawaii.

"No,no, no...its, warm women, and wet weather.." Angie corrected, with very slurred speech and a wildly waving arm.

They killed their drinks and were waiting on more ice and "MORE NUTS, DAMNIT!" Jessica yelled then burst into laughter.

Jake was still nervously playing with his IPhone when he stumbled onto the "Fuck My Life" app and the "Best of the Worst Autocorrects".

All that shit was good for more than an hour of rowdy laughter, boisterous joking and generally disruptive - raucous behavior.

Eventually, things settled down, and the guys starting getting into their heads about going home. When the lights in the cabin went out for the evening - Paul and Embry insisted on switching seats back - content with all the big nothing that happened, against the girls persistent protests.

They were anxious to see the kids, to put their hands on their women, and start knocking off those mile long honey - do lists, surely waiting for them after 9 and a half weeks.

All three men sat in silent reflection, in the dimly lit aircraft. Their expectant grins lit up their faces, and the whole damn section.

"Welcome to Hawaii"a voice finally, crooned thru the cabin, first in English then in Hawaiian.

"The weather in Honolulu tonight is..."

"Hot!" a small voice shouted from the seat in front of Jake. "annnd Wet" the passenger one over jumped up like a jack in the box being sprung. "And horny...thanks to them." a softer voice whispered conspiratorially to the others, causing everyone to erupt into a fit of giggles.

Jake kicked the backs of their seats affectionately, Paul poured nuts over their heads and Embry tossed his entire condom supply over the seats onto their heads.




The small girly voices continued giggling and responding to the overhead information, and the men sitting behind them.

Jake's eyes darted back to the screen of his iPhone as it loaded his daily bank statement.

He sure didn't need any more female flavored trouble. No sir...he'd had plenty!

But.. he sure was a sucker for one, very specific, very tiny, brunette with delicious tits, a perfect ass and killer kisses. He thought, smiling to himself.

Jake busied himself gathering his gear and concentrating on not listening to the girls flirting anymore. He watched the other bodies crowd uncomfortably, into every inch of aisle space, anxious to be purged from their confines.

"No sense being in a rush" he warned Paul and Em, quietly as the girls in front of them, hurried to get off the plane.

" Besides, we'll never fit into this crowd without looking like the men's olympic basketball team, or some shit." he laughed with them.

Grasping his carry on, after a long delay, he edged forward in his seat, tilting his head so he wouldn't hit it on the way up.

"Paul? You about ready, Bro?" Jake urged, anxious to go.

Paul's head whipped back and forth, back and forth, trying to get a break in the flow, of bodies so they could all three get out, together.

A brown wrinkled hand reached for his, interrupting his view and concentration.

"C'mon" she smiled down at him, tugging on his hand. " You're 'bout as tall as my grandson, up you go!"

She motioned for him to get in line ahead of her. Paul grabbed the seat in front of him, pulling to help unfold his massive body from the cramped area. He stretched to full height, pulling his bag beside him, his head now skimming the top of the plane as his neck bent uncomfortably.

"Thank you, mam', Paul smiled, "Please go ahead of me, so my brothers can follow out behind you?"

"Brothers?" Her crinkling, old eyes with fading vision, went wide with excitement.

She leaned forward, carefully, struggling to keep her balance as she took inventory of the row's remaining occupants. Her wide toothless grin lit up the plane's cabin.

"You! You!" she squealed, waving a crooked old finger at him.

Jake got up, fast as he could in the confined space, sporting his famous 400 watt smile. "I remember you!"

Hugging the old woman, they teased each other back and forth easily, till he introduced "his brothers" to the woman, and she was in seventh heaven, surrounded by such a trio of masculinity.

She wasn't a fool...she knew what she liked and she like 'em young, tall, hot, beefy, and native.

Nuttin wrong with that!

"I bet you have a pretty girl waiting for you, don't you?" Her old voice cracked, through her knowing smile. " And you too, Embry? Paul? how many girls you got waiting for you?"

Her hand landed softly on Jake's back, so she could steady herself.

With a slight twist, he looked down his right shoulder into her smiling eyes.

"Three!" He teased back at her with a crooked smile.

"Three?" She breathed out a chuckle, patting his broad back. "Three times the trouble, and the pleasure, no doubt."

"My sisters." He shrugged, making the old woman snort with laughter.

"But, this one!" he smiled taking his Iphone out of his pocket..."This one is gonna be my wife." He flipped through his pictures of Bella and the baby, watching the old woman ooh and aww, over their story, the beautiful pictures, the perfection of his family.

" And you met her right here, on this plane? The same trip we met?"

Jake nodded, grinning foolishly big, as he stashed his phone safely.

"Oh my, Oh my..." she was so excited and emotional for Jake over his story and the sight of the baby - he could tell she was getting worn out fast.

"Why don't you sit and rest a minute." Paul suggested from behind her.

Jake turned facing forward. Now he was really excited and anxious to get the hell off the plane.

His thoughts turned back to her, and that day...

Soft and warm crashed against his chest, his reflexes jerking him back as he bumped into the girl ahead of him.

"Ugh, sorry… " he mumbled softly over her shoulder, steadying her with his hand at her elbow.

"Listen I gotta go! I'll be there in 2 minutes, silly!" She ended her call throwing him a quick glance over her shoulder.

Big brown eyes … check.

He watched as she tucked the phone under her arm into her bag, noticing a small delicate hand.

No ring. Automatically registered in his brain.

Immediately, he wanted to beat himself for it.

He was not skirt chasing. Was not, is not, will not. Vacation or not.

No. Way!

"Fuck" he stomped his foot mentally, insisting his brain clear itself of the brunettes delicious scent flowing from her hair.

Bright sun light hit his eyes as they finally reached the door.

"Just a few more steps... a few more" He concentrated on his freedom from the crushing herd, aaand unff!

The girl stopped abruptly and started squealing like, well, like ... crazy chicks do.

Thennn, the "squeeeeeing" and bouncing began.

An arm appeared, pushing a huge flower necklace above her head, right into his face. Blinding him, sending him off-balance.

"Shit,the fuck..." he dropped his phone, themuthermucker, slipped right out of his hands. He bent quickly to retrieve the dropped phone, spying it an inch from Honolulu Barbie's spiked heel.

Grabbing for it with his huge hand , her ankles tangled up from the unexpected invasion, making her lose her balance as well.

She screamed when his head tangled briefly under her fucking skirt, then he jerked up just in time to catch her falling off her shoes into his quick arms.

Hot breath shot out of them in surprise as they land together.

His heart pounding furiously in his chest, realization slowed to a crawl.

In his arms, an angelic face, surrounded by beautiful pink and white blooms, cradle dark eyes so wide, so curious, blinking away surprise. Soft wet, pink lips, lifted gently in a smile just for him. All her softness and sweetness so near...

Scowling abruptly, he eased her forward, onto her feet, snatching his hands away from her as if she were on fire.

"S s-sorry," she blushed, regaining her balance quickly.

Smoothing her skirt from his invasion - she eyed him curiously, catching a load of all the irritation and negativity rolling off him.

"Sorry - I had to stop and get lei'd." she smirked, trying her smart ass on for size, then straightening the beautiful blooms around her neck.

"Maybe you should too." She bit at him, and with a stomp, turned on her heel , shuffling down the ramp quickly.

~ ~ ~ ~ JnB ~ ~ ~ ~

"Jeeeesus!" He exhaled long and loud, shaking his head to clear it.

"You okay?" Paul checked over his shoulder as they finally neared the exit of the plane. "We're almost there, bro.."

"Yeah, sure.." He exhaled loudly.

How was he supposed to tell Paul, after reliving his first meeting with Bella, just now - he'd broke out in a cold sweat, unable to breathe, and had his heart and cock pounding for her.

He had no idea how turned on he really was when he first met idea until now.

"E Komo Mai." A beautiful Hawaiian girl murmured, reaching for his head with a ring of flowers.

"Thank you" he bowed graciously, accepting the Lei with his hand.

Paul and Em follow suit.

They waited as the little old lady got done saying goodbyes, and cleared the flight crew.

"Here Mama!" Paul smiled, placing the ring of flowers over her head. " A hui hou kakou!"

She patted his hand "Thank you, Paul, Pomaika i"

"Aloha ahiahi, mama.." Embry bent down kissing her cheek, leaving the beautiful island blooms around her neck.

"Thank you darling Em.." she whispered, touching her hand to her cheek, blushing like a schoolgirl.

"Ready to get lei'd mama?" Jake laughed holding the necklace up, effectively breaking her little romance with Embry.

She grasped his thick forearms, pulling him down to her, roughly.

"You remind me so much of my grandson..and my son..and my husband!" she smiled knowingly. " You give this gift to your beautiful Bella. She's missed you terribly." She patted Jake's cheek, then his ass as she made her way from the boys, leaving him holding the lei and his own stunned expression.

"Ready?" Paul laughed, tugging on Jake's arm.

The three of them raced down the ramp just as the large glass doors to the concourse flew open, unleashing an outpouring of greeters, family and friends.

The night was warm and balmy, such a welcome relief from coastal Washington's early spring chills, he thought unfastening another button on his shirt.

Floodlights lit the concrete pad, with dozens of insects buzzing around the bulbs.

"Daddy! Daddy! Uncle J!"

The cries shot above the crowd.

Way above the crowd. Like guns going off.

"Hey buddy!" The three brothers respond in unison, just in time to catch the first wave of kids launching themselves through the air into their Dad's strong hands!

Tiny brown arms wound around necks and legs while Jayden smiled, "Aloha!" giving high fives, as the three men and six children were reunited.

"Hey Uncle J." Jayden nodded at Jake.

Jake nodded back, instantly noticing the disconnect between them, and hating it.

Then Bella was there. Glowing like an angel under the light, handing him the little boy he left two and a half months ago, and had not stopped thinking and obsessing about since.

"Look at you!" Jake laughed, with tears springing to his eyes. "Its only been 2 and half months, and you've changed completely, on your old dad!"

Baby Jai, smiled wide at Jake, as he fumbled him around in his arms, looking for a comfy and secure way to hold him. Getting his hands around him completely, Jake held him high over head flying him like a airplane, laughing and smiling at each other.

"You're so strong! Look at you!" Jake gushed in amazement over his son's growth, gathering him back close against his chest.

The infectious smile baby Jai gave his dad, as he grabbed hold of his thumb -is just one of the many gifts he'll be thanking his father for one day.

"Hey Sweetheart." Jake opened his arm to Bella, pulling her close to his chest.

"Hey you.." she smiled, as his mouth met hers in a warm, loving, greeting.

JJ squealed in protest, his chubby baby hand, slapping and pushing Jake's face away from Bella's.

"Ooow!" Jake laughed, amused with the possessive and protective streak in the boy.

"He's truly your mini me Jacob." Bella laughed, letting JJ wrap his hand around her thumb, while Jake kissed her forehead. She wondered if they'll always compete for her attention.

"Hey Daddy!" the twins sang in unison, as a couple rugrats tackle his legs.

Jake was quickly buried by his sisters and all the other little people in their family, as Paul and Embry came around to greet Bella and see the baby.

"Hey sis," he smiled, winding a free arm around Rachel kissing her forehead. Becca hooked arms with him, reaching up on tiptoes to kiss his cheek. "Hey, Little Bro!"

They laughed when Jake stumbled, trying to shake off the kids that were tangled in between his legs.

"Are you guys, ever gonna stop… ya know it feels like theres what? 25 now?" He laughed, eyeing all the kids with exaggeration, smiling at the chaos around them.

"Oh yeah? Really? You're in no position to preach that sermon dearest Brother!" Becca grinned, crossing her arms.

"Okay, Okay..I know...I've joined the club." Jake laughs, blowing raspberries on JJ's fat little tummy hanging over his little cut off jeans. " But, at least, I don't gotta pay for an Unlimited Membership !" Jake teased back.

"Again, little bro..mark my words... by the time we're done with you, you'll be an Islander with 6 of your own!" Rachel smirked her little Paul smile and Jake nodded back this time with an agreeing smile of his own.

His silent acceptance of such a life sentence.

Scooping Bella into the crook of his arm, he kissed her forehead, and whispered, " I should be so lucky, right?"

"Really? You really feel like that Jake?" Bella asked, appearing way more serious and anxious than usual.

"Like what?" He asked looking around like he missed out on a conversation.

"Would you feel lucky to have 6 kids, and live here on the Islands?" she clarified anxiously.

He let out a huge belly laugh, tugging her closer. "I'd feel lucky, anywhere I was with you two." he promised, pulling her back in for another kiss.

"C'mon you three!" Embry whistled from halfway down the concourse.

The kids were running all over, as Paul and Embry strolled along with their girls, cheek to cheek. wrapped up tight in their arms.

"Four." she replied, taking baby Jai from his hands and turning away, nearly running through the damn airport.

" Four what?" Jake asked confused, hustling to catch up with her.

"Bella?" He shouted.

Her no answer registered loud and clear, as he trotted along side her confused, and amused by the faces and expressions, Jai was making in response to him.

"Let me take, Jai.." he offered holding his hands out. "Are you feeling okay, sweetie, you look tired, and.."

Bella stopped cold, turning into Jake.

"Its not us two, anymore Jacob." she growled softly, looking around hesitantly.

" Its. Its us, its us, four." she bit out, choking back a sob between clenched teeth.

Taking in a much needed deep breath, in response to Jake's blank expression, was all it took to trigger the outburst of tears.

"What? What's wrong honey...I, I don't know what you're talking about." he stuttered nervously, taking the baby from her.

"Not two? its us four...?" he repeated , asking her in a scared babble.

" Theres only three of us, honey. " Jake confirmed softly, counting quickly in his head.

That only made her cry harder.

Wow. Suddenly he worried she may be suffering the post...postparent, no - the postmortem, the post- fucking thing some pregnant women get.

Was she like this the whole time he was gone? He worried, quickly checking Jai over head to toe.

"C'mon Bella," he begged, "Look, you're gonna make JJ cry." he warned sliding his free arm around her shoulders.

Jai's pouty little lip was quivering about a 7.3 on the richter scale, as he watched his Momma cry.

"Oh God!" Jake yelled in sudden realization. Every muscle in his body going rigid.

Bella jerked away from him, eyes wide, her hand flying to her mouth for silencing control.

"SHIT! No way!" he barked, eyes locked on hers, his head shaking in denial, his big body swaying.

Her frozen stance and tired, exhausted, tear filled eyes were his truth.

Spinning completely around looking for something to hold onto, something to put Jai down on - something to sit Bella down on..

"Fuck!" he stomped his irritation, tightening his hold on Baby J.

He was losing his grip alright - just not the one he had on his son! He mocked himself.

Another "shit" accidentally escaped on what he thought was gonna be a sigh, causing Bella to start crying again.

Jai took one look at Jake 's pained expression and burst into tears, too.

"Fuuuuuck.." Jake's head rolled back on his shoulders, his eyes shut to the heavens as he sent several quick prayers soaring upward.

"Well, well, well check out the happy family reunion." Paul teased taking Jai from Jacobs hands.

"C'mon, Bella." Embry wrapped his arms around her, handing her a Kleenex and a cool wet wipe.

"You coming Jake?" the boys hollered for him, in unison, over their shoulders, back towards the spot he was frozen to.

"I can't wait to get my hands on this baby bump!" Embry teased trying to make Bella smile.

"A double bubble, this time, huh?" he gushed,wiping away her tears. " I bet we can feel it already..." he smiled down at her with a waggle of his eyebrows.

Rachel, Becca and all 6 kids back tracked right past their dads to go get Uncle Jake.

"Unca Jaaake! Billy yelled.

"Unca Jaaay! Whereyooooou?" Keanu sounded like a cow mooing.

'Weeeeeee get you! Unca Jakie". Kilani sang like a songbird.

"Jaaaaa whereyooooooou?" Emily clapped, obviously, trying not to be mistaken for a cow.

They found him standing where he was left.

Hands on hips, head hung low, still swaying side to side in denial.

"Jake? You okay?" Becca tried nudging him back softly. "I think he's in shock.." she shrugged at Rachel.

"Bullshit." Rachel growled, coming around to his other side.

"C'mon Jake! Wakey Wakey!" Rachel clapped her hands hard in his face.

"Jacob!" Rachel hollered, smacking his cheeks.

The kids all laughed watching their moms tease and hit Unca Jake.

They quickly joined in the fun.

"Wakey Wakey!" they shouted clapping their hands loudly. "Wakey Wakey!"

"Jakey Jakey..jakey.." the laughed loudly clapping their hands and stomping their feet.

"Wakey wakey jakey jakey!" They giggled jumping up and down, getting sillier and sillier.

"Potty Time!" Billy clapped trying to change things up.

"Potty time!", they all joined in laughing loudly. "Potty Time..Potty Time! Potty Potty.."

"C'mon!" Jake suddenly growled " Who's gotta go potty?"

He grabbed a couple hands, and threw a straggler up on his back.

Rachel and Becca looked at each other in wary relief and took off after him.

"Look, you guys," he lectured loudly " This whole potty, thing? Yeah, don't stand around talking about it. You need to be about it, dammit! How am I gonna get baby Jai to pee right if you guys keep blowin it?"

"Pay the jar Unca Jake." a, much less, angelic voice, interrupted him.

Spinning around he nailed Little Miss Sarah with a hard, teasing, glare.

"Oh no you ditint!" he teased wagging his finger at her, breaking the tension.

"You do not get to operate the cuss jar once you let the magic eff word fly in public!"

"Right guys?"

Sara shrank back, chewing her bottom lip... "How, how did you know 'bout that, already?"

"Ain't nobody got time for allll dat!" he laughed spinning the kids around he a hold of.

They all clamored around him, laughing and giggling, demanding to be spun around by the arms, in the middle of the airport.

Pacing beside Jake's LandRover in the airport parking lot, Bella was upset.

She was upset with herself. She'd blown her chance to be mature about this whole thing. She ruined her chance to make the moment special for Jake - the way she knew he preferred to get this kind of news...and..."Uggggghhh!" she raged against herself.

She couldn't believe she lost control of her emotions AGAIN. Even after practicing how she wanted to tell him.

But, damnit! she'd just found out herself, only a few hours earlier and was still bouncing back and forth between happiness and fear lined with guilt. Still bouncing between tears of joy and tears of selfish anxiety. The little black and white photos clearly showed two separate babies forming, deep within her body.

How could all this be going on or even taking place without her knowledge or permission! She'd only gone to the doctor to report that she still hadn't gotten her period yet, but she felt it was okay since she was still breastfeeding regularly, but with Jake coming home, maybe she needed to discuss birth control.

"A little late for that!" her doctor laughed waving a white stick with a pink plus sign blaring from it.

"Fuck.." she flopped against the side of the vehicle, taking in the warmth of the metal. She was cold and so mad she bounced it on him the minute he got home.

Didn't she have an ounce of self control? She chastised herself harshly.

"Apparently not!" she chuckled, running a hand over her already swollen belly, remembering the last time they made love.

"what are we gonna do about..." Jake started to ask a few times, between delicious sexual acts.

"I don't have any condoms..." he confessed painfully between heated kisses, with his cock straining to bury itself deep inside her warmth

" No worries baby...I can't get pregnant while I'm breastfeeding!" She recalled reciting Reproduction 101 by Rachel Black, while panting breathlessly, wearing nothing but a huge grin, and welcoming the even more enthusiastic response from Jacob.


"Jake..." she sighed, closing her eyes. She wanted more time with him. Just him. She pouted.

She missed being a young couple in love. She wanted years to lounge in bed with him, getting to know each other in luxurious detail, in every way possible, working together, building their life together - slowly, surely, intimately.

Jai's insistent wail brought her attention back, and she hurried over to the back passenger door, ducking inside to check on him.

After quick diaper change, she tucked him back into his car seat, with a bottle of juice - hoping he'd hold off demanding his bedtime nursing, just a little longer.

Closing the car door quietly, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the glass.

Gawd, she was tired, and looked it. She should have tried doing something more about her appearance, she thought fighting off tears of frustration and need.

What Jacob ever saw in her, she would never know. But she was no fool in realizing she'd prolly have to fight her whole life trying to keep him interested and out of the clutches of other women.

She was trying to smooth her fly away hair when she saw Jake, his sisters and all the kids, running across the parking lot, in a fit of giggles, with everyone's hands linked tightly.

Watching intently as he helped load up all the kids and say good byes, she was always amazed at how handsome, and wickedly sexy he was.

But put him with a little kid, and Bella could actually feel her ovaries, blossom for him, her legs tremble with the need to wrap tightly around his waist so he could pumped his big strong body into hers. In those moments, she wanted nothing more than to spend her life having children with him.

And a good thing, he was so welcoming of the situation... cuz it sure looked like she was gonna spend plenty of time, being pregnant with him.

Of course she was happy, and she knew Jake would be too...eventually.

But damn...

Finally! he was on his way to her.

Paul's truck and the minivan pulled out honking and waving goodbyes as they passed between her and Jake - who was standing on the median waiting to cross the road.

"Bella!" he shouted running the rest of the way to her.

"God! Baby!" He swept her up into his embrace, pulling her all the way up his full height, so they were face to face, lip to lip.

"I love you, I love you I love you" he sang twirling her around.

She steadied herself , gripping his thick biceps, as he stumbled to a stop, and leaned back against his Landy, a dazed grin plastered on his face.

"Say it.." he smiled pleading with his eyes that she knew what he meant.

"Don't be scared, baby...I'm not."

He lied.

"Okay..." she smiled shyly, adjusting her self in his arms.

He watched with amusement as she blushed and cleared her throat, and blushed some more.

"C'mon Bella...I wanna hear you say the words." he laughed, "and hurry - you aren't getting any lighter, you know..." he grunted hefting her up further in his arms.

"Hey! No fat jokes!" She smacked his arm, wiggling in protest, until he slid his hand behind her neck, pulling her to his hungry mouth, where he kissed away her irritations.

"Better?" his low voice rumbled through her, as his hand skimmed over her cheek, smoothing stray hair from her face... he stared into her eyes, with such anticipation, so much love and longing for her.

He rejuvenated her completely, she thought losing herself in his loving gaze.

She rejuvenated him completely he thought lost in her warm chocolate pools, shining with love for him.

With a deep breath, she smiled.

"Jake, you damn.. alpha, horn dog. You knocked me up again!"

She laughed smacking him on the arm, hard.

"Twins? Really?" he laughed, leaning her backside against the passenger door, and caging her body with his.

"Oh no! Don't you dare laugh about that!" she threatened playfully. "Your sisters were supposed to get the twin gene! But, noooooo, the alpha horn dog of the family has to have the twin gene now."

"As it should be.." he smirked, more than pleased with himself, dropping little kisses onto her lips.

"But, wait! I thought you couldn't get pregnant while you were breastfeeding." he mocked her, slipping his hand up her shirt.

The groan that slipped from between his dry, panting lips, as he cupped her full breast was so desperate, it was comical.

" C'mon." he huffed setting her down. "We gotta stop at the pharmacy for condoms -"

"What?" She flashed him a look of total confusion.

" Knowing you" he smiled, pulling her hand to his lips, for a kiss. "You'll get pregnant with kid number four, before you can even pop these two out." Jake warned in a serious voice.

They collapsed against each other, laughing so hard, at the ridiculousness of that thought.

But damn if Jake wasn't gonna Google that shit when he got home.

"C'mon..lets go, you damn hussy, you know I can't wait to get between your legs." he growled erotically in her ear, causing her to shiver with anticipation.

Standing inside the open passenger door, he pulled her in for a long, tender kiss. Willing every ounce of love and affection he felt in that moment, to fill her through that kiss, he wanted his two youngest children to start thriving on what he already felt for them and their mother.

Holding her close, with their lips nearly touching he confessed "I couldn't be happier, Bells. You know that." he searched her eyes for acknowledgment. " I'm sorry my first response was confused and shocked." he continued, tracing her beautiful face with his fingertips. "Its just...after everything, we've been through recently, it was the last thing I expected to happen... even tho I knew that breastfeeding claim was bogus." he laughed, watching her lips turn up in a smile.

"How the hell did you know that and I didn't!" she asked, heating deep into her neglected core, at the thought of him wanting to get her pregnant .

Jake barked out a harsh laugh, releasing her.

"My friend Quil was conceived that way, and his mom never let him forget it! Quil, Embry and I grew up thinking girls got pregnant from breastfeeding. We were scared shitless to suck on any girls, titties, for the longest time." he blushed - shaking his head.

"That explains a lot." Bella laughed running her hands up his broad chest. "you're making up for lost time in the titty infatuation department, huh?"

"Something like that..." he grinned, kissing her forehead, and lifting her into the seat, handing her the seat belt.

Watching, and waiting as she snapped the belt into place, he took her hands in his when she finished.

His hands completely engulfed hers, in a tight protective grasp, and he kneeled down outside her door, so they'd be eye to eye.

" Honey, I promise to welcome and cherish every child you're willing to bring into our life. I promise to support and care for you in every pregnancy, and in every decision you make regarding your body. All I ask in return..." he hesitated, looking down as he drew in a deep breath.

Looking back up, seeking her eyes, he saw her tears.

" I love you so much." she mouthed silently, pressing a air kiss to him from her lips, as she swiped away a tear.

He nodded, squeezing her hands, continuing. "All I ask from you Bells, is...please,

please, do the children and I the honor of marrying me, before they get here." He emphasized, they, by placing his hand over her tiny bump.

"Okay! Yesss,yesss Jacob." she finally agreed, nodding and crying as she swiped away the tears of joy and heartache, streaming down her cheeks.

He kissed her like crazy..."thank you thank you thank you", he murmured over and over as he kissed her.

She finally agreed to marry him, but not from fear of losing him, or because she got pregnant - she wanted to marry Jacob Black because she knew one hundred percent, they couldn't live a day with out each other to share their lives with. And that was the feeling of joy and love filling her beyond capacity.

Stubborn, angry,wounded , Jacob Black had completely replaced all her fears with his persistent, profound and remarkable love.

"And if you wanna keep popping em out two by two...well then, thats fine by me - I'll just build us an ark."

He slammed her door shut, laughing like a hyena, as her jaw dropped, and before that backhand of hers, could make contact.

On his way around the vehicle, he paused at the back, seeing a dangerous bolt of lightning crackle across the sky.

"Yesss! mutherfuckin, yessssss!" he roared into the evening sky; both fists pumping, high above his head in complete and overwhelming joy.

He finally felt like the man he was meant to be. He finally had the life he was thrilled to be living, every single minute of -

and damn if it hadn't all taken him by storm.