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Chapter 1: This is My Life

The animals of the Pridelands made their way to Pride Rock. It was that time, the time to celebrate the birth of a new life. As the animals made their way, two lions waited just outside the main den. One was a male, who stood proud and tall. He had a coat of gold and a mane of thick red. His brown eyes watched the movement across the Pridelands, as was his duty. He was Simba, son of Mufasa, mate to Nala, and King of the Pridelands.

Beside him Nala was watching their newborn cub sleeping between her paws. Simba couldn't help but think of how Nala made the perfect Queen. She was beautiful and elegant. Her light tawny fur and sleek build was only half of what made her an amazing Queen, though. The love in her heart and her willingness to do what was necessary for the Pride was part of it as well. Her calm, loving blue eyes never moved from the cub.

The cub…they'd have to come up with a name for him soon enough. His coat was only half a shade lighter than his father's, and he already sported hints of a reddish-brown mane. When he had first opened his eyes, they were amber and he had the strong build of his father. When he was first born, Nala said he was like a little Simba and looking at him now, Simba saw she was right…as usual.

Rafiki ambled up the path to Pride Rock at that point. He gave a kind smile to the new parents as Nala handed him the cub. After marking the young Prince as heir to the Pridelands, the old mandrill held him up for all to see. The animals gathered below let out a loud ruckus of squawks and trumpets and brays. The young cub awoke and upon realizing the noise was in his recognition, puffed out his chest and let out roar that sounded more like the squeak of a mouse. Simba looked into the sky wistfully as Mufasa smiled at his grandson. Finally the noise died down and the animals returned to where they came from. Rafiki handed the cub to Nala. "What will you call him?"

Nala gazed lovingly down at her son, who at the moment was busy hiding behind her forepaw, unsure what to make of the strange monkey that was talking to his parents. "Kopa." She said decisively. She nuzzled the newly christened Kopa. "For you are my son and my heart belongs to you."

"Hey." Simba mock-pouted. "What about me?"

Nala smiled at her mate, before picking up Kopa and returning to the den. "What about you." As Simba said something in reply the sweet blissful laughter from the King and Queen could be heard far across the Pridelands.

A pre-adolescent lion cub scowled at the sound as he watched the King and Queen retreat into the cave. With a small "humph" sound he turned and darted across the Pridelands. It's not fair. He thought to himself angrily. I used to live there. Me and Mother…and Father. But then Simba came back! And now Father is gone… He paused at the waterhole to get a drink and to clear his head. He glared at the water's surface, angry with the lion staring back at him. Said lion was scrawny for his age and had a small scraggly dusty black mane that probably wouldn't grow any bigger, much to the cub's dismay. His fur was grayish dark chestnut and he had beady red eyes. It was no secret that he was the weakest in the Pride, despite the fact that his Father was King before Simba…

Claws bared, the cub furiously struck the surface of the water and ran off. He only stopped when he arrived at the den his family shared. His "family" was him and his mother, as well as his mother's sisters, Dotty and Spotty. The two lionesses were around his mother's age, skilled fighters, and very, very mean.

"Mother? Mother are you here?" He called hesitantly. His mother had been a little…agitated the past few days, and he didn't want to aggravate her.

"In here Nuka." She allowed him to enter.

Nuka's mother, Zira was lanky, yet muscular just like her sisters. She had pale dark tan fur with a darker brown stripe running down her face and stopping between her eyes. Her eyes, similar to Nuka's, were beady and blood red. She had a grey-cream chest and always kept her claws unsheathed.

"Mother I—I was over at Pride Rock and…" His excited tone diminished when he noticed a small ball of fur watching him curiously. The ball of fur was yellowish-orange and scruffy—everything from its coat to its eyebrows was a bit shaggy. It also had glowing yellow triangular-shaped eyes with electric blue irises. But the most notable feature was a tuft of fur on its head, the same color as its coat.

"Um… what's that thing?" Nuka gestured wildly to the cub.

"That thing, as you put it, is your new baby sister. She was born while you were out gallivanting with my dear Scar's murders!"

At Zira's shouts Nuka cowered, but the cub only blinked as though accepting this loud phenomenon as part of her life. While Zira paced back and forth angrily ranting about everything she deemed unfair—which as you can guess, was a lot, Nuka only cowered and babbled in an attempt to calm his enraged mother.

As the sun began to set and Dotty and Spotty arrived with fresh kill, the young female cub blinked sleepily at her new family, before morphing her features into a content smirk. They weren't much, but they were hers.

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