Sometimes I sit and wonder, why me? Why was I chosen to compete in the 71st Hunger Games? Why was I chosen to be the victor of the 71st Hunger Games? Why did President Snow tear away my happy bubbly life and replace it with this horrible, gloomy one? I know I was a boisterous child, getting into mischeif every so often, but surely this isn't my punishment. What happend to me shouldn't be anyones punishment. At least if I had died, I would be safe and happy instead of how I am now. By the time I realised this it was to late. They had already broken me, taken my life away from me. I have turned into a robot, who's sole purpose of being alive is to keep the citizens of the Capitol happy. I hate that. I hate my life, what it has turned into. I hate President Snow. But most of all, I hate myself. For killing all those helpless children. For killing my family. For giving up so easily. My name is Willow Greene and this is my story.