I'm not gonna bother to tell you about the reaping, you can probably guess how I felt when I was reaped. Heartbroken, horror, sadness, knowing that I would die, and never live the life a human should. Never find The One, never settle down, get married, have children to protect from the reaping. Never go out with frineds and get drunk, just for te fun of it. Never. I am going to die. Maybe I was born to die? But why me?

The train ride to the Capitol was pretty quiet. My mentor, Haymitch Abernathy, spent the whole time locked in his room, sipping from a bottle. Yeah, that's gonna help us in.

I was stuck with Eifee Trinket our escort 99.9% of the time. With her fancy clothes, multi-coloured wigs and clown-like make-up and stupid, pathetic accent. Capitol accent. She was okay, in small portions. She just kept going on and on and is just so bubbly. She has so much energy. All I told her was I liked her nails, to be polite, and I had to sit through a three hour talk on the Capitol fashion at the moment. I guess the poor woman was lonley though, with no one else to talk to. Jake, my district partner, has spent most of the time in his room, only occasionally emerging for food. I know Jake and his best friend, Gale Hawthorne. They are fourteen. They go to my school. Gale's other friend is in my class, Katniss Everdeen. We aren't very close, she sort of keeps herself to herself, since her Father died in the mines last year, and her Mother went into a deep depression, leaving her left to fend for herself and her eight year old sister. I know Jake was a big family man. It is a known fact around the district that he, Gale and Katniss hunt illegally in the forest surrounding the district. Gale sometimes comes into the grocery to trade us for some fruit for a bird or two. He hates us merchants though, you can tell by the look on his face as he walks into our store. It's as though we are a lot better off than them in the seam. In a sense we are a little, but not by much. We can only eat the food that is off, as the rest is to be sold for profit. We can't have treats, we only buy the bare minimum, what we absolutly need. We need the rest for items to sell and to pay rent for the shop to the Capitol.

When we arrived at the Capitol, I was amazed by it's beauty, but mostly disgusted by it. How can they afford all this colour and beauty, buy a different outfit every other day, have there hair done, have fashion trends everyone has to keep up with, when the districts, give or take district two, the Capitols faithful side-kicks/lap dogs, are starving and the only fashion is what ever you can afford, usually ankle swingers and a torn shirt, covered in black. Or if your lucky, a wooly, kintted jumper to keep you warm in the winter.

However, I grind my teeth and plaster on fake smile, and wink mischieviously at the cowd, anf follow Eifee into the tall, colourful building where three strange people are stood.

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