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The Invitation

I quickly grabbed my bunny ear hat and sword, I was a bit slower than usual thanks to some beast outside waking me up at 6 in the morning.

Cake yawned, "do you need help with this?"

I shook my head and placed the hat over my head, stuffing my long blond waves into it. "I can do it, whatever it is, is going to regret messing with us. I had a smile on my face, doing this stuff really made me really happy. I went over to the ladder that went downstairs, sliding down, I stretched once more and went over to the door. Yanking it open, annoyance suddenly overcame me. "LSP! What are you doing here?" I questioned whiled climbing down the ladder that reached the ground.

The little purple cloud-like moustache Prince looked up at me after whacking some bugs with a stick he must have found somewhere. "Sorry Fionna, my ex-girlfriend tried to get back with me and refused to take no for an answer," he explained.

I sighed and rested against my sword, "um alright? So why did you come here again? You can't keep waking us up LSP."

The Prince swatted his hand, "anyway, I came here to ask if you'd come to this concert thing with me. Turtle Prince is busy at the library so he couldn't come so the next best person I could think of was you."

i smiled, "I'm flattered LSP but going to another one of Gumballs concerts... well it's kinda painful..." I said recalling the last time I visited Gumball, he had a girl wrapped in his arms. Really broke my heart that day...

"Well it isn't Gumball this time!" He began excitedly interrupting my depressing thoughts. "There's this new guy that just showed up from the NightO'Sphere! If I were a girl, I'd totally tap that truthfully. He's that good-looking, but not as good-looking as I am," LSP explained smiling like a fangirl.

I laughed softly, "I'm sure LSP. I guess I can come, I have nothing better to do. Cake was planning to visit Lord Monochromicorn anyway."

He smiled happily before floating away, meet me at the stage at nine tonight okay? Dont be late!" He called before vanishing from my point of view.

I wonder why the concert is so late, usually the concerts are held during te day. Shrugging it off, I lifted my sword from the ground and climbed back into the house. Tossing my hat off again and setting my golden sword down, I crawled back into bed.

"Who was it?" Cake asked laziful as if she was about to fall back asleep at any moment.

"LSP, he asked me if I'd go to something with him tonight." I explained yawning.

Cake smiled, "like a date?"

I rolled over, my back facing her. "No, not a date. None of the Princes like me like that, thanks to your 'she pees herself all the time' comment you made that one night when Slime Prince wanted to marry me." I said blushing slightly. I heard Cake snickering over on her side of the room. I rolled my eyes before closing them, "I'm going back to bed. Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Cake giggled before a pillow hit her face, one thrown by myself. "Thanks for the extra pillow, "she mumbled against the fabric.

I rested my head once more and soon fell back into my slumber.

My eyes opened to see Cake in the bathroom using the blow dryer. I stood and a yawn escaped my throat, shuffling my feet over to the bathroom, I grabbed my baby blue toothbrush.

"Good Morning," Cake smiled as her fur was blown back thanks to the blowing device.

I grabbed the toothpaste and began brushing my teeth, "Good morning." I said without letting any foam escape from my mouth.

Cake turned the blow dryer off and combed through her messy hair, "well I'm going to go, are you sure you don't want to go with me? Gumball hasn't seen you in a while, he's been asking if you were alright."

I shook my head, right now, I didn't want to be anywhere near the Candy Kingdom. Today was a exception, because of LSP.

Cake nodded before leaving the bathroom, "well you know to call me if anything happens. See you later hun," she called as I heard a door close.

Spitting into the sink and rinsing my mouth out, I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was everywhere, my eyes were baggy and had a black to them, I kind of smelled. I felt like crap. Nothing a nice shower couldnt fix, so I undressed myself from my orange fuzzy one-piece and tossed it in the dirty basket. Turning the water to hot, I jumped into the steaming shower.

Rinsing my hair, I grabbed the strawberry scented shampoo. Poring some into my hand, I lathered my hair really good. I repeated the process with the conditioner and then washed my body. My quick 10 minute shower was over with and I twisted my hair tightly so the extra water came out. Stepping out, I grabbed a white thick towel and wrapped it in my hair, another for my body.

Rummaging through my clothes, I decided to change my wardrobe just for today. Nothing special though, just a pair of jeans and a light blue t-shirt. I didn't want to change my look up that much. Drying my body, I quickly changed and went down stairs.

B-MA was sizzling up some bacon pancakes in her 'KISS MY COOK' apron. It smelled fantastic.

Grabbing a plate, I munched down and smiled. "Your such a good cook B-MA, you should be proud.

The small robot smiled, "thank you Fionna, Wanna play video games when you are finished?"

I nodded and looked up at the clock, it read;10:55. Guess Id just have to waste the next 8 hours doing just that.

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