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My eyes opened slowly and I looked around, I was back in my room alone. Cake must've stayed at Monochromicorn's house so I was all alone, well besides B-MO but he wouldn't bother me.

Sitting up, I had to suppress a giggle as I thought about last nights events. I confessed my feels for Marshall, thinking he was going to leave, which he didn't. At the Ball, he kissed me, more than once too if I may add. Then we came here and played videogames on B-MO all night long. Then he kissed and hugged me goodbye and left me to fall asleep.

What could go wrong? I couldn't be more happier! Marshall was my boyfriend, I think, and well... I have a boyfriend! How exciting!

A smile on my face, I swung my legs off of the bed and stood up. I walked into the bathroom and looked at my reflection. My hair was a mess! I looked terrible! Is this what girls really went through?

Stripping out of my orange fuzzy PJ's, I hopped into the shower for a quick but relaxing bath. Scrubbing myself clean, I washed my hair and body before getting out. Wrapping my hair in a towel and drying my body, I changed into my usual attire.

I heard a knock on the door downstairs and a large smile formed on my face, it had to be Marshall! Exiting the bathroom, I slid down the ladder that led to the living room. Hitting the floor, I had a skip in my step as I walked over to the front door. I smiled as I opened the door, "hey!" I chirped before realizing who it was.

A stressful look was placed on Gumball's face, "Fionna... I need your help." He said, sounding quite desperate. Opening the door a bit more, he walked in and sat on our couch.

I stared at him, not really knowing what to say. As a heroine, it was an oath to always help out those in need. Even if it was Gumball, I had to help him. "What happen?" I asked sitting beside him.

"It's Lolly! I cant find her anywhere! After she left the Ball last night, I haven't received any word from her! She wont return any of my calls, she wasn't at her house and no one knows either!" He groaned in his hands. "Please help me Fionna... I'm begging you!"

I smiled softly, he really cared for her. I've never seen him this worried before, he really was in love. "Of course Ill help you."

Gumball looked at me in relief, "thank you so much."

I smiled, "no problem but first I wanna go to Marshall's. He'll be a great help!" The annoyed expression on Gumball's face made me cross my arms, "do you want to find her or not?" I asked puffing my cheeks.

"Okay! We can go get him! Just help me!" He begged.

I stood up and smiled, "well lets go!" I yanked his hand and jumped out of the tree house, ignoring his yelps, I landed on the ground and caught him quickly. Holding him bridal style, I sprinted towards Marshall's house.

Gumball looked at me in amazement, "how is it that you're able to carry me and run this fast? For your small figure, calculating correctly, its impossible." He explained causing me to roll my eyes.

"I'm just strong okay?" I said taking in more air, trying to get there as fast as possible to see my Vampire King.

"Hey Fionna," Gumball asked after a period of silence.

I looked at him and smiled, "what is it? Something on your mind?" My smile vanished when he looked away as if uncomfortable.

"Why haven't you came over to the castle in a long time? Everyone has missed you and Ice Queen still annoys me all the time but you're not there to stop her. Was it something I said? If it was, I apologize." He said worried.

I shook my head, "it wasn't you Gumball, I promise. I... I just had a lot on my mind I guess." I noticed Marshall's cave appearing, "we're here!" I said getting excited setting him down. I took a second to catch my breath and walked into his dome. Walking up to the little house, I grabbed the knob. "Be nice," I ordered opening the door. "Marshall hasn't... done... anything.."

Gumball gasped and I felt tears in my eyes, what was this? Was I imagining things? Was Marshall really sleeping there on the couch with her on top?

"Lolly?" Gumball asked, seeming just as shocked. He watched as I stepped closer to the two. "Fionna, don't." He whispered, trying not to wake the two. That was Gumball, being nice and junk.

Well not me, especially after what happened last night. I stood beside the two, my chest hurting. A tear ran down my cheek and hit Marshall in the face. I frowned as his eyes slowly opened.

He called my name confused and sat up, noticing the unconscious girl on top of him. "What?" He whispered confused before feeling my fist connect to his face at full impact.

I clenched my jaw, "I hate you! Don't talk too me ever again!" I yelled, sprinting past Gumball, accidently bumping him. There was only one person that I wanted to talk to right now who could possible understand what I was feeling right now. No, it's not Cake.

Entering the large forest, I desperately looked around for the hobo prince. "LSP," I called running faster past the trees. I slowed my pace when I heard his voice yelling at someone.

"No Mel! Why would I date your older sister? ... I don't care if she wants to be a Princess, I already have a girl I like anyway... It's not your lumping sister bro!"

I walked onto the campsite and wiped my eyes, "LSP..." I sobbed sadly.

The purple cloud turned to see who had said his name and looked worried, "Mel... I gotta go... I need to lumping go Mel! Glob just hung up the phone!" He rolled his eyes and snapped his phone shut. "Fionna, what's wrong?" He asked floating over to me.

"M-Marshall... h-he..." I stuttered. "L-lolly... together..." I cried covering my face. I felt LSP's hand on my shoulder. "Its alright Fionna, I never thought Marshall would lead you on like this.."

"He even took my first kiss last night, and we hung out all last night and junk..." I said kneeling down. I heard LSP gasp loudly.

"He kissed you! And I'm just now finding out? Why!" He sighed, "not the point. What a jerk, I say we go back and we kick both of their buns out of Aaa." He suggested.

I returned the sigh, and rested my chin on my crossed arms. "No thanks LSP... I'm not really in the mood. Maybe I should just go back to the tree house and go back to bed... or eat spaghetti, that always make me feel better. Standing up, I gave a fake smile, "I feel better just thinking about it."

LSP crossed his arms and gave a stupid expression, "really? How about instead, I take you places in the candy kingdom to get this off your mind." He suggested before grabbing my hand and began floating above before I could reject.

I closed my eyes and laughed, "LSP, I think I'm being more dramatic than you usually are. I knew the guy for a week and I'm acting as if we were married or something." I laughed some more.

LSP looked at me strangely, "for Globs sake Fionna! Quit being so depressing! Think about the positives, you can get a new boyfriend now! You don't see me all depressed and I get dumped all of the time!" He snapped at me.

I opened my eyes and looked down at the ground, watching trees pass by underneath me. "I'm sorry. Ill quit."

"First we're going to the graveyard so I can talk to Felix about this and try to make some sense of this situation. Marshall wouldn't go for a person like Lolly. He fell in love with you, Lolly is the complete opposite of you so it makes no sense..." LSP babbled on, not realizing I had stopped listening after he said graveyard.

I hung there until I noticed the little tombstones nearing closer. "Were here..." I mumbled as he set me down.

LSP held my hand and pulled me over to a certain grave. "Felix! Get up, I need to talk to you, its lumping important!" He yelled.

I watched as the ghostly drummer rose from the grave, he had a smile on his face.

"What's up Lumpy Space Prince?" He asked calmly as he floated.

LSP let go of my hand and put them on his hips, "Marshall Lee, that's what's up. I thought you said he didn't have lumping relationship! Fionna just walked in to see Marshall and the idiot girl Lolly with him." LSP said a little to dramatically.

Felix rose his hands in defense, "how would I know? When he came here, he was single. The day after that, he was single, and after that."

LSP frowned and I looked away sadly, "then how do you explain this?"

Felix crossed his arms, "maybe she just snuck in or something and attacked Marshall while he was asleep. Then you walked in or something."

I looked at Felix, maybe there was hope! That actually made some sense, "do you really think so?"

Felix nodded, "Marshall isn't the type to do that stuff, hes an idiot if you haven't noticed already."

A small smile formed on my lips as a low wind blew my hair a bit, "yeah... he is an idiot.." I suddenly felt something grab my hand, something warm. Looking to see who, to my surprise, nothing was there but I still felt it. Their fingers intertwined with mine, the hand fit perfectly in mine... and then it yanked me in one direction.

LSP turned and looked shocked, "Fionna! Where are you going!" He called.

I blushed, trying to keep up with this fast figure. I looked back, "I-Ill be right back!" I yelled before exiting the forest. "Who are you?" I called, trying my best not to trip.

Whatever it was stayed quiet and pulled me faster to candy sidewalks. Why were we going to the candy kingdom? I wanted to pull back when we reached the Candy Castle but whatever had a hold of me, it had great strength.

"I don't want to go in there..." I whispered. The gasp on my hand disappeared, replaced by two arms wrapped around my waist. I stood there as the warm invisible creature hugged me from behind. Light tears ran down my cheeks as I thought of Marshall. LSP was right, I am lumping depressing.

The two arms wrapped around tighter and I was lifted in the air, I was still for a moment before landing on the same balcony as last night. I noticed two others on here as well.

Gumball and Lolly.

I looked away, I didn't want to see this. I wanted to pull away and run back to the tree house, then sleep it all off until tomorrow.

Why haven't they noticed me yet? I was standing right there. Then I figured it out, even I couldn't see me. I was invisible too.

"Tell me the truth Lolly, why were you in that vampires house? Specifically, on top of him sleeping!" Gumball yelled, being out of character. I've never seen him angry before, I mean, hes Gumball. He doesn't even get angry.

The lollipop crossed her arms, "why does even matter to you?"

"You're my girlfriend! I love you and this is what you do to return it!" Gumball continue to get angry causing the candy girl to jump.

"Says the person who is constantly mentions Fionna! Its always Fionna this and Fionna that! You make it seem as if you're more worried about her being okay rather than your own girlfriends feelings!"

My face darkened and I bit my lip, he really worried about me that much that it made his girlfriend jealous?

Gumball sighed and took a second cool down before speaking again. "You know I don't feel that way about her. Shes with Marshall anyway so you shouldn't have even worried about it."

Lolly smiled, "well I did you a favor your majesty. I broke the two up simply just getting into his house in the middle of the night and simply laying on top of him, going to sleep. I knew she was going to come the next morning but I didn't expect you to be with her but what did I expect?" She said laughing.

I clenched my jaw and tried to get to that stupid piece of candy but the strong grip wouldn't allow me to.

Gumball sighed, "common Lolly. Lets just go back and explain this to the two and let everything go back to normal."

She backed up to the rail, "no! Shes upset Prince! I bet if you go comfort her now, she'll be sure to fall for you."

I kind of felt bad for her... now I understood, she had her heart broken and this time, I was the reason...

What happened next surprised both of us, I broke free of the grasp, also losing my invisibility.

"Lolly!" Gumball yelled trying to grab her before she jumped off of the rail, a shocked expression passed him as he watched me jump right after her.

I frowned as she came closer and closer to me, I reached for her. We were almost to the ground, I had to be faster. My fingertips touched her arms and she looked up at me shocked, once I had a hold of her, I rotated our bodies so I was the one falling.

Then we hit the ground.

Or so I thought.

Once again in a warm embrace, I looked up to see who my savoir was before my face went red. "Marshall..." I gasped.

Lolly got off of me and looked at us both, "I'm so sorry you guys..." She sobbed before noticing a terrified Gumball and ran over to him.

I stared at Marshall for the longest time before turning around ad hugging him tightly. "I'm so sorry Marshall... I thought you didn't love me and that you liked Lolly and-" My rambles were interrupted by his lips against mine.

"Fionna, I don't want to ruin the moment or anything," Gumball called out. "But your boyfriend is smoking."

My eyes widened, "ah! The suns out Marshall! You cant be out in this!" I yelled, also noticing the smoke from his skin as I yanked him into some shade.

Marshall smiled at me softly, "I don't care..." He hugged me tightly, "I thought you really hated me..." He whispered worried.

I grabbed his face, "I wont ever hate you Marshall..." I pressed his lips to mine before blushing and smiling. "Ill always love you."

For the first time, I thought I noticed a tint blush on his cheeks before he smirked and it quickly vanished. "How about we head back to my place then?"

I blushed, "and do what?" I asked embarrassed.

"Play videogames... what did you think we were going to do?" He laughed as my face darkened. "Get your head out of the clouds Fionna. What are you? 16? You young to be thinking of stuff like that." He said amused.

I smiled and grabbed his hand, "lets go."

Marshall transformed into a cute little bat and got into my backpack to protect himself from the suns awful rays. "Okay."

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