There were 75 Hunger Games. There were 75 Vicotrs. We only know the popular ones. But what about the forgotten ones? They were just as affected. So here it is. A chapter per victor! Enjoy!


I grabbed my sword and rammed it into the cowering twelve year olds stomach and twirled his intestines round with it. his was the moment I had been waiting for since The Hunger Games had been announced. I shoved all the other idiots out of the way to get to the stage first and volunteered. This was it. My moment of victory!
Dad will be so proud of me! We will be rich! I can train Steel to volunteer when he's old enough as well! I will be a hero! Disitrict Two will love me! I will be famous.

My thoughts are interupted by a cannon. Claudius Templesmith's voice came over the speakers

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the victor of the 1st Annual Hunger Games, Iron Ross"