There were 75 Hunger Games. There were 75 Victors. We only know the popular ones. But what about the forgotten ones? They were just as affected. So here it is. A chapter per victor! Enjoy!

16th Games: Sam Joss: Distct Six

I sit on top of my next experiment and pin them down, thinking. What should I do this time? The question is, what do I want to find out about the human body now? I am using these games to help me become a biologist, and to become a biologist, I have to be aware about the human body. I know what I'll do to this experiment or lab rat, or even better, lab tribute! I'll skin her. I've skinned rats and rabbis and even cats before, I've just never skinned a human. Well this could be fun!

I dig my knees harder into the squirming girls side. She stops squirming immediatly and looks up at me with fear stricken eyes. Perfect. Just what I like to see in my experiments! I get my knife I use for gutting the fish I get from the river for my dinner, and I put it to her arm.

"Please" she whispers.

"Please, what? Kill you? Okay, sure!" I answer, looking her straight in the eyes with a menacing smile on my face.

I take my knife and put it into the place where her bicep should be, only she is so weak that she doesn't have any. I plunge it lightly into her arm and take off a layer of skin and bring the knife down until I get to her fingers and I have taken a whole layer of skin off. She screamed.

"Shut it" I hiss, digging my knees into her sides even harder.

I need her to be quiet, I can't have the careers attack me just yet, I need to be a bit more prepared first before I take care of them. She screams again though, despite my threats.

I sigh. I have no choice now. I hate working from a broken slate, a clean slate is much better to work on. It makes your work so much cleaner and more fun. However, I suppose I'll have to make a small sacrifice.

"Bye!" I hiss, plunging my knife deep into her heart, and twisting it about until I hear a snap.

I pull the knife out of her heart and see the blade has snapped off, somewhere inside her body, and all I am left with is the broken handle. At least I have a whole belt left and a few spare. I get off the girls limp body and walk away, grinning at what I have done, proud of myself.

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