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It was a regular day in Jump City, the citizens of the area were enjoying their nice and peaceful time until a large explosion occurred within the city.

The Teen Titans were once again fighting against villains that they constantly fought almost every single day.

Jinx, Mammoth, and Gizmo, members of HIVE, an organization that taught super powered teenagers on how to be villains, when the Titans first met the trio they had a rough time defeating the three until they figured out a plan.

But this time it seemed a little bit different from the last time they fought against the trio. They seemed to have changed their battle tactics and were currently having trouble.

"Titans, we can't lose this one!" Robin shouted as he threw a birdarang in the direction of Jinx who just smirked and waved her arms causing her bad luck magic to change the direction of the birdarang towards Raven who wasn't prepared for the surprise attack.

"Raven!" Beast Boy shouted in worry as he was about to transform until a black and yellow blur zoomed and grabbed Raven pulling her out of the way of the attack.

The Goth member of the Teen Titans who had her eyes closed opened them to see a figure holding her bridal style as he held her protectively. He was looking at her through his lenses which she couldn't see into, but due to his figure, it was clear that the person was a male.

The figure wore a black costume with a gold spider symbol on his chest that seemed to spread out on the costume while he had a red hoodie with a web design that covered his head while wearing a black mask underneath that had two white lenses that he looked out of.

"Yo, who's that guy?" asked Cyborg wondering who this newcomer is while Robin narrowed his eyes in the direction of the newcomer while taking out another birdarang.

"Could it perhaps be another enemy?" Starfire asked in confusion as she wondered if the new figure that appeared and saved Raven was a villain.

"Hey!" Gizmo shouted in the direction of the new figure that appeared in time to save Raven from being attacked. "You do you think you are getting into other people's business, you snot-brained crud muncher!"

But it seemed that the figure wasn't really paying attention to Gizmo at all, his attention was more focused on the girl who was in his arms.

"Hello Miss, good thing I was here in the nick of time." Said the figure with a cheerful voice that could have matched Beast Boy's.

"Who are you?" Raven asked as the figure placed on back onto the ground, and the figure turned to face the three HIVE members.

"The name is Spider-Man, don't forget it." Spider-Man answered as he rushed towards the three HIVE Members who smirked.

"Prepare to eat missile!" Gizmo shouted as he fired a large barrage of missiles towards Spider-Man who just smirked under his mask as he calmly dodged the oncoming missiles without even breaking a sweat. He rushed towards Gizmo and grabbed the little tech master and pulled off the techpack that was strapped onto the back of the HIVE Member. He then threw Gizmo towards a wall and shot some webs towards Gizmo causing him to stick to the wall.

"Next?" Spider-Man said as he made a come at me motioned in the direction of both Mammoth and Jinx who glowered and snarled at him, both deciding to attack him at the same time. Mammoth going in for the kill with close combat while Jinx hexed everything around Spider-Man aiming to cause some damage to the web-slinger, but due to the fact that Spider-Man's spider-sense warned him of every single oncoming attack that was coming at him, he easily dodged the attacks of Mammoth and Jinx.

He jumped into the air and performed a spinning roundhouse kick to Mammoth's head causing the large powerhouse member of the trio to stumble back a bit. Spider-Man then shot two web lines at Mammoth's chest and proceeding to swing the large villain around and around until he picked up enough speed and sent the villain flying in the direction of Jinx who shrieked and closed her eyes ready for impact as Mammoth flew into her, sending them flying into a large web that Spider-Man created to trap them in.

"Well that was pretty easy." Said Spider-Man as he clapped his hands together as if he was wiping off dust, he turned in the direction of the Teen Titans who were walking towards him.

"Hello." Spider-Man said politely as he waved towards the Titans in a friendly manner thus causing Starfire to zoom in front of him with a bright smile upon her face.

"Hi my name is Starfire, what's your name, how old are you, what's your favorite color, and will you be my friend?" Starfire asked pretty quickly but Spider-Man was able to catch exactly what she was saying.

"Spider-Man, 17, Red, and sure I like to have another friend." Spider-Man said as he crossed his arms and made a smile that couldn't be seen.

"Hooray!" Starfire shouted with glee has she hugged the superhero into a tight grip and some bone breaking was heard from the hugging.

"C-Can't b-b-breathe." Spider-Man wheezed as he was reached out to get out of Starfire's deadly grip.

"Starfire, that's enough let go of him." Robin said as he walked towards the two, and Starfire obeyed as she let go of Spider-Man who coughed and breathed in air as he cracked his back into place.

"Thanks dude, she's pretty cheerful and I like that, but seriously she gives mean hugs." Spider-Man said as he walked towards Robin and held out his hand to shake hands with the leader of the Teen Titans.

"Who are you?" Robin asked as he ignored the handshake that Spider-Man offered.

"Rude much, don't you know anything about secret identities bub, got to keep my real name a secret from enemies." Spider-Man said as he put his hand down and glared at the leader. "I bet you know a lot about that don't you?"

"I won't ask you again!" Robin said with a more threatening tone within his voice as he took out a birdarang out of his utility belt, Spider-Man noticed this and prepared himself for anything that might come his way.

"Whoa, whoa come on guys let's get along here." Beast Boy said trying to be the peacemaker between the two heroes.

"Yeah, the bad guys have been taken care of, let's just get along." Cyborg said as he tried to help Beast Boy calm down the two superheroes that were about to be at each other's throats. All of sudden a watch alarm went off on Spider-Man wrist alerting him of something.

"Well, looks like I have to get going nice to meet you guys, well some of you." Spider-Man said as he shot a web line towards a building and swung off.

"Wow, I wonder if he could join the team." Beast Boy said with both Starfire and Cyborg nodding in agreement. Raven noticed that Robin still seemed a little angry at the new hero that arrived.

"Hey are you okay?" Raven asked as she questioned the attitude that Robin was giving Spider-Man who helped them take down the HIVE Members.

"No, this new guy just came out of nowhere, I don't trust him, I don't trust him one bit." Robin told Raven as Cyborg called the T-Car so the team could head home.

Spider-Man stopped swinging and landed on top of the Jump City High School roof, he took off his hood and mask revealing his brunette hair and tanned skin, he seemed to be of a Polynesian and Native American descent. His name was Miguel Andrews, and he was the man behind the mask.

"I almost missed the bell, stupid Robin acting like he's the law of this city. Wait till I fight another bad guy and show him how a true hero handles things."