Balrook the Hunter had the feline girl right in his line of fire and was about to take the shot until a web-ball shot out and covered the hole of his gun jamming the weapon.

"What the hell?" Balrook shouted as he tried to rip the webbing off his weapon and continue hunting the feline girl. He failed to notice a figure flying towards him that was swinging on a web. The figure kicked him in the face sending him tumbling to the ground.

"You!" shouted the feline girl who finally recognized the figure that saved her from Balrook; it was the Spider-Man.

"Me, and I'm here to help you." Spider-Man said as he held out a hand towards the feline girl who looked at him wearily not sure if she should trust him.

"Look, we can stand here and wait for this guy to get back from my kick, or we can get out of here." Spider-Man pointed out as Balrook started to get back up from the wall-crawler's last attack. The girl nodded and then started running towards the next rooftop with Spider-Man on her tail.

Balrook got up from his position and looked around for signs of the two figures that fled from him, nothing was seen. He slammed his fist down on the roof of the building that he was on.

"Damn, I was so close; soon that totem will be mine." Balrook swore as he got up and checked his armor for any damages and also tried to repair his gun. He swore that he would get his hands on that totem that the girl was carrying.

Spider-Man and the girl were far away enough from Balrook to finally take a rest from fleeing from the hunter. Spider-Man sat down to catch his breath as the girl in question took out a strange small totem from around her neck and looked at it.

"What's…that?" Spider-Man asked while trying to catch his breath from running so much, the girl walked towards him and sits down near him to let him get a better view at the item in her hands.

"This item is the mystical Tantu totem, it is what allows me to have these powers and as the holder of the Tantu totem it is also my duty to protector like the others who were chosen by the Tantu totem." Said the girl as Spider-Man examined the totem, looking at the strange carvings that were written on the totem.

"So that hunter guy back there, was he after this?" Spider-Man asked receiving a nod from the girl who put her totem back into the safety of her costume. "But that still doesn't answer the question of why you attacked me back there." Spider-Man said with a questioning tone in his voice demanding an answer from the girl.

"I apologize about earlier, you see the totem's power is so strong that if I'm overwhelmed with a certain type of emotion that I can get out of control and attack almost anyone even innocents." Explained the girl as Spider-Man nodded in understanding.

"So back there with the guy you were standing over?" asked Spider-Man wondering why she was attacking the man who was frightened by her. (*Chapter 2)

"He was a mugger stole some money from an old woman who didn't see it coming, thugs like him make so mad." The girl explained to Spider-Man as she started to growl and her eyes looked more feral than before.

"It's alright calm down, come on I know a place we can keep you safe from the hunter dude." Spider-Man said as he offered his hand to her, whom she accepted and he pulled her close to him and wrapped his arm around her waist. The close contact that the two of them had with each other was causing her to blush. She was grateful that Spider-Man hadn't notice her cheeks were starting to glow red.

"Hold on tight!" Spider-Man warned her as he shot a web-line towards a building and started swinging towards the destination that Spider-Man was going to bring her, due to the fast speed that they were swinging at, the girl wrapped her arms tightly around his neck holding on for dear life. Spider-Man took notice of this and started to chuckle at this.

In his mind, he was wondering exactly who this girl was, maybe once they arrived at their destination he could get some answers out of her. He also wondered about that hunter, and was thinking of what the villain might do next. Spider-Man knew he would have to prepare himself for an upcoming battle against the hunter sooner or later to protect this girl. The wall-crawler was a protector and she needed protection and that's exactly what he is going to do.

Robin sat alone in the communications room of the Titans Tower; he was going over the footage from the fight against the new enemy that they fought as well as the footage of Spider-Man fighting against Cinderblock and this new enemy.

"What are you hiding?" Robin asked to himself, wondering why Spider-Man was so secretive, Robin was a fellow hero that played by the books while this Spider-Man was a rookie, a kid that shouldn't belong on the streets, but the level of skills and powers that this new kid had. It was frightening. His mentor, Batman, always told him that high level threats needed to be dealt with, even if Spider-Man was a hero, he needed to be controlled.

Then Robin's T-Com started to buzz, he took it off his belt and pressed the button which turned on the device, on the screen was Cyborg.

"What is it Cyborg?" asked Robin wondering why his team was contacting him at the moment, if any of his teammates contacted his T-Com, it would have to be an emergency.

"There is someone that you to meet, he knows all about the girl who was tussling with us downtown." Cyborg answered which caught Robin's attention, someone that knew about that girl, if he had answers then Robin needed to know more.

The man who appeared the Titans in their living room of the Tower was none other than Balrook the Hunter but the visor of his helmet was pulled up showing his true face, which was a Caucasian male with green eyes and blond hair.

"Hello Titans, my name is Donavon Simone, but I go by the codename: Balrook hence I work for the government on top secret assignments." Balrook lied to the Titans who bought everything he was saying even Robin believed him just because he said he was from the government.

"It's good to meet you Donavon, my name is Robin leader of the Titans, what is it that you wish to speak with us about?" Robin asked as he introduced himself with a handshake which Donavon took and then he took out a machine that displayed an image of the girl that attacked them from before.

"Have you seen this girl?" asked Donavon wondering if the Titans knew anything about this girl he was hunting.

"She's the one that scratched up my armor, it took me hours to fix, man she's got claws and by claws I mean claws of death!" Cyborg said with anger in his voice as he pointed at the repairs that he made which could be seen on his armor.

"Why is she important to you?" Robin asked wondering what Donavon's intentions were, Donavon changed the image of the device to show the Tantu Totem which the girl carried.

"She stole this from the facility that I work at, the Tantu Totem, its mystical powers allow the user to gain the abilities of any kind of animal as long as the user is wearing the item, she hasn't discovered how to use it fully but she has discovered the tiger form of the item. This item is very dangerous and with it she can harm innocent civilians, I was tracking her down until this individual stopped me and fled with her." Donavon explained as he switched the image to Spider-Man shocking the Titans except Robin who had a glare on his face as he looked at the picture of the so called hero.

"This cannot be, the Spider-Man is a good guy." Starfire said trying to deny that Spider-Man would even be a villain.

"I knew he couldn't be trusted." Robin said as he gripped his fist, so Spider-Man was a villain after, this time Robin vowed to take him down for good this time.