I will Miss You Always..

When I Was Playing I May Lolligag Sometimes, be Afk, Sometimes RageQuit were All The Same With What's Inside..Well I hope You Guys Enjoy! This FanFic Is All About Me And A Lady i met in Transformice :D,We Became More than Just Friends(note: It's A Short Story about me And Yeah...)

As I Went to Room 4 I met This Lady Whom Shall Not Be Named,Well I was Often Shy but Oh well.

"Hi!" I said

"Hello!" She Replied

We Talk Always and Maybe Troll Sometimes We Always Go together And Stay With Each Other Until She Said

"I think I like you..."

"oh really?" I asked

She Asked Me To Be Her Boyfriend And Without Hesitation I said


Our Relation was 2 years all ready Until One Morning It rained So Hard And she Said

"I'm Gunna Come Back okay!"

I was Worried What would Happen to Her But My Legs And Feet Were Stopping Me From Leaving the Spot Where She Left me Alone Many Days Passed She Didn't Come Back I waited For Her So Long...She Really Left me already..Starting That Day I always Suicide Every Rainy Days And It's Morning.