Chapter three

During the next few weeks, harry kept teddy busy at his bakery, while Draco worked at st. mungo's. He had gotten his training finished a year ago, and he absolutely loved being a healer. It was the end of july when harry brought up the subject of school to teddy.

"Teddy, you know you're turning six in December right?" he asked, and he nodded.

"Well, I figured you should start going to school. Does that sound fun?" he asked, and Draco choked on his food.

"I thought he'd get a private tutor" he said, and harry looked at him like he was crazy.

"And who would stay home with him? I can't just close up shop Draco, I'm the only bakery in town." He said, and Draco huffed.

"He's a metamorphmeagus harry, he can't go to school with green hair" he said, and teddy turned his hair from light blue to dark brown.

"How about now?" he asked, and harry smirked.

"Here's the problem kiddo. You have to keep it that way until you get home" he said, and teddy nodded.

"I can do that" he said, but Draco shook his head.

"I don't like it. What if he can't control his magic? What then?" he asked, and teddy grinned.

"I can control my magic! It's just when I get mad, or upset and I do it without realizing" he said, and Draco rolled his eyes.

"Exactly. I remember your mum used to go different colors with her mood. If you get upset, you can't just change your hair color, and you can't make funny faces. You'd be going to school with muggle children." He said, and harry sighed.

"Well, he needs to go Draco, and I'm sorry, but I'm not closing up shop to stay home and let him have a private tutor. He needs to make friends! I had… well, not really a lot, but I did have some friends when I was in public school." He said. teddy grinned.

"Does this mean I get to pick out my own school supplies?" he asked, and harry nodded.

"We'll go tomorrow, how does that sound?" he asked, and teddy nodded.

The next day, after they closed the bakery, they made their way to the local muggle store, where teddy picked out everything superman. When they got home, harry wrote teddy's name on everything, and teddy put it up in his room. Before they knew it, it was teddy's first day of school. Harry got up extra early to make him breakfast, and made sure he had everything he needed. Teddy was going to Discovery Private Academy. Draco had finally agreed to let teddy go to school, but only if it was a private school. Harry agreed, and so did teddy.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Draco asked, and he nodded. Teddy had chosen dark brown hair, and the school uniform, which was a dark blue Collared T shirt with Tan pants and brown Dress shoes. They got into harry's mini cooper, and zoomed the 10 minutes to school. They parked, and walked teddy to his classroom, giving him on last hug before he went into his classroom.

"He'll be fine" Draco said, seeing harry's worried face. Harry nodded, and kissed his cheek and drove to the bakery while Draco apperated to work. Harry's day was peaceful, quite, and content. At three, we went to get teddy. When he got there, teddy was jumping with excitement.

"I had the best day!" he said, and harry grinned.

"I'm glad! Come, we need to go back to the shop, but you can tell me all about your day" he said, and teddy nodded, taking his hand. He led him to the car, and they drove to the bakery, where scorpius worked on his homework, and talked about his day.

"Well, we sang songs, and colored, and did centers, and had recess! And we went to art, and I drew a picture!" he said, and reached into his backpack, and showed him. there was a picture of Draco, teddy, and harry standing together in front of a big tree.

"One of the kids asked if you two were my daddies, and I said no. I told her that you're my godfather and Draco is my uncle. She said that's a weird family, but if we love each other, then it shouldn't matter." He said, and harry nodded.

"That's right. Come on, time to go home" he said, and scorpius packed up his things, and they drove home. Draco wasn't home yet so harry made chicken parm, and they sat down on the couch and ate dinner.

"So, what did you do today?" teddy asked, and harry smiled.

"Not to much actually. The shop was kind of busy, so I just sort of hung out." he said, and teddy chuckled.

"You don't do that every day do you?" he asked, and harry shook his head.

"You worked with me during the summer! You know that's not all I do" he said, and teddy grinned.

"Could've fooled me" he said, and harry laughed loudly and they finished eating. Once he washed the dishes, teddy went to take a shower, and harry tucked him into bed. he went downstairs to find Draco sitting on the couch.

"Dray?" he asked, and he breathed in a shakey breath.

"Mum… she came in today. She had a heart attack…." He whispered, and harry went over and pulled him into his arms.

"they say she'll be alright, but they won't let me work with her… I went in to see her… gods harry ive never seen her so scared" he cried into his chest, and harry rubbed his back in circles.

"It's ok, at least you know… god Draco I'm so sorry" harry said, and Draco nodded.

"That's why I was so late coming home. I wanted to hear all about teddy's first day, and how your day was, but I couldn't leave her harry…" he sobbed, and harry held him close.

"Cousin Draco?" they heard a small voice say at the end of the hall. They turned and saw teddy, clutching his stuffed dinosaur.

"Are you ok?" he asked, coming over to them. Draco quickly dried the tears on his cheeks.

"I'm… yeah buddy I'm ok." he said, and teddy shook his head.

"Lying is bad cousin Draco…" he said, and Draco scooped him up in his arms and rocked him softly.

"Nana went to the hospital today. She's alright, but that really scared me, that's why I'm home so late" he said, and teddy nodded. They heard talking in the foyer, and Draco gave harry to teddy, and he went upstairs with him, teddy screaming all the way. Draco took out his wand, and walked into the foyer.

"Draco Lucius!" the voice said, and Draco froze. He looked around him, trying to find his father, but there was no one there.

"In the fire Draco" the voice said, and he saw his fathers face in the fire.

"Dad!" he said, kneeling down in front of the fire.

"Hello son. I heard about your mother… is she alright?" he asked, and he nodded.

"I stayed with her all day, one of the other doctors took over my cases." He said, and his father.

"That's a good boy. Listen, I haven't much time, they're only allowing me 20 minutes. What happened?" he asked, and Draco sighed.

"I'm guessing stress. Aunt Andromeda passed away a few weeks ago, and it really hurt her. You're getting out of Azkaban in two months, so she's got to be stressed about that" he said, and he heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Your cousin is the worlds loudest screamer. I swear" he said, and Draco hung his head, and harry looked at him.

"What?" he asked, coming into the foyer, and seeing Lucius in the fire.

"Oh…." He said, and Lucius smirked.

"Draco, look at me" he said, and Draco did.

"I knew you loved him before you knew, so don't try and say you don't. I'm ok with you two. Prison has changed me Draco, and I hope you can see that. Now, what's going to happen to ted?" he asked.

"Harry and I have taken him in. I moved in the day before the funeral, and teddy's really settling in." he said.

"It's time for me to go, so I'll try and get into contact with your mother before I get out." he said, and Draco nodded. The call ended, and they went up to check on teddy, who was asleep. They went into their bedroom, and Draco sat on the bed.

"Should I forgive my father?" he asked, and harry said down beside him.

"I can't tell you that. Only you can make that decision Draco. I think, the choices he made were bad, but he did them to protect you, and your mum, and your mum knows that. I'm sure if your father had the choice, he would have never let you get the mark, and he would have protected you, but if he had, he would have been killed, and you would have gotten the mark anyway. He loves you." Harry said, and Draco nodded.

"Let's just go to sleep?" he asked, and they changed, and Draco cuddled next to harry. he slowly fell asleep.