Sakura's POV:

"What do you mean you don't know what i'm talking about"?! I yelled so loud that I felt as though my lungs would burst out of my chest at any second now .Surprisingly enough the neighbors haven't called the cops from all of my yelling ,I am quite sure people in America can hear me. As I caught my breath I turned to the source of my anger;Itachi.

There he was just sitting down on one of our beige-brown chairs calmly reading one of his worn out philosophy books " Fear and Trembling".Acting as if nothing was happening (Well he was afterall the calm one in their relationship) in all of his handsome glory .For some unknown reason this just made me angrier.

Itachi's POV:

'Hn' This had all started because about a week or so ago Hashimoto had offered me a job that would pay double the amount I get now the only problem being that it was all the way in Suna which is about 125 miles from where I live.

Then today while i was taking a shower Hashimoto had called and informed Sakura about the offer but the bastard had left out the part in which I had declined and as a result causing her too feel betrayed.

3rd person POV:

"You know exactly what i'm talking about,when were you going to tell me that you were offered a job in Suna?Huh,or were you just gonna leave without saying a thing"!Sakura shouted furiously as her bright jade eyes watered as Itachi noticed this he put down his worn out book on their sepia brown coffee table while he spoke in a calm yet sincere voice "Cherry Blossom, you're over reacting , I did not find it important to inform you for the simple fact that I had declined it"."That's not the point Itachi ,the thing is that we are a couple and couples don't keep things from eachother and then when I got that phone call I thought you were gonna leave me without saying a single word."

"I sometimes feel as though you don't love me Itachi."

Sakura said barely in a whisper as she turned to face their large-sized house door .But before she could even dare take a step

out of the front door she found herself being harshly pressed against the door frame staring into blazing red eyes filled with fury that belonged to the one and only Itachi Uchiha

In defiance response Sakura struggled against the older male which only resulted in makeing the elder Uchiha push her harder against the door until the pink haired women stopped struggling and when she did he looked her directly in the eyes "Sakura you better listen to me because i'm gonna say this loud and clear and I will not repeat myself, I love you better yet i'm IN love with you don't you ever think that I don't and the only time i'm leaving it will be with you coming along with me. Do you understand me"? Itachi said firmly yet sincerely.

Sakura still in a state of stupor softly nodded her head.

All of a sudden she found herself laying down against their soft silk covered mattress with Itachi hovering over her and she knew exactly what awaited her once she saw that predatory look on the Uchihas perfectly sculptured face and she did not complain one bit.

For the next two days Itachi showed the women he will one day call his wife just how much he loves her...