Jeff drove the rental car to the arena in silence. Neither Jeff or Trish spoke on the way there. They loved each other, yet didn't have the courage to tell one another, and if Matt and Lita found out, Jeff would lose his two good friends. Jeff pulled up into the arena's parking lot, parking the green car. Trish and Jeff got out of the car, and walked to the trunk, picking up their bags. They walked into the arena, and went their own ways. When Trish entered the Diva's locker room, Lita walked over to her.

"Hey slut. Sleep well?" Lita teased, and then got serious. "Don't play innocent, Trish. Matt and I both heard you and Jeff last night...and this morning. I guess you two have a real life relationship now, huh? Or was it just a one night stand, seeing as most of your relationships are, when it comes to you." Lita smirked.

"Shut up, Lita! I'm not in the mood! Jeff and I...well...I don't know what the hell we are, but unlike you, he looks past the character I play on tv. You know, I think I'm in love with him, Lita! And and Matt make me wish I've never fell in love with Jeff! Seeing as you and him just want to make my life a living hell! I can't take it anymore!" Trish said, tears running down her cheeks. "I'm so outta here!"

Trish ran out of the locker room, Lita following close behind.

Lita yelled, "But Trish! You can't go! We have a promo to do!" Lita sighed when Trish ran out to the parking lot. Lita knew she'd be in trouble if she didn't get Trish back. Lita actually felt a little bad for treating Trish the way she did. Lita sighed, and walked to the Hardyz locker room. She entered it, and stared at Matt and Jeff.

"Guys...listen. Trish totally flipped out on me, because I brought up the fact that Matt and I heard you two last night..." Jeff blushed, as Lita continued. "She said that she's in love with you Jeff, and she wish she wasn't because of Matt and myself. I feel awful now. She just left the building, and we have to go get her before our backstage segment! Will you guys help me look for her?!" Lita shouted.

"Alright...let's go." Matt said, practically running out of the door.

Jeff knew where Trish was. Jeff dissed Lita and Matt, and went to his rental car. And sure enough Trish was leaning against it, crying. Jeff held her in his arms, letting her cry as loud, and as long as she wanted, before speaking to her.

"Trish...Lita told me what happened. She really feels bad. Trish, I love you." Jeff said before he kissed Trish. Jeff looked into Trish's eyes, and smiled. "Do you love me, Trish?"