Chapter 2: Drawn in

(Thanks so much to TomyAllen (Yup, this is me returning to my angsty roots!), MrsByaKuchiki (Yes, that was Bya's poor attendant that was killed ): I realized later that I was a little vague about that.), and Aria6 (Well, more is here!) Enjoy!)


It wasn't enough to walk cautiously. Even knowing you were there, I could not take the path that led around you. You changed the ground beneath my feet and the scene before my eyes. I ran from you and still turned directly into your arms. They hold me so that I cannot breathe…and will not let me go…


Byakuya looked up as the housekeeper led Aizen Sousuke into the gardens. He didn't know quite why, but a shiver passed through him at the sight of the man. It wasn't that he had ever done anything remotely threatening. And the only time he had felt uncomfortable in the seemingly gentle taichou's presence was the night before, when he had confronted Byakuya about kissing Gin. He decided then that it must have been about the kiss. He was still embarrassed, first that it had happened and second that they had been caught at it. It made sense then that the one who had seen through his thinly veiled lie would make him feel uncomfortable. He brushed the feeling off and forced his body to relax as Aizen joined them at the table.

"Greetings, Aizen taichou," said Ginrei, looking up at him, "I was just telling Byakuya about your award ceremony."

"Congratulations, Aizen taichou," added Byakuya.

"Arigato," Aizen said, sitting down at the table.

The server poured him a cup of tea.

"And you just celebrated an honor of your own, Byakuya," Aizen said to the youth, "I think every noble in existence attended your passage ceremony."

"Well," said Ginrei, his lips curving upward, "it isn't every day that a future clan leader reaches his eighteenth year. We are very proud of Byakuya."

Byakuya sipped quietly at his tea.

"I believe you said that you had a request to make," Ginrei prompted Aizen.

"Ah, yes," said Aizen, his eye falling on Byakuya and sending another small stab of discomfort through the boy's heart, "I am overseeing a short mission to the living world which will require me to pose as a wealthy businessman. I have a need for an attendant, fukutaichou level to undertake this mission with me, but my own fukutaichou is overwhelmed with other responsibilities. In addition, the mission requires the attendant to be multi-lingual and to have a talent in calligraphy. Ukitake taichou informs me that your Byakuya is capable in both of these areas. Moreover, he looks the part…young, fine features, high intelligence. I was wondering if you might allow me to borrow him for a few days."

Byakuya's first instinct was to jump at the opportunity. Because of his age, Ginrei had a tendency to keep him close by, despite his proven ability as a fukutaichou. But with his eighteenth birthday passed, he was certain that the elder noble would be likely to consider it appropriate for him to partake of longer and more dangerous missions that would call for him to be more on his own. Still, he felt that twinge of discomfort again.

"Byakuya?" said Ginrei.

Byakuya nodded calmly.

"I am willing," he said quietly.

Ginrei bent his head, studying his tea.

"Things are quiet at the sixth division. I believe that it would not be a burden to allow him to accompany you. When do you leave for this mission?"

"I'm afraid we must leave immediately. Fortunately, he needn't bring anything. Everything has been prepared for our trip. I would, of course, have given more warning, had I been able, but…"

"Not to worry," Ginrei assured him, "Byakuya is quite capable of the necessary flexibility required on short notice missions."

"I am glad to hear that," said Aizen, "and I am grateful for the assistance. I do not wish to be rude, but we will need to go. Our transfer team is already in place and just waiting for us."

Byakuya stood and joined Aizen, forcing away the unwanted anxiety. He took a calming breath.

"Again, arigato," said Aizen, "I will have your grandson back as soon as this mission is successfully completed."

They took their leave of the noble and flash stepped away from Kuchiki Manor. Byakuya followed in silence as the elder shinigami led him to the senkaimon. They passed over into the living world and slipped into the gigais their attendants provided them with. Then, they climbed into a limousine and sped away. Byakuya felt Aizen watching him out of the corner of his eye. The elder shinigami smiled bracingly.

"He hardly lets you out of his sight, right?" he queried softly.

Byakuya gazed at him for a moment, then nodded.

"It is customary, considering he is grooming me for clan leadership," he replied.

"But," Aizen said, glancing out the window, "all young people yearn for a bit of excitement, a bit of freedom, ne?"

Byakuya looked down at his hands.

"Of course," he admitted, "but being made clan leader is a great responsibility…a great weight. And it requires the sacrifice of such things, for the good of the clan."

"Still," Aizen went on, "youthful hearts become restless, when held back so. I imagine that this is what led to that kiss I witnessed."

Byakuya felt a flush rise on his cheeks.

"Aizen taichou…I…"

"Not to worry," the elder shinigami said calmly, "I'm sure it meant nothing."

"Oh…no, it was…a mistake…just a mistake."

"Hmmm…" said Aizen thoughtfully, as the limousine pulled up to their hotel.

The valet opened the car door and they stepped out onto the entry carpet, and followed it into the richly luxuriant lobby. Aizen kept the young noble at his side as he checked in and they received their keys. They took the elevator to the top floor and turned toward their penthouse suite.

"I booked us into a single suite, because you are acting as my personal assistant. I am a businessman who requires your assistance at all hours, so I will need you to remain close by."

He opened the door and motioned for Byakuya to enter. The noble stepped forward and Aizen followed him into the room. Byakuya paused in surprise as Gin stepped forward to meet them. He felt a chill as he noted that Gin looked surprised as well.

"I thought your fukutaichou was…"

"Yes, yes," said Aizen, brushing off his concern, "He seems to have found a break in his busy schedule. Come, Byakuya, we will show you to your room."

As they passed the sword stand near the door, Aizen picked up his zanpakutou.

"That is Kyoka Suigetsu?" queried Byakuya.

Aizen's lips curled into a smile.

"Yes," he said softly.

He drew the blade and let the young noble admire it for a moment. Then, he raised it, looking as though he planned to return it to the sheath, but instead held it point down and released his shikai.

Byakuya froze.

His smile widening, Aizen quickly gathered the spellbound youth into his arms and carried him into the bedroom, calling for Gin to follow. He set Byakuya down on the bed and loosened and opened his clothing, laying bare the sweet, white flesh he had been craving for several years. He hadn't dared to touch the youth before, so careful was the watch around him, but having reached his eighteenth year, the controls and protections were loosened and given what had happened at the manor, Aizen wasn't going to pass on the chance to taste the noble youth's body and simultaneously bring him under Kyoka Suigetsu's control. He leaned over the youth, touching his face and calling his name as he released the hypnosis.

Byakuya looked up at him, then Gin, blinking and suddenly realizing where he was and how he had been partially undressed. A flush came over his face and he started to sit up. Aizen gently pushed him back down.

"Don't try to get up," he instructed the youth, "You lost consciousness and I loosened your clothing to allow you to breathe more freely."

"B-but…" Byakuya began.

"Hush, now," Aizen went on, "You should rest."

The noble's dark eyes looked uncertain, but still trusting. Aizen looked down at him kindly and touched his face again. Byakuya looked back at him uncertainly, highly aware that Gin was shaking.

"A-aizen taichou?"

The brown eyes gazed down into his and Byakuya felt his heart quicken.

"You admitted to me that you long for freedom, Byakuya," Aizen said softly, "I was thinking that while we are here, we might take a bit of that freedom…and enjoy it together."

"How do you mean?" the youth said, his voice filling with hesitance.

"You are about to achieve a position of great power, but in many ways, you are still naïve."

He leaned closer, bringing his lips to the reclined noble's ear.

"You are proven on the battlefield, intelligent and well educated, but your body," he said, letting his fingers slide down the long, soft throat, "your body is still untouched. You are still innocent, Byakuya…and that could become a liability."

"H-how so?" Byakuya said, trying unsuccessfully to sound unaffected.

Aizen smiled.

"Your body wants to be touched, loved, claimed…and your heart will undoubtedly follow it. You want to put your heart in a safe place, with someone you trust, so that it will not be stolen and used against you. That kiss you gave Gin was a dangerous thing…a kiss that could bring you more trouble than you know. Because, you see…Gin belongs to me. No one touches him but me. His heart, his body and soul are mine. Do you understand?"

"Hai, Aizen taichou…b-but…"

"When someone touches Gin," Aizen said, slipping out of his clothes, "there is a price to be paid. And since you have touched him, you must deal with me."


"Undress yourself, Gin."

Aizen turned his head and brought his lips to the noble's, capturing them and caressing them gently with his. Byakuya stiffened at the intimate contact, his breath catching. He tried to pull away, but the elder shinigami settled his weight on top of the youth, holding him down and increasing the pressure against his lips.

"Aizen t-taichou! P-please…st…" Byakuya stammered.

He gave a surprised gasp as his awakening arousal was touched by another that was already hard and leaking. Aizen nibbled gently at his throat and ear as Gin stood frozen at the side of the bed.

"You feel it, don't you?" he asked softly, "Your body wants mine…and mine wants yours. It's all right for it to be that way. It's quite natural. We are both beings of great power. It is only right that we should find each other and share our passions. And besides…you do owe me…and all who owe me, pay what is due…"

"No…the clan rules say that…"

Aizen leaned forward and made his words disappear as he thrust his tongue deeply into the noble's mouth, stroking the length of his tongue, teasing it with his warmth and seeking to calm the trembling body held trapped beneath his. Byakuya tried again to pull away, but was held down too tightly. His eyes met Gin's and he saw a shock of guilt pass over the other youth's face.

"We won't worry about the rules of your clan for now," he said softly, "While you are with me, I make the rules."

He forced his way again into the depths of Byakuya's mouth and probed it with a blazing, hungry tongue. At the same time, his hands moved over the tender, white flesh, exploring it with deep, sensuous touches that made Byakuya's eyes close and his body quiver. He moaned anxiously into the elder shinigami's mouth and Aizen kissed him harder.

He knew that the older man wanted more…and he was determined to have it…

"Aizen taichou," he said in a trembling voice, "Please…you have to stop. This is wrong."

Strong hands gripped him and dragged him onto his knees and turned him to face Aizen.

"No, Byakuya, what you did was wrong. I am only taking what is rightfully mine."

Byakuya glanced down at their naked bodies and blushed. Aizen smiled wickedly.

"You see how much my body wants yours, ne?" he said softly, "Come closer, then, Byakuya. I want you to put your mouth on me. I want you to taste me."


Aizen's eyes remained calm and gentle, but Byakuya felt the press of his spiritual pressure close in and it became harder for him to draw a breath.

"You seem to think that you are making the decisions here…but let me educate you, little noble. Not everyone will place you on a pedestal…and there are those who will take you to your knees and make you bow before them. I am one of those people."

Aizen reached toward Gin and the trembling youth handed him his sword. Byakuya tried to draw back, but all at once, his body refused to obey him. Aizen smiled.

"Not many people know the different powers of my weapon. Kyoka Suigetsu has power over the senses and with it, I will have your cooperation, whether or not you are willing."

"Why?" Byakuya asked breathlessly, "Why are you doing this?"

"Why?" Aizen repeated calmly, "Simple. You touched something that belongs to me. I will show you why it is not wise to do such a thing."

"Aizen taichou…nothing…"

"Shut up…and put your mouth on me, little noble."

He moved so that he leaned back against the pillows, watching intently as his power forced Byakuya to move closer and lower himself slowly down in between the elder shinigami's parted thighs. He hesitated for a moment and Aizen felt a shiver pass through the youth's body. He smiled and reached out to stroke the noble's hair gently.

"That's a good boy," he said softly, "Go ahead, Byakuya…taste it. It is not unpleasant, I promise you. And if you do as I tell you, I will go easy on you."

There was another short hesitation, as Byakuya strained against the pull of Aizen's power. Then he felt his head being forced down and his mouth opened and wrapped around the elder shinigami's hardness. Warm fluid leaked out into Byakuya's mouth, choking him slightly and making him cough and gasp as he released his hold. Aizen continued stroking his hair and slowly coaxed him back into position. He took in Aizen's length more slowly, adjusting gradually as he began to move up and down. Aizen groaned and panted, forcing himself to hold back, his eyes obviously enjoying the sight of Byakuya on his hands and knees, bowed before him and pleasuring him.

"Does it taste good?" he hissed, raising his hips.

"Hmmmm…" moaned the entranced youth.

"Gin," Aizen said quietly, "Prepare him."

The words still reached Byakuya's fevered mind and, realizing what was about to happen, he struggled to regain some kind of control. Aizen's hands forced him down and held him tightly.

"Gin!" he said, more sharply, "Now."

It was impossible to breathe anymore, and Byakuya gagged and moaned, trying to break free of the hold of the hypnosis, but his body only stirred sluggishly. His head swam and he began to lose consciousness, then he felt the hands loosen and managed to take a few short breaths. Then he felt Gin's fingers touch him and lost control. His reiatsu flared and he regained enough strength to pull free of Aizen. Gin backed away, a terrified expression on his face as Byakuya came to his feet and flash stepped toward the window. An arm wrapped around his waist and Aizen took him to the floor. Reiatsu flared around him as his spirit energy was sealed away and kido ropes lashed around his wrists. Aizen carried him back to the bed and laid him on his stomach, fastening his wrists securely to the headboard. He forced the slender legs open wide and tied them to the bedposts, then beckoned Gin closer.

"Put it in his mouth and keep him quiet!" he said sharply.

Seeing that Aizen had no plans to finish preparing Byakuya, Gin moved the stunned noble's head into position over his, as yet, soft member.

"You shouldn't fight him," Gin breathed, leaning forward so that Aizen wouldn't hear, "He'll only hurt you more. Try to stay quiet and he'll leave us sooner."

Byakuya said nothing, but Gin felt him shiver as Aizen moved into position behind him and entered him roughly. Byakuya gave a strangled gasp and moaned in protest. His body tightened and shook heavily as the elder shinigami moved at a punishing speed. His hands took hold of the soft, white hips and held them in place as he continued. Gin stroked the noble's hair down where Aizen couldn't see, and tried not to hear the soft, pained sobs. His face flushed hotly as he tried to keep control of himself, but Aizen turned his eyes on the silver-haired youth.

"Hurry up," he ordered Gin.

Gin quivered. He wouldn't last much longer, gazing down at Byakuya's beautiful and tormented face and feeling the other young man's mouth on him. He held the noble's head in place, moaning loudly as he emptied himself. Aizen's lips quirked as Byakuya tried to pull away from Gin, and he choked again.

"Swallow," Gin told him quietly.

Byakuya choked and gasped…and avoided the other youth's eyes. Aizen leaned forward and turned Byakuya's head, then licked away the bits of fluid that had leaked from his mouth. He began moving again, at the same time, reaching down between the youth's thighs and taking hold of his inflamed member, stroking it in time with his movements. He laid his body along the length of Byakuya's back, and laughed into his ear as a soft sobbing sound issued from the youth. His thoughts were taken away suddenly as Byakuya began to climax and the tightening around him sent him careening over the edge as well. He released deep inside the noble's sweet, perfect body, then pressed his face to his cheek, letting his weight settle onto Byakuya's back.

"You see," he said softly, "It goes easier for you when you obey and harder when you don't. I will warn you now, Byakuya…Do not touch Gin again. And do not tell a soul what happened here. You will remain here and provide us with pleasure until our mission is over, after which, you will return to Kuchiki Manor and forget it ever happened. If you say a word, I will come for you…and what happened to you attendant, will happen to you. When you leave, you will not remember what happened, but your subconscious will remember the consequences of giving anything away…"

He climbed carefully out of the bed and glanced at Gin.

"Clean him up and leave him bound. I don't want him to escape. I want to enjoy him more when I get back after my meetings. Watch him, Gin."

He left the room and a few minutes later, the youths heard the sound of a shower running. Gin leaned over Byakuya and released the restraints. The noble sat up, wiping the tears away and staring.

"What are you doing? He said…"

"I know what he said…but I also know that he won't kill me for it. Just get out of here."

Byakuya picked up his clothes and began to dress.

"You have to come with me. We'll go to my grandfather."

"He will kill us…and your grandfather. Byakuya…no one realizes how powerful he is. Get out of here. You're not going to remember anything anyway. Just get away…go…"

"I can't leave you here," Byakuya insisted, "He's going to hurt you again."

"I can handle it," hissed Gin, "I know how to manage his anger. It will be worse if I try to leave."

Byakuya tied his belt and stood on quivering legs, thinking quickly.

"I have to knock you out," he said, finally.

Gin smiled.

"You'll be more gentle than he will, ne? And he might not beat me as much," he commented.

He released the seal on the noble's spirit energy and Byakuya gathered his power. Gin dropped to his knees and Byakuya moved in behind him. He paused for a moment.

"I'm sorry," the noble said softly.

"Don't be," Gin replied, "I got you into this."

Byakuya sighed and shook his head. He sent a shock of kido through Gin, catching his body as he lost consciousness and easing him to the floor.

"I just wish I could get you out," Byakuya whispered.

He moved to the window, opening it and slipping out onto the ledge. He heard the shower turn off and flash stepped away quickly. He raced toward home, but as the distance shortened, his mind spun strangely and he felt something odd passing over him. By the time he passed through the senkaimon, he forgot why he was running. And when he passed through the gates of Kuchiki Manor, he came upon his grandfather and slid to a stop. Ginrei stared at him in dismay.

"Byakuya," he said sternly, staring at the youth's disheveled appearance and the tearstains on his cheeks, "How did you end up in this dreadful state."

The youth stepped closer and collapsed into his grandfather's arms.