Note: This is a Song Fic, 'One Kiss From You' by Britney Spears. Yeah, I don't like her, but the lyrics to this song are good for a Song Fic. brBR

II'm dreaming of one kiss from you

A love long and true

We'll go on and on and.brBR/I

That's all she wanted. Just one kiss. One kiss from the man of her dreams. Or so she thought. Then she had her chance. She teamed up with the Big Show awhile back, and went against Matt Hardy, and Lita. Some how Big Show blamed Trish for losing. Seeing, as Jeff didn't like to see a damsel in distress, he saved Trish from the Big Show, by drop kicking him. That's when she knew. That's when Trish Stratus knew who she loved.BRBR

II don't wanna hear that I'm too young

To know it's love that makes me feel this way

'Cause I don't have to feel the heat of the sun

To know it's shining on me every day

When it's warm outside

And the look in your eyes

Is longing to show me the way

I don't want to wait/IBRBR

"Hey Trish." Lita, her best friend said.

"Hi, so.Jeff has to go against Big Show, because of me tonight. I'm worried. I know he'll get hurt, and he didn't have to save me like that." Trish stated.

"I know, but he wanted to. You know you two are friends."

"Yeah, you're right." Trish said as she went back to the Women's locker room.

That's all they are. Just friends. Nothing more, nothing less. And Trish wish they could've been more. They made a cute couple, or so Trish only thought. She sighed as she watched Jeff go against Big Show. She felt like she had to be out there, so Trish Stratus walked out to ringside. She watched the match; cheering on Jeff, knowing he'll lose. Which, Jeff did in fact lose. Big Show left the exhausted Jeff lying in the ring. Trish entered the ring, and helped Jeff up. Suddenly she cupped Jeff's face with her hands, leaned in, and planted a kiss softly on Jeff's lips. Then she pulled away, her heart filled with joy. She exited the ring, leaving the bewildered Jeff by himself. She went backstage.BRBR

IJust one kiss from you, and suddenly

I see the road laid out in front of me

You give me strength, you give me hope

And when you hold me in your arms

You make me whole

And I don't know just what I would do

Without one kiss from you

I don't wanna hear my time will come

When it feels like it's already here

We should learn to walk before we run

But why go anywhere when you're so near

'Cause when I reach out to you

So sad and confused

And feeling like I could cry

You dry my eyes/IBRBR

Later on she ran into Jeff in the hallway.BRBR

"Jeff, I wanted to apologize for kissing you. I mean, you were there, and I was there-" Trish was interrupted.BRBR

"Trish, there's no need to say your sorry for the kiss. I understand, it was a spur of the moment thing. No need to apologize." Jeff said.BRBR

Jeff smiled at Trish, considering her more of a sister then girlfriend. He hugged her, before he went to his locker room.BRBR

II'm looking for one kiss goodnight

To last all my life/IBRBR

She got a kiss from Jeff. And yet she wasn't satisfied. Maybe because she had to steal the kiss from Jeff. Or maybe it was because she knew that no matter how much she loved him, he'd never feel the same way. Jeff was.Jeff, and he had a girlfriend back home named Beth, who he loved. Yes, it was official. Trish had no chance with the love of her life, Jeffery Nero Hardy. She sighed, and walked off down the hallway, disappointed of not only herself, but Jeff Hardy.