What Did you expect?


Ava Brett


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Author Note

So I'm off ill today with a completely messed up back as in I lasted three hours at work before the pain was so bad I was nearly crying at my desk, Bad news for me but good news for you.

I'm sorry I've been so lame with fresh updates but I've been reediting stories and improving them for the better. This one just happens to be next so enjoy!

Overall Summary

Castiel was never thrown by anything. He was popular, he was intelligent, he was good looking and he had a hot girlfriend his life was perfect right up to the point that Dean Winchester entered his home room, now he's all he can think about. Castiel is desperate to solve the mystery of Dean but he might just find that some truths are meant to be left undisturbed.

Chapter Summary

Castiel Novak sees Dean Winchester for the first time…

Overall Romance

Castiel Novak / OFC, Chuck Shurley/Becky Rosen, Eventual Castiel Novak/Dean Winchester

Chapter Romance

Mentions of Castiel Novak / OFC and one sided Castiel Novak/ Dean Winchester

Chapter One

And into the home room he walked…

Into the home room he walked, looking as though he didn't have a care in the world not knowing the impact a simple glance had on me. How could he know how important he would be to me when I didn't know my self?

"Hey Castiel, have you heard the latest news? We've a new kid!"

Castiel Novak glanced up from his chemistry book, raising a dark eyebrow when Becky Rosen slid into the seat next to him with an excited look on her face. He thought briefly about telling her to move but ignored the thought. It was too late now anyway.

"What new kid?" he asked absently. Becky seemed to inflate on the spot as she grinned at him, sitting up straighter in the chair.

"I can't believe you haven't heard about him yet" she squealed, the sound making him wince. He should have learnt by now not to get Becky excited over something. The minute she did was the minute her voice would suddenly end up several octaves higher then its usual level causing pain to all those with normal human hearing capabilities.

"Well clearly I haven't or I wouldn't be asking you what you're talking about" Castiel answered, looking away from her and turning his attention back to his book. It was too early in the morning to deal with either Becky or Chemical formulas. He shot her a glare when she reached over and whipped the textbook away from him, putting it on her desk and resting her upper body against it so he couldn't grab it back and start studying from it again.

"You're clearly behind times yet again Castiel" she stated happily "It's all anyone is talking about in the corridors" Castiel closed his eyes, praying for the strength to deal with the girl next to him. He sighed, opening them up and looking at her.

"Good for everyone else who have nothing better to do with their lives then gossip" he replied steadily, holding his hand out to her. "If you aren't going to tell me what the big deal with the kid is then give me my book back. I've got to learn all these formulas by the end of third period"

"You're seriously no fun sometimes Castiel, you act like an old man trapped in a hot body. You need to lighten up" she complained before she leaned towards him, blue eyes gleaming as she spoke in a lowered tone. "He's called Dean Winchester, he's a year younger then we are but they've put him in our class. No one knows anything about him other then the fact that he's turned up here out of the blue. Andy said he wasn't even registered but they let him in. He's like this super hot rebel all mysterious and stuff. Kinda like a young James Dean or something. Madison says that he hasn't said a word to anyone except to the people in administration!"

"Oh" Castiel remarked turning away from her, to stare at the front of the class, a look of boredom on his face.

"Seriously, is that all you can say about it?" she demanded in disbelief "Oh?" Castiel shrugged.

"What exactly would you want me to say Becky?" he asked curiously. "Am I meant to jump and down screaming with sheer excitement because a boy I don't know who I doubt I'll have anything to do with have suddenly arrived in school?"

"You know Chuck is so right about you. You're just too sarcastic for your own good" she commented, a pout coming to her face. "You know what I can't be bothered speaking to you, take your stupid book. I hope you get a headache from your stupid formulas" She pushed his textbook back to him, leaning back in her chair and looking away from him, making it perfectly clear that she was now ignoring him.

Castiel rolled his eyes watching her from the corner of his eyes. If he didn't say something to sooth her feelings then Becky would be unbearable for the rest of the week. A week which had only just began. Castiel looked down at his textbook, closing it with a sigh before he shifted on his chair so his body was facing her.

"You know if he's in our class a year early then he must be pretty smart" he pointed out casually. Becky shot him a quick suspicious look from the corner of her eyes as though she was trying to determine whether he was serious or mocking her. He clearly past the test since she turned to him with a wide smile plastered on her face.

"I know right and its proper unusual for them to do it as well; I can't remember the last time it happened. But I mean all anyone knows about him is his name, absolutely nothing else" she said gleefully "He-" her voice trailed off, eyes widening as she reached out and grabbed Castiel's arm tightly in her hand. Her long painted fingernails digging sharply into his skin as she hissed at him. "That's him. That's Dean. I can't believe he's in our home room. Madison never said he was that hot!" she squealed, an almost hungry look coming to her face as she stared past Castiel towards the classroom door.

Castiel pulled her hand off of his arm, shaking it to restore the blood circulation before he looked towards the door. His own eyes widening as his heart began doing a strange tango in his chest.

Becky hadn't been kidding when she said that Dean Winchester was hot. Hot was a word which didn't do the boy justice. The younger boy had to be the most stunning guy Castiel had seen outside of modelling posters and campaigns

He was tall for his age and built, short dark blond hair covered a well poised head while the clear skin was smooth and tanned golden by the sun, Castiel could see tiny freckles littered across the boy's straight nose and high cheekbones. Large green eyes swept the class room thoughtfully, focusing on each and every face before they turned downward and he headed to the front of the class where their home room tutor Mrs Watson was seated.

Castiel watched his progress across the classroom unable to take his eyes off the smooth, almost lazy walk which the other boy possessed.

"What did I tell you" Becky remarked proudly as though she was responsible for Dean Winchester. "You should listen the next time I tell you something. I bet you wish you didn't have a girlfriend and could make a play for him but unfortunately you do and so you can't, bad luck Castiel."

Castiel ignored her, watching as the other boy bent his head down speaking to Mrs Watson who took the piece of paper Dean offered her while she nodded her head clearly in response to whatever it was the other boy was saying to her. She stood up and spoke to them indicating Dean with her free hand.

"Class this is Dean Winchester, Dean shall be joining us for the foreseeable future so please do your best to make him feel welcome here with us. Dean" she said turning back to the boy at her side, a flush coming to her face when he tilted his head towards her. "It's a pleasure to have you with us. If you'd like to take the free seat next to Adam then I'll take the register. I assume you've been given your schedule?"

Dean nodded; adjusting his bag over his shoulder before he headed over to the desk which Mrs Watson was pointing at, the desk which just happened to be right in front of the one which Castiel had been assigned to.

Castiel's heart missed another beat when Dean's eyes met his briefly before he turned his head away from him, slipping his bag off his shoulder and sliding into the seat, lowering the bag to the side of the desk. He stared straight ahead of him ignoring the curious glances he was getting from the other students in the class.

"Hi, I'm Adam Milligan, good to meet you" Castiel watched as Dean turned to look at Adam when he spoke, an attentive expression on his face before he spoke.

"Dean Winchester."

Castiel was unable to suppress the shiver which went down his spine at the sound of Dean's low voice, dear God that was one sexy sounding voice; it was rich and slightly husky and should have been illegal. Castiel could see the friendly smile which came to Adam's face suddenly feeling a flash of jealousy that the other boy had Dean's full undivided attention on him.

"You know what class you got next period?"

Dean reached into the pocket of his light black jacket and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper giving it a quick glance.

"English with Mr Turner" he answered folding the paper back up and putting it back in his jacket. Adam nodded his head.

"Turner is alright if he likes you, if not then-"his voice trailed off as he gave a shrug. Adam slumped back in his chair, turning so he was facing Dean properly. "I'm in the same class as you so if you need someone to take you there then I can do that, unless they've already assigned you some sort of buddy? I know they didn't when I started here. I had to find my own way around; needless to say I was late quite a bit that first week."

Castiel resisted the urge to kick the back of Adam's chair hard as Dean shot him a considering look before he nodded slowly.

"The woman at reception didn't mention anything so I guess I'm on my own" he remarked, "If you're offering though then yeah that sounds good thanks."

"No problem and don't worry the layout will come to you soon enough, it's not as if the school is exactly big" Adam remarked with a smile before he turned his attention back to the book in front of him, clearly trying to catch up on his homework. Castiel glared at the back of the blonds' head before he turned to look back at Dean who was fishing out a notebook and pencil from his bag.

A piece of pink paper suddenly was pushed towards him attracting his attention, wrinkling his nose at the garish colour Castiel opened it to see that it was from Becky.

You know I recognise that look Castiel, Don't forget that you have a girlfriend! You're off the market so stop looking at Dean like you want to eat him for desert.

Castiel couldn't help the small smirk which came to his face as he picked up his pen and wrote a response.

Where's the harm in looking Becky

He pushed it back to Becky, his smile widening at the small squeak of outrage and disbelief which escaped his mouth.

He leaned back in his chair his gaze going to Dean again as his smirk grew. Suddenly this term looked like it was going to be a great deal more interesting then he had first anticipated.

Author Note

Chapter one is done and dusted.

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