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Author Note

I feel it might be time to bring in some of the other main characters in the story to begin to set the scenes. I've been leaving little hints about Dean throughout the story and I am curious about whether anyone has been picking up on them.

Anyway here is the next chapter for you! Sorry for the slight delay but I think it's safe to say I'll be updating every two weeks now instead of weekly. The sheer amount of work in progress I have on at the moment kinda makes it impossible to do anything else.

I've had such fun writing Anna and Meg and I seriously can't wait to write the next chapter. It's gonna be fun

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Overall Summary

Castiel was never thrown by anything. He was popular, he was intelligent, he was good looking and he had a hot girlfriend his life was perfect right up to the point that Dean Winchester entered his home room, now he's all he can think about. Castiel is desperate to solve the mystery of Dean but he might just find that some truths are meant to be left undisturbed.

Chapter Summary

Anna and Meg, meet Dean…

Overall Romance

Established couples - Castiel Novak / OFC, Chuck Shurley/Becky Rosen

Possible couples - Anna Milton / Dean Winchester

Eventual couples - Castiel Novak / Dean Winchester

Chapter Romance

Maybe if you squint really hard you'll see something...

Chapter Seven

Our sort of person

You seemed to fit in so well with them but everything in me said that you didn't, you never fitted in anywhere did you? How could you fit in anywhere being what you were Dean. How did you wake up each day and manage to carry on?

Anna Milton sighed, taking a final drag of nicotine from her dying cigarette before she dropped it to the dry ground and grinded it into the soil beneath the hell of her cowboy boot.

She glanced around the sports field carefully, thankful to see that she was still alone out of there. The football stars must have still be in the changing room, slapping each others asses with towels while they got ready for their practice. They had some sort of big game happening on Friday which was making it difficult for her to stay out of sight while she had a cheeky, much needed cigarette.

The last thing she needed was to be collared by a teacher again and dragged in front of the Deputy Head teacher for yet another bollocking from him. She was surprised that he hadn't provided her with her own special, labelled chair in his reception area. God knew she spent enough time sitting in that small, cramp room waiting for him to get off his fat ass to see her. Sometime she thought she saw him more then she did her own parents.

She opened her bag, fishing out her body spray and giving her self a quick all over spray of it, a small smile coming her face at the familiar musky smell which she had always tended to favour. Fruit or flowery smells merely made her feel sick. She shoved the can back into her bag, zipping it up and shouldering it again. She pulled out her bright red hair from beneath the strap, running a hand over it before she turned and headed towards the building where the lunch hall was situated.

She had skipped her last two lessons unable to face it; one of her friends would cover her and lend her their notes so she didn't miss anything which she might need. She probably should have gone, her track record for attendance was poor and she was well aware that every teacher knew what she was doing but her arm had been hurting and the last thing she needed or wanted to do was explain to yet another concerned teacher where the bruises covering her arms had come from. She would have thought that the fact they were shaped in the mark of a hand would have been answer enough but apparently they needed her to actually say the words out loud before they could act. She never did tell them because she never actually saw what the point would be. They wouldn't have been able to do anything and it would only have hurt their careers. The Milton family were a wealthy well respected family who had been among the founders of their town, a fact her father made sure everyone was fully aware of. No one wanted to fall foul of them especially to protect a moody ill behaved girl.

Anna pushed the thought from her mind, pulling her jacket closer to her as she continued to walk towards the building, tilting her head back so she could focus on the blue sky above her, a sense of longing washing over her, so strongly that she gasped. All she wanted to do was to get away from this town. She wanted to pack up her old faithful car with all her belongings which she could cram into the small space and simply drive away. Hell she wouldn't even look back at the place, she would simply drive away and leave it all behind her and never return regardless of the situation. Once she was gone, she was gone.

All she had to do was last one more year

She pulled open the door and walked into the hallway, wrinkling her nose up against the familiar smell of leather, male sweat and cheap perfume which always merged together and lingered on the stale air making her want to gag. The lunch hall where the others were was situated down the main corridor so she headed towards it, keeping her eyes focused on the door she could see in the distance. She was well aware of the looks she received, most were scornful, and some were frightened while some were appreciative though the owners tried to hide them. No one wanted to be caught checking out Anna Milton of all people.

Anna ignored them all, she had learnt within days of being here who her friends were and they weren't the people who tried to suck up to her because she was the only child of the Milton family. Those people could drop dead as far as she was concerned, the sooner they did the better.

Anna pushed open the door and entered the lunch room, glancing around the crowded area with a searching look, a smile coming to her face when she spotted her friends on the table at the back which had been labelled by Becky Rosen and her little crew as the loser table. Personally she thought that every other table in that room was the loser table. At least her group of friends were individuals, no one on that table gave a fuck about the main student population and it was why she loved them. None of them tried to hide who they were under the layers of bullshit which everyone else did. None of them desired or wanted to be popular seeing it as a fate worse then death.

It was the other people who were losers, not them.

She skirted past the other tables, walking up to theirs and dumping her bag on the floor by the chair she always sat at, a smile coming to her face. Only Adam and another boy sat at the table meaning the others must have been queuing up for their food or had been held up somewhere.

"Hey Adam" she said, "You all good?" she asked, sinking into the seat with a sigh.

"So, so" Adam replied absently, he finished something with a flourish before he head it out to her. "Here's the notes from History you missed, I thought you might want them since we're having a test on it next lesson." he commented opening up his sandwiches. "This is Dean Winchester by the way; I've been showing him around today. Dean this is Anna. While I remember Anna, Turner's set up two massive projects and the three of us are in the same group so keep tomorrow lunch time free, we're gonna start it then" he stated before he bit into his sandwich, a blissful expression coming to his face.

"Why not after school?" she asked curiously.

"That's my fault" Dean remarked, his voice sending a shiver down her spine, as he looked at her with large intelligent green eyes. "I can't do the evenings… sorry" he said as an afterthought. Anna shrugged.

"Don't sweat it" she responded "I prefer lunchtime anyway, I'm busy most evenings"

"Fixing that heap you call a car?" Adam remarked sounding amused. Anna opened her mouth to retort when Dean spoke, a tone of interest to his voice.

"What are you fixing?" he asked. Anna looked at him

"My Mustang, it belonged to my grandfather and he gave it to me." she said, surprised when he suddenly grinned at her.

"Classic car are my thing, I rebuilt my impala from scratch; it got totalled in an accident, Took me ages to do but it was worth all the hours it took, she looks better then ever now."

"Where did you get the parts from?" Anna demanded. "Because I've been trying to find good parts for ages and it's impossible"

"Not if you know the right people" Dean responded with a small smile. "If you want me to ask a few of my friends back home then I can do that"

Anna looked thoughtfully at Dean. The boy looked young but he was beautiful to stare at with a voice that sounded like melted chocolate. It was his eyes which caught her attention, eyes which looked old as though he had seen and experienced much more then the average person would ever see, it was an expression which Anna was used to seeing daily when she caught her reflection in a mirror. She slowly smiled back at him and nodded once.

"There's no harm in looking as long as you don't mind?" she said watching as Dean shrugged his shoulders at her query.

"I wouldn't have offered if I did" he stated, dropping his eyes to the food he had in front of him. She glanced at it suddenly feeling hungry, without thinking she reached out and snagged a chip from his plate, popping it into her mouth and smiling at him. He glanced up, raising an eyebrow before he shook his head, smiling as he lowered his gaze and spoke. "First one's free but the next time I'll retaliate" he promised with a cheeky grin.

Anna laughed.

"You can try" she remarked before she turned to Adam who was giving her an amused knowing look which she ignored as she spoke. "Is it just the three of us in this English project?" she asked, glancing back at Dean's plate and eyeing it thoughtfully before her eyes flickered back to Adam when he remained silent. "What?" she asked as she took in the face he was pulling. "Who is it? I can cope with anyone as long as it's not that bitch Becky Rosen, hell I can even deal with Madison Jacobs if I had to."

"Well you don't have to worry about Madison she's not in our group" Adam replied brightly. "But Becky… well-"his voice trailed off and he shrugged.

"This is Turner's fault" she said furiously "He knows I hate her, this is his way of punishing me for missing his stupid lesson today, that's just so like him" she huffed, leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms over her chest, her eyes narrowing. She glanced up sharply "Who else is in the group or is it just the four of us?"

"Castiel Novak and Jo Harvelle so you know it could be worse" Adam answered, taking a sip of his coke as he continued to watch her with amused blue eyes. Anna groaned.

"The only way it could be worse if we were paired up with two demons. Why don't you just take pity on me and kill me now Adam, just throw my corpse to the pigs to dispose of. That's a better fate then having to sit opposite that bitch and actually have to speak to her" Anna said with another groan.

"Maybe when I've finished lunch" Adam remarked casually. Anna looked up at him, glaring at him, she felt her mouth twitch as she fought the desire to smile at his comment.

"I take it from the fact that Anna has her death glare on that you've just told her the news?" Meg Matthews asked as she sank into the chair next to Anna with a wide grin, blowing Anna a kiss when Anna stuck her finger up at her. "You should be nicer to the girl who brought you a plate of chips" Meg remarked, pushing the overflowing plate over to her.

"Look on the bright side Anna, at least you have me and Dean, imagine if it had been just you surrounded by Becky's little followers besides maybe it won't be quite as bad as this time round" he said sounding as though he didn't believe his own words even though they had exited from his mouth.

"Adam sweetie" Anna stated leaning forward and patting his arm with a pitying expression on her face. "Do I actually need to remind you again of what happened the last time we were forced to work with them? Remember when you were almost suspended for fighting? I'm surprised we survived the experience without being sent to jail for committing murder because I was two minutes away from killing Becky Rosen by the end of it and I know you wanted to kick Chuck Shurley's ass and now you sit there telling me it might not be so bad this time around? I might as well allow a teacher to catch me smoking and be done with it. Good old 'call me Zachariah Anna' is looking for any reason he can find at the moment to suspend me again so why not do it and be done with it, at least if I was expelled I wouldn't have to work with them."

"He won't do anything to you" Adam remarked dismissively "You're a Milton, your Dad would be down here, guns blazing at the mere suggestion of you getting expelled"

"Have you ever thought about joining the drama club Anna? You're so good at being dramatic that you'd fit right in with the rest of them" Meg remarked casually before her dark eyes fell on Dean who had been watching the conversation with a smile lingering around his mouth. "And who is the pretty boy Adam? Are you going to introduce him?" she asked.

"He's Dean Winchester, he started today" Adam replied, Anna glanced at Meg as the other girl spoke, a considering tone to her voice.

"And you snapped him up Adam? I didn't think you had it in you. Dean is quite the celebrity today" she said. "I heard on the old rumour mill that you have the upper elite of the popular kids in complete disarray, they don't know what to make of you but they certainly don't want you hanging out with nobodies like us. You've been half a day and you've already upset the natural order of things. You know what that makes you Dean?" she asked.

"Dead?" Adam answered for him, opening his crisps and holding the packet out to Dean with a questioning look on his face; Dean shot him a quick look and smirked as he took a crisp before looking back at Meg.

"What does it make me?" he asked lazily. Meg grinned widely.

"It makes you exactly our sort of person, right Anna?"

Anna searched Dean's eyes before she nodded.

"Right" she replied before she turned to the side, her eyes focusing on Becky as the other girl approached their table surrounded by her group of friends. Anna glanced at the faces and realised that there wasn't one person approaching them that she didn't hate with a passion. "Well" she remarked turning back to the others with a raised eyebrow. "This should be fun."

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