I looked shocked, up at Kane, as a little warm smile came across my face. I started laughing, I don't know why, maybe I was just so happy. I hugged Kane, and whispered the three little words that everyone is dying to hear.

"Kane, I love you." I said.

And with that he took me right then and there. Of course he was careful not to hurt my back. Afterwards, we were the last WWE Superstars out of the building. We went back to the hotel room, and went directly to sleep. We conintued our relationship, and everything was fine, until a week into it. Every morning I'd find myself waking up to the...toliet. Yeah, I always had morning sickness, and didn't feel like eating, though I was very hungry. Finally Kane became very conserned and took me to the doctors, only to find out that I was pregnant. We were wrestlers, who realy didn't want a kid. For our carrers were taking off, and we simply didn't have time for children. We weren't even married! But one day, after Raw, we went back to the hotel room, to talk aobut it. Kane sat on the edge of the bed, while I layed in bed, rubbing my stomach.

"Well...are we going to have it?" I asked, eagerly.

"What?! Of course! You're not getting an abortion, Trish. It's not right. Besides, it's our own damn faults for letting this happen...so we should take the responsibily of a child, and see this through. I'll be with you through everything, Trish. If that's what you're worried about. And when it's time that you need to stay in bed, and rest all the time, I'll be right by your side, watching you get fatter and fatter everyday." Kane said with a laugh.

I threw a pillow at him, "Excuse me! I don't plan on getting that fat! And after we have our little girl, I'll be back to normal." I said with pride in my voice.

"A little girl? A little Trish running around here?" Kane said with a laugh. "Hunnie, you don't know if it's a girl. I mean, seeing as I am all man, I'm quite sure it's a boy. And it'll be a little Kane running around." Kane said.

I laughed, "Yeah sure. Watch it come out of me with a mask already on his face!" I said, teasingly.

Kane lied down next to me and smiled. "maybe you never know. Of course, he'll become a very famous wrestler..." Kane said before kissing me.

"Of course! With my looks, and you're strength, she'll be the best of the best!" I shot back.

"You know, after we have our baby boy, I'd like a girl too. And you know what that means..." He said with a grin, before turning out the hotel room light.