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"How the hell am I supposed to finish all this shit by tomorrow morning?"

"I told you not to take his class, but you just had to do it," Sebastian taunted with a smirk as he entered the living room, where Hunter was sitting in front of a pile of books and papers. Hunter shot his boyfriend a dirty look but didn't comment otherwise. Afterall, Sebastian had given him a written list of professors to avoid, but Hunter had wanted to prove that he could handle it. In retrospect, he should've listened.

Sebastian sauntered towards Hunter and buried his nose into the nape of the younger man's neck.

"Maybe you should take a quick break."

"You know I can't," Hunter protested weakly as he felt Sebastian's hands slide under his shirt. Sebastian nipped at the other's earbud and chuckled when Hunter practically shuddered under the contact.

"Suit yourself," Sebastian quipped as he pulled back, but he was stopped when Hunter held him firmly by the elbow.

"If I fail this assignment, it's on you," Hunter growled and dragged Sebastian onto the couch. In a blink of an eye, they were a pile of tangled limbs, both fighting to gain dominance. Their lips continued to crash into each other, their hands roaming, fingers pushing and pulling against flesh. Only the sound of needy moans and desperate panting filled the otherwise silent room.

Hunter had forgotten about the assignment by the time Sebastian's hand was inside his jeans.


"Hi, can we get a picture with you?"

Both Hunter and Sebastian looked up from their dinner to see two girls standing with their phones, their eyes practically twinkling in excitement. Hunter couldn't help but notice that this was becoming an increasingly frequent event whenever they spent any prolonged period of time outside their homes.

"Sure thing," Sebastian drawled. Hunter had come to find out that Sebastian was generally quite nice to his fans (which was a surprise). He continued to watch as the girls took their turn taking selfies with the model-slash-designer-slash-celebrity.

Hunter stabbed the piece of broccoli on his plate with a fork.

"So um, are you guys really together?" One of the girls asked shyly, her curious eyes roaming between the two men. Hunter was fully aware of the thousands of pictures people had taken of them eating out together, taking a stroll in the park, watching movies and standing around. There were even pictures of Sebastian waiting for Hunter right outside the department building. They hadn't publicly commented on the photos, because Sebastian didn't want to drag Hunter into it, and because Hunter didn't feel like entertaining people, but they never made an effort to exactly hide it.

"Maybe, maybe not," Sebastian replied with a trademark grin. Hunter rolled his eyes. The girls seemed very pleased as they rushed back to their tables giggling and whispering.

"Thanks to you I have people at my school asking me if we screw each others' brains out," Hunter grumbled lowly. Sebastian quirked an eyebrow with an amused smirk.

"And what do you tell them?"


"Aww, no fun."

Hunter was about to make a retort when another voice interrupted them. This time, it wasn't young girls asking for photographs. It was a man. Probably in his late 20s. He was tall, with cinnamon-colored hair styled to perfection. His eyes were the perfect shade of green, his nose high and prominent, and his lips fixed into a sultry pout. Now, Sebastian was a very, very good-looking man, but this stranger standing over their table was...a perfect 10. No, an 11. Or maybe even a 12.

He was so ridiculously hot, Hunter had to wonder if he was a celebrity that had stopped by to say hi to a fellow celeb.

"Sebastian, Smythe, right?"

"Yeah. And who wants to know?" Sebastian asked, leaning back against the chair.

"Just another diner. I'm Mark," the stranger replied, offering a hand. Sebastian took it and shook it.

"What can I do for you, Mark?"

Hunter couldn't believe that Sebastian was engaging. He wanted to punch both the guy and Sebastian in the face.

"Nothing we can do here, but if you want to find out," he replied smoothly and slid a business card onto the table. Hunter watched the interaction with his mouth agape. Was he invisible? What the hell?

The asshole, Mark, walked off, not forgetting to flash Sebastian a flirty smile that Hunter really didn't want to admit was gorgeous as fuck.

"What the fuck was that?" Hunter hissed as soon as the man was gone. He knew Sebastian was flirty by nature, but this was going too far.

"What, this?" Sebastian asked nonchalantly, holding up the business card.

"You're really going to do this?" Hunter's patience was running out very quickly. Sebastian, while friendly to his fans, had never let something like this happen before.

"Don't be silly," Sebastian replied with a delicate roll of his eyes as he crinkled the small piece of paper in his fist. "I might be a flirt, but I don't cheat."

"Oh that's comforting," Hunter returned the eye roll with added drama. He had definitely picked that up from Sebastian.

"Plus, I'm sure he's seen at least one of the million photos of us together."

Hunter was not impressed.

Sebastian was scheduled to start filming next week, having been chosen for one of the leading roles in an upcoming romantic comedy with Quinn Fabray. The decision had been a bit of a shock for the teen, because Sebastian had been quite adamant about staying out of that particular limelight. But Santana had been equally persistent, and eventually Sebastian gave in.

He hadn't really given much thought to the idea of Sebastian and his increasing popularity. Sure, many people came up and said HI or take pictures, but none had been Mark hot. And now that Sebastian was finally entering Hollywood, he was going to be surrounded by beautiful people...

Hunter did not like this one bit.


Shit hit the fan exactly a week later.

Hunter had googled Sebastian Smythe (because he was bored, and because why not), thinking that he was going to be looking through new pictures of them together, but surprise, surprise, he was bombarded with gossip site articles on his boyfriend supposedly romantically engaged with a fresh faced heartthrob co-star named Spencer Porter.

What the actual fuck?

Hunter clicked a random link and scrolled past all the bullshit about the chemistry between the two. The first photo had the two of them standing facing each other. OK, so that didn't mean shit. The next photo had Spencer leaning forward and seemingly whispering something into his boyfriend's ear. Now, the next photo was what really got on his nerves.

Sebastian was laughing with his head lulled back, as if he had just heard the funniest joke on the planet. Sebastian very, very rarely laughed like that. Actually, Hunter couldn't remember seeing his own damn boyfriend laughing like that in person.

Hunter wanted to break his own laptop.

He knew that Hollywood had a tendency to exaggerate and pair any two random people for shits and giggles, but these were the same people who had written about Sebastian and his teen boytoy only a few days ago. Now they had stories about how he and Sebastian couldn't handle the distance and that Sebastian had gone back to his playboyish ways.

Hunter picked up his phone and dialed Sebastian. Of course he didn't pick up.

Hunter decided to text instead.

To: Seb (2:38)
WTF did u see the news or not

To: Seb (2:39)
u better call me asap

To: Seb (4:23)
i know u go on breaks

To: Seb (6:12)

To: Seb (6:12)
im going to kill u

Hunter was fuming. There was no way in hell that Sebastian was filming for more than 4 hours straight.

Was Sebastian really not capable of staying in a committed relationship for more than a few months? Or had Sebastian been seeing people behind his back the whole time? Everyone else had been so confident that the teen had tamed the beast once and for all, but now this? Hunter wasn't so sure anymore.

They had been official for months now. They were practically living together, since Hunter rarely slept at his own apartment. In fact, they had plans to find a place together closer to campus, but was this it? Was this the end of this relationship? Hunter was beginning to think that he had been a complete fool for thinking that they'd end up together happily ever after. It was stupid of him to ignore Sebastian's notoriety.

To: Seb (6:46)
If u dont call back within the hr im taking all my shit back to my place

Hunter huffed as he threw his phone onto the couch and began packing up. He knew he wasn't being entirely reasonable. Deep inside, he knew that Sebastian wasn't a cheater. He was a flirt, but he wasn't a cheater, but it just...hurt too much to sit around and wait for his call. He couldn't ignore the possibility that maybe Sebastian had gotten tired of dating just one person.

Afterall, they first met during Sebastian's bet to go sex-free for a month.

Hunter was halfway done packing when he heard the door open, followed by loud stomps. He looked up and saw Sebastian practically running towards him, his chest rising and dropping with each heavy breath. His face was flushed, and it didn't take much for Hunter to realize that his boyfriend had been running.

"What the hell!" Hunter growled and threw the poor cushion that happened to be right next to him. Sebastian easily batted it away. "Way to ignore my texts, asshole! What the hell are you even doing here!" He continued, flinging his arms to his sides.

"Dramatic much? I can't believe you threatened to leave!" Sebastian hissed as he did his best to catch his breath.

"Why the fuck didn't you text or call or something!"

"My phone died. I just got your texts when I landed."

"What the hell are you even doing here anyway?"

"I saw the fucking photos and I knew you were going to be all broody and shit so I came to tell you nothing's going on between me and Spencer."

Hunter stopped and watched Sebastian. Did he just hear that right?

Had Sebastian really flown all the way back to New York from California to assure his boyfriend in person that he wasn't cheating? Hunter's hands dropped to his sides.

"You came all the way here to tell me that?"

"Yeah, and I'm glad I did because you were going to leave," Sebastian muttered, pointing at the large duffel bag by Hunter's feet. Hunter felt his cheeks flush once everything registered.

"Well. Shit. What about the movie?"

"What are they going to do, fire me? Plus, I'm taking the next flight back."

Hunter shuffled his feet nervously.

"And just to make things clear," Sebastian continued, taking a few steps forward. "I'm not cheating on you. And I never will, and you need to learn to trust me."

Hunter swallowed hard as Sebastian pressed his forehead against his shoulder.

"I'm sorry," Hunter whispered, guilt washing over him. He shouldn't have ever suspected Sebastian of cheating. They were stronger than this.

"Fuck, I'm tired."

"When's your flight?"

"In...a couple of hours."

"Have time for a quick round?" Hunter asked with a playful smirk. Sure they were fighting only about a minute ago, but water under the bridge, right? And while he would never admit it in person, he had really missed Sebastian, and now that they were both here...

"Maybe even two," Sebastian growled into his ear as he pushed Hunter towards the bedroom. Hunter laughed as he let himself be dragged into the room.

It wasn't until months later that Sebastian publicly announced on Ellen, Late Night and every other show he was on to promote his new movie that he was madly in love with the one and only, Hunter Clarington.

Did Hunter get a lot of unwanted attention after that?

Yes, yes he did, but he could live with that.