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This is not a crossover, or fusion, despite the fun little preview-omake below. This is. . . I dunno. I have no idea where this is going. Really. But there will be Destiel, because what with the gazing into each other's eyes and the "I fell for you!". . . Seriously, people. C'mon. Not exactly subtle. . .

"God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh." - Voltaire

She paused in her typing, still unsure about this whole endeavor. She was sure that she was supposed to be writing that original story involving Space Ninjas and the Electric Universe Theory. . . and even if she was supposed to be writing fanfic, what about all those other beloved stories still unfinished? How many pages of notes lay waiting for fulfillment, and now. . .

She glanced up. "Are you sure?"


She fought it, but it slipped out anyway. "But, why me?" She was whining, she knew it, and she mentally kicked herself for being so pathetic.

How many, do you think, in that small moment when the carvings in the bones were shown, would have immediately recognized the central sigil and blown Diet Coke through their nose because they were laughing so hard?

"I'm sure there must have been some others. . ."

Who literally live half an hour down the road from Ilchester, Maryland?

He had a point. Of course, He always did. While she was sure she had not been completely alone in her reaction to that quick moment in that one episode, it did take a special kind of geek to have already been so familiar . . . and the location of Lucifer's Rising had tickled the hell out of her. Almost literally.

"But, Dude, my screen name . . even You said it took a certain level of douchiness- 'M. Night level'- to pull that sort of thing. How do I do this without it becoming painfully, yanno, Crappy Mary Sue?"

It will be a fine challenge, then.

She scowled.

There will be Destiel.

"Well frickin' yeah. . ."

And Sabriel.

"If I can find the proper angle, sure. . ."

And even. . . He whispered, then, very softly into her ear.

"For realisies?" Her eyes had brightened in anticipation. "Do You really think they could handle it?"

That is up to them.

She pondered a moment. "I'm gonna have to dig up all my old books if I want to do this right. . ."

She then considered the one thing she'd written. "But I don't think a Firefly/ Supernatural fusion would really work. . . personalities are all wrong. . ."

That little drabbly thing was to get your attention, since you were being so stubborn. . .it may or may not feature in the story I have given you.

"Huhn. So this would be a throwaway scene before the actual story begins? . . . Where would I even start with this?"


She nodded, the scenes unfolding before her mind. "Okay, throwaway scene first, then Gabriel, and on from there. Sounds like a plan. Thanks!"

You are welcome.

She put her fingers back on the keys, and started typing . . .

"Dean, what are you thi-!" Sam choked on the words as his brother embraced him, Dean's cold glare touching the angels surrounding them.

"If you want to do this," the latter said. "You ass-wipes have to go through me first."

A few of the silver blades wavered as all eyes shifted to Zachariah. "Dean, we don't want to hurt you. If we destroy this abomination, we will have the advantage when Michael—"

"Yeah, yeah," Dean rolled his eyes. "Cram it, dick-wad."

Zachariah waited for the additional insults, but for once Dean Winchester settled on only one. The angel sighed. It would mean more work, the Michael would be less-than-pleased. . .it was a backup plan for a reason, but . . . there was another Winchester if necessary. He reached for his blade, when a strong gust of wind blew open the doors of the warehouse, accompanied by the sound of beating wings.

"Well, look at this!" a voice deep and sharply jovial boomed off the walls. Zachariah turned, shocked to see Castiel striding through the doors, Gabriel a step behind.

"Appears we got here just in the nick of time!" Castiel continued, a wry grin on his face. "What's that make us?"

Gabriel smirked as he leveled a crossbow at the gathering. "Big damn heroes, Cas!"

"Ain't we just." The wind was blowing Castiel's trench-coat into a mimicry of his shadowed wings, allowing the light to reflect of the collection of angel and demon knives strapped to his legs, but hiding what he held in his hands. "Sorry to interrupt, folks, but y'all got some things that belong to us, and we'd like them back."

Dean frowned, looking at Sam. "Wait a minute, haven't we seen this?"

Sam nodded, eyes tracking to the small red dot that had appeared on Zachariah's head. "Yeah, some show that was on a marathon on cable a few weeks back. . ."

"This is a holy cleansing," Zachariah sneered. "You cannot think to thwart God's Will."

Castiel scoffed as he rolled his eyes. "You all see the angry mama-bear assassin angel hanging from the ceiling, with the semi-auto loaded with cartridges made from broken swords?" All eyes tracked to the shadows above, Dean and Sam somehow heartened by threatening presence of the fastest angel in heaven, her finger light upon the trigger.

"Now I'm not saying you've done any harm, yet," Castiel continued. "But she has taken these boys under her wing, and she has adopted them as her own sons, and you have definitely threatened their well being. To be honest, she's looking to kill something. So really, it's her will you should be worried about thwarting." He smiled, turning his eyes to Dean.

"I must say, Dean, your talent for vexing people is near miraculous."

Dean blinked, taking half a step back from Sam as he looked at the angels surrounding them. "Yes," he replied, frowning. "I'm very proud. . ."

Castiel huffed with a smile, before turning his scowl back to Zachariah. "Give them back," he said as the wind softened, his trench-coat falling to reveal his own crossbow.

Zachariah glared. "That boy—" he pointed angrily at Sam "-is an abomination!"

"Yeah, but he's our abomination," Castiel replied, flaring his wings possessively as he leveled the bow at Zachariah. "So give him the hell back!"

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