Back At The Start: New Directions 2.0

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, RIB does.

Summary: It's 25 years since the original New Directions graduated. After the all of the original Glee clubbers had graduated no one new wanted to join so Glee was effectively disbanded after Blaine, Sam, Artie and Tina graduated. Now they're back in Lima and they've brought their kids with them so Mr Schue wants to start Glee up again. Will they be as successful as their parents? SYOC

Chapter 1: Prologue

Mr Schue's POV

I couldn't believe it had been 25 years since my original Glee club graduated. It's never been the same, after them no one else wanted to join Glee. I went back to being just another teacher. It's like Rachel said- being a part of something special makes you special. Being a part of Glee made me feel special.

I kept up hope that one day I'd teach their kids in the same way I taught them. And now my dream has become a reality- the original New Directions are back and their kids are coming to McKinley. I can't wait!

A/N: So that's just a short prologue to introduce the story. Basically I've submitted loads of OC's to SYOC stories before so I thought I'd try my hand at one. The rules are as follows:

-No completely unbelievable characters

-Submit by PM not review. Any characters submitted by review will not be accepted.

-No characters that are just direct duplicates of their parents.

-No characters that are completely perfect (no one is) and no characters that are based on you.

Okay so that's the annoying bit out the way, now time for the parent pairings:

-Finn and Rachel Hudson- After graduation Finn and Rachel went to New York together and got married in Central Park. Rachel went to NYADA and became a famous broadway actress winning 5 Tony awards during her career. Finn graduated from NYU with a major in Education and taught music at a high school. Now they are back in Lima Finn and Rachel run a joint business for performing children "Gold Stars Children's Performing Arts Academy"- Rachel teaches dance and singing and Finn teaches drums. (3 kids)

-Quinn and Noah Puckerman- After graduation Quinn went off to Yale to become an actress and Puck went off to LA to clean pools. After a while Puck decided LA was not right for him and he moved to New Haven to be with Quinn. He took a course in script writing and became a screenplay writer. Quinn became an actress and for a while travelled around to act both on screen and stage but now she and Puck have settled back in Lima, she works at Finn and Rachel's performing arts academy and teaches acting. (3 kids)

-Kurt and Blaine Hummel-Anderson- After he graduated from NYADA Kurt went on to win 5 Tony's and marry Blaine after gay marriage was legalised in New York. Now back in Lima Kurt is the head of a charity for gay teenagers. Blaine also went to NYADA but he went on to become a film actor and won 2 Oscars and a golden globe. Back in Lima Blaine has become a stage director at Lima Community Theatre (3 kids)

-Brittany and Santana Lopez-Pierce- Santana moved to New York and lived with Rachel and Kurt but decided that she wanted to become a lawyer so she went to Columbia Law School and became an Assistant District Attorney (Prosecutor). Now she's back in Lima she is a District Attorney for Lima Municipal Court. Brittany moved to New York after graduation as well and went to Julliard. She became a famous dancer, dancing in stage shows as well as being a backing dancer on tour with famous celebrities. Santana and Brittany married after Brittany's graduation. In Lima she is a dance coach at Rachel and Finn's Academy (alongside Rachel herself, Mike and Jake). (3 kids)

-Sam and Mercedes Evans- Mercedes moved to LA to be a backing singer in an Indie Band but quickly got herself a solo record deal and currently has 3 solo albums. Sam went to Rhode Island School of Design and became a comic book artist. He worked for Marvel Comics in New York. Mercedes moved out to New York with Sam after his graduation from RISD and they married soon after. Now they are back in Lima, Mercedes is still a singer and Sam has set up his own comic book company "Evans Comics Ltd" (2 kids).

-Sugar and Rory Flanagan- After her graduation Sugar moved out to Ireland to be with Rory and they married in Ireland. Rory started a band with some of his Irish mates and Sugar became a groupie and a trophy wife. Now that they've moved back to Lima Rory has become a solo singer. Sugar doesn't work; she is a trophy wife and looks after their kids. (2 kids)

-Jake and Marley Puckerman- Marley auditioned for a record label straight after she graduated from McKinley and became a singer on the radio like she always wanted but when she came back to Lima she joined Rachel and Finn's Academy as a vocal coach. She is also a counsellor for teenagers. Jake went to Joffrey Ballet School and became a dancer. When they came back to Lima (they lived in Chicago whilst Jake was going to School and were married there) Marley got him a job as a dance coach at Rachel and Finn's Academy (2 kids).

-Ryder and Kitty Lynn- After they graduated from McKinley, Ryder and Kitty became very close. Kitty went to University of Louisville on a cheerleading scholarship (like Santana did originally) and now that she and Ryder have moved back to Lima, she has taken over from Sue as cheerleading coach. Ryder also went to University of Louisville on a football scholarship. He became close with Kitty, they began dating and married after graduation. Now that they're back in Lima, Ryder is the new McKinley High football coach. (2 kids)

-Mike and Tina Cohen-Chang- Mike went to Joffrey Ballet School and became a dancer. After Tina graduated from McKinley, she went to NYADA and became a Broadway actress, winning 2 tony's. Mike and Tina got back together after they graduated from college and Mike moved to New York to be with Tina where they married. When they moved back to Lima, Tina became one of the vocal coaches at Finn and Rachel's academy (along with Rachel & Marley) and Mike became one of the dance coaches (along with Brittany and Jake). (2 kids)

-Artie Abrams (on his own) - After graduation Artie went to Purdue University in Indiana and studied to be a director. During his time at Purdue, he met a girl called Alana West and they dated for a while. She became pregnant and they moved in together. However soon after the baby was born she left Artie with it. Now that he's back in Lima Artie is a director.

All kids should be aged between 15-17 (no seniors, just freshman to junior please). I will only be accepting the stated number of kids for each character no more. Here is the form:

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Personality (please be as descriptive as possible):

Appearance (again be as descriptive as possible):

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Clothing Style:

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Vocal Range:

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Possible Storylines (min 2, max 3):

Anything Else:

Once again I have to say please submit by PM and happy character submitting- oh and also please read my other story Returning To Lima which contains my OC's. Can't wait to see the characters you guys come up with!