"The maps are getting laggier and laggier!" complained Champsu. Vamp nodded in agreement. "There's barely any that let you get to the cheese and back to the hole!"

Their friend, Chom, walked into the tribe house, which was decorated as a fancy Valentine's Day cafe.

"I haven't gotten ANY cheese today!" exclaimed the tiger-furred mouse, slamming his fist on the cafe table as he sat down in a fancy chair.

He gulped down his coffee, then wiped his mouth with a paw. "I can't take it! Transformice is collapsing!" He angrily stood and stormed out, Champsu and Vamp staring after him.

"At least this cafe hasn't broke," Vamp remarked. Champsu nodded and took a swig of his rootbeer.

Vamp sighed and shook his head. "Even the pros are having a hard time."

They both just sat there for a while, lost for words.

"We should save Transformice!" Champsu said suddenly, pounding his paw on the table, sending Vamp's tea rocketing out the open window.

Vamp glared at him. "And how, exactly?" he inquired, his plain brown fur prickling with annoyance. Champsu, the fox-furred mouse, shook his head. "I dunno," he muttered, eyes dulling.

They heard a door slam as the tribe leader walked in. "A disaster!" she yelled, waving her gray paws in the air. "Nobody has gotten cheese yet today in the Vanilla maps! The maps we trusted most of all!"

Champsu slammed down his empty rootbeer bottle. "We should try to fix them, like engineers," he said excitedly, leaning in. "We'd probably get cheese as a reward!" he hissed, glancing at them.

"I'm calling a tribe meeting!" shouted Octa, the tribe leader. She rushed out of the cafe with her paws thrown up in the air and her mouth open.

"Wow Champsu," remarked Vamp after a period of silence. "Great thinking."

Champsu nodded his thanks and glanced over at the doors of the cafe, where a swarm of mice were gathered. Octa pushed through the buzzing tribe with a key in hand. She quickly unlocked the door, allowing the whole tribe to burst in. "Oh no," muttered Champsu.

The mice rocketed in, breaking any valuable thing in their path. Soon they were settled at tables, where Octa had hurriedly pushed extra chairs.

Champsu turned in his seat to face Octa. The gray swirl-furred mouse stood on the cafe stage.

"Champsu came up with a fabulous idea," she announced, creating a commotion in the audience. She raised her paw and hushed them before continuing. "His idea is to repair the maps with tools," she chirped, her fur a mess. Octa looked worn out already.

The tribe twisted in their seats to look at Champsu with amazement. "Good job!" a mouse called out, by the voice presumably Chom.

Octa held her head up proudly. "Now let's get to it!" she shouted, hopping off of the stage with enthusiasm but also exhaustion. "No, No, Octa. You're going to bed," said Vamp, pushing through the crowd to reach the tired tribe leader.

Octa was too exhausted to refuse; she just nodded and slowly headed towards the stairs, which led to the bedrooms of the tribe members.

"I will take command, since it was my idea," yelled Champsu. The crowd buzzed with excitement, waiting for his instructions.

"Break into five groups!" he shouted, silencing the tribe.

They were soon broke into five groups, each raggedly gathered around five tables.

Vamp glanced around and soon joined a group.

"You," he pointed to Vamp's group. "Vamp will lead you to normal maps, where you will repair the problems."

"Now you," he turned to another cluster. "Chom will lead you to Bootcamp maps to repair the damage."

He twisted to face the third group, which was huddled at a corner table. "You will go to survivor maps, and the leader will be Tigpro," he said.

"The leader of you mice will be Radracer, and you will go to the racing maps," he announced to the fourth group. He then finally turned to the last group.

"The leader will be Vanily, and he will lead you to Vanilla maps. When you are finished with those, you will go on to tribe house maps."

"What about you?" asked a tiny mouse, a beginner.

"I'm going to monitor your progress," he said to the mouse boldly. The little mouse nodded and scuttled off to his group.

"Well, you better get started then!" Champsu yelled. The groups pushed through the doors hurriedly, excited to begin.

From the bushes a black mouse stood, an evil grin plastered on his face. In his paw was a tea cup. "If they try to fix it, I'll break them too," he growled through gritted teeth, the tea cup smashing as he tightened his grip. "They'll know to not interfere with MY plans."

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