Chapter Four

Blackwave expertly scampered along the slippery ice surface, his paws thudding on the unmoving ground. As the mice spread out, the still ground started to tilt, just a bit. Blackwave swiped the cheese with his tail and dove into the mouse hole. He panted and watched from the hole as the ice ground quickly slid off the cloud ground and plummeted down, taking several clinging mice with it.

Four mice had entered after him, panting as they took the cheese off their backs. One waved to the others in farewell before excitedly racing towards a tunnel labeled "Shop".

Blackwave grinned as the mice praised him, holding out their cheese as an offering. He waved the offer away smugly, a smirk forming on his lips. He knew he was the best player in Transformice, so he had the right to show off, right?

He glanced at the two mice in front of him once more... wait. Two? One had vanished, a drop of red... blood... in it's place. Blackwave turned slowly, a look of horror on his pale face. There he was. The shadow that mice had been whispering about. Those rumors he had foolishly ignored.

"No cheese for you..." groaned the shadow gruffly, stretching out a black forepaw. Blackwave squealed with terrror, as did the other mice. "Heheheh.." the mouse grunted, his voice scratchy and loud. Blackwave attempted to back up, but the shadow grabbed his neck as quick as a flash.

"No," he boomed. The two other mice screeched and fled down random tunnels in fear. There was no mouse here to help him now.

"You stole from me..." growled the mouse in a low whisper, tightening his hold on Blackwave's throat. "I would never!" Blackwave squeaking, dropping his cheese and desperately pawing at the mouse's black paws, in hope of escape.

"You're not going anywhere... Blackwave."

Blackwave shuddered. "How- how do you know my name?" he stammered, eyes wide with fear. "You might remember me," said the mouse, leaning in, his breath hot on Blackwaves face.

"I'm Thejkb."

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