Vihan: A Gohan and Videl Story

So befreo we begin let me lay down a few things here. If you know my stories, I like 3rd person POV, sometimes dropping into the first. I try to stay true to how the characters are but I like to mess with them. I think it's a challenge to see if I can mold them into something new while keeping traditions. I have taken ideas from other fanfics to help me out. Not full blown stories just bits and pieces like bring a deceased loved one or two back and maybe, just maybe strengthening the main character a bit. Yes, there is a field trip: New Namek. Yes, Future Trunks will be called Mirai to avoid utter confusion. His story will be a sad one. Gohan has kept up with his training, nearly ready to bust into ssj3. Guko has been back alive for a year. His training has allowed him to reach ssj3 but Gohan will be stronger when he reaches it (thank Piccolo for body-ki control training). Vegeta is third followed by Mirai, both of whom has perfected ssj2 and will also breach ssj3Bardock lives too! I actually like the idea of having Grandpa bardock alive with his family. He met Goku in other world, and ascended. He may be battled hardend and all but he's a big softie for his family and new friends, especially Goten and Trunks. . Trunks and Goten will crack ssj2. Have to work out the hair idea first. So, there will 4 ssj3 (don't like it, don't care), 2 tiny ssj2's, one Gohan hiding secrets about his life and his working at Capsule Corp, directly under Bulma, from a pig tailed crime fighter. The earth will not get attacked but I might do the tournament (not sure). Hercule Satan gets revealed as a wuss and a fraud. Oh, Gohan is way more confident but still nervous about school and people finding out his involvement in the Cell games and all.

No Sayiaman. It's a stupid thing. Only Golden Fighter. Take the watch for Sayiaman, turn into an armband that changes the whatever Gohan is wearing into a white bodied gi, think Mystic Gohan but white, with a purple trim at the edges of the sleeves, a purple undershirt, orange belt/sash at the waist and orange armbands (including the one that does the gi change. Boots, same as Goku's but white with a orange stripe around the ankle, a purple stripe going right the middle of each boot from the toe area. The soles are the same color as the one's Piccolo wears. And just for funsies, there is a second change button for the Cell Games outfit, just cuz it's totally bad ass. Don't worry about the orange gi, he still has that. I just want him to have something of his own, ya know. There will be gym class and he will have a second Cell Games gi, minus the robe, with a white sash and the traditional orange, but that's after he gets exposed as the built guy that he is.

I think everything else is the same.

If that's that, then let's get this madness started!


Gohan's room door opened quietly. A mass of spiky black hair entered the room. The head the hair belonged to surveyed the room quickly and the body it was attached to made its way over to a bed where a bigger body was sleeping. A smile formed. It was the morning wake up call and this little person enjoyed it so much. But unbeknownst to him, the bigger body was wide awake, waiting for the right moment.




Goten fell over from being scared out of his wits as his older brother jumped up out of bed, scaring him half to death.

"Not fair, Gohan!"

Gohan kept laughing. It was lot of fun to scare his brother. He considered it payback for all the morning Goten woke him up by jumping on him or the bed, mainly him.

"That's what you get, squirt." Gohan picked up his 7 year old brother brother and went down stairs, both of their stomachs rumbling in a chorus joined with the rumblings of their father Goku and grandfather Bardock, both back from Otherworld. They had been a live for nearly a year after Goku won a special tournament that would grant him and another life. To make a long story short, both came back, Bardock met his family, was accepted by them and their friends and is also very afraid of Chi-Chi's frying pan. No matter how strong anyone got, the frying pan and Bulma's spatula spelt doom for the receiver and both were wielded with expertise in dealing with sayian, half-sayian, namekian, or human mishaps. Granted the namekian was more behaved, most of the time, mostly.

"Oh Gohan, you're already dressed for school?" Chi-chi asked.

"Yeah. I wanted to catch the sunrise so I got up early."

"That's good. So everything is ready to go?"


Chi-chi nodded and smiled and pointed to the table. Her eldest son joined his father, brother, and grandfather awaiting the signal to eat. Chi-chi could only laugh as four stomachs groaned in protest. Feeding four sayians was an amusement for her. It was her little way of saying that she ran the house no matter what.

"Ok," she pulled out a stop watch. "Go!"

The mountain of food, fit for four sayians, disappeared in 10 minutes. The mayhem, the mess, it was just a normal day in the Son house in 439 east mountain district of Mt. Paozu.

After a quick clean up, thanks to the sayian cleanup crew, Gohan left for school.

"School starts at 8. I have an hour. Eh, why not." Gohan thought to himself as he blasted off at top speed for his base form: mach 1.

New chapter later. what you think?