Ch. 6

It was late. He was hungry. His body ached from the beating the other male members of his family gave him but that chocolate cake was calling his name: loudly. Gohan floated downstairs to the kitchen. He was so close to the fridge. The handle bars were just inches away.

"You're up late, son."

Gohan jumped. Floated higher? Flew? You get the point. Where did his father come from?

"Jeez dad, you gave me a heart attack."

"I know. It was worth it to see you reaction."

"How long were down here?"

"Actually, I followed you. It's time for my 3 am snack. I want cake."

Like father, like son.

With a plate each with a slice cake in front of them, the father-son duo sat down at the table. They would have gotten more but Chi-chi wasn't a fool when it came to the food in the house, or a fool period. She allowed her boys a late night snack but fiercely regulated how much they could consume. It was depressing to have something so small, but hey, cake was bloody cake.

"So, how's school?"

"It's alright." Gohan looked a little bothered.

"You sure?"

"… No…"

"What's going on?"

"It's going well, it really is. I have Krillen, 17, and 18 as my teachers. Lime and Mirai are here. I have a couple friends. But there's this girl."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, and she's bent on finding out who I am?"

"Sounds like you have a stalker." A deeper voice approached them. "You guys hungry too?"

"Hey dad."

"Hi gramps."

"So, you have a stalker Gohan. What she like?" Bardock took a seat after turning a chair around.

"She's short but aggressive. She's a fighter but always rushes into everything."

"I bet she'd look real good with short hair."

"Yeah, she will."

Goku, although slow at times, caught on to what his father was doing.

"She sounds like a good girl Gohan, what's so bad about her?"

"She pries into my life. Everyday it's 'Gohan, I demand you tell me something I want to know'. She has followed the three of us home several times but we manage to lose her after I have to deal with her."

It was Goku's turn to have some fun.

"I bet she's real cute when she has her hand on her hips when she's walking to you."

"The way the sway, it's not purely graceful but there's power in her walk. No nonsense, like mom."

"Her eyes?"

"The bluest you've ever seen."

"Well," Bardock started. "It sounds like you like her."

"Yeah… Wait, what?"

The elder saiyans broke out laughing.

"Man, Gohan, I was wondering when you'd pick up on it."

Gohan blushed. But came to a sudden realization. He has a slight crush on Videl. Maybe it was her eyes. The way she never backed down. It was the whole package. But wait.

"I can't like her. She hates me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I mean, I haven't done anything to her and she hates me."

"Why is that?"

"Because I won't tell her anything about me. About us. It could ruin our lives. I like the peace."

Goku and Bardock looked at each other.

"Gohan, do you know what happened to us yesterday?"

Gohan shook his head.

"We went with your mom to East City to do a bit of shopping. And we were mobbed. We took pictures, sign autographs and even over heard an argument about who is better: me or Hercule."

"Goha, you're parents are still famous. And I apparently I am too since I'm his father."

"Chi-chi and I didn't let the fame get to us and since it's more quiet here, we live here. And you're a prince of a very large kingdom, did you forget that?"

"But not many people know that."

"So? You're famous among a certain group of people. What's wrong with adding the world to that total?"

"Nothing I guess. But I don't want things to change…"

"They won't unless you want them too." Bardock patted Gohan's shoulder.

"Maybe telling her to be a bitnicer won't hurt. Earth women can be scary. I didn't think I could get so many advances in one day either."

Gohan chuckled.

"Well, I'm calling it a night, day, break?" Goku got up and stretched.

"Let's go son. Want me to tuck you in?" Bardock joked.

"No, no. I'm good. Funny, I don't remember finishing the cake."

"Me either."

There was a small burp and small clanging of dishes being put into the sink.

"Excuse me." Bardock laughed followed by his son and grandson.

"Come on Goku. I think we left Gohan a lot to think about." Bardock made his way upstairs followed by his son.

"You know, I'm proud of that boy and I'm proud of you too."

"Thanks Dad. I'm proud of Gohan as well. He has taken on a lot responsibility and hasn't faltered."

"You raised him well and he's happier and getting a lot stronger, too. Night."

"Night dad."

Goku nodded and turned into the direction of the kitchen. The lights still on.

Gohan, defender of the Earth. Nice ring to it.

"Proud of you, my son." Goku then retired for the night.


Gohan and Lime waited from Mirai out in the back of Capsule Corp when Trucks slammed his body into him.


"Hey Trunks. Ow." Gohan grimaced in pain. He woke up sore from the utter beating he got yesterday.

"You sore too?"

Gohan nodded.

"Cool. So is Mirai. Me and dad beat him up good. It was fun."

Gohan picked his head up. Lime could only laugh with Trunks. The whole thing was planned.

"I'm sure it was for you Trunks. I bet your brother didn't like it."

"No. Dad wanted to see how strong he was and it was going fine until dad went to level 2 and that's when I joined in."

Trunks recounted the sneak attacks and energy attacks he landed on Mirai and how dad was proud that his brother was doing well, but still lost.

"Yeah, I did too."

"You lost to, Gohan?" All heads turned to see Mirai standing there, bag over shoulder.

"Yep. Dad, gramps and Goten jumped me. They were allowed to use senzu beans. I couldn't. Still haven't used one. I wasn't allowed until I woke up… crap." Gohan face palmed at his stupidity, reached into his bag and pulled out a little bag with 15 beans, hesitated before popping one his mouth, and put the bag back.

"Your dad, brother and grandfather will bust you later, right?"

"Yup." Nothing more was needed to be said. Gohan would take one if needed but until that time, he could handle whatever the day threw at him, hoping that it would be a quiet day. Somewhat, mostly.

"Well?" She tapped her foot.

Gohan held out his arms and Lime jumped in them.

"To school."

Mirai felt a little jealous that Gohan got to hold Lime. Sure he had just met her, but still.

As the teens entered Satan City limits, they changed into their getups but Gohan choose the Cell gi.

"I got something for you both." Lime reached into her bag and pulled out three bandana's: one black, one white, one red. All three handmade and very soft. She gave the white one to Gohan, the black one to Mirai and tied the red one over her hair. The boys looked confused.

"It's so you guys can hide your faces. In case if you haven't noticed, your hair might change color and spike up, but your faces are still the same." Mirai nodded in understanding as he put on the bandana over his mouth and nose and tied around his neck.

Gohan was still debating.

"Gohan, what's up?"

"What mom, dad and gramps told me. We haven't been going here for too long and well, it's only a matter of time before something goes down that will expose us." He paused before continuing. "Uh… I think we, mainly me, should be a little nicer to those at school."

"You mean Videl?" Mirai asked.

"Yeah." Gohan hesitated to pull the word out. It wasn't the fact that he couldn't be nice. He was plenty nice and considerate to others but Videl, forget it. As he tried to simply just stay out of her way, she found her way in front of him far too many times.

"They said that they know that they are famous but didn't mind it. They never let fame bother them. I don't let it bother me either but that's because I'm either at home, at CC or in Fire City. People there know me. I'm famous to them but I'm still me."

"Familiar territory." Lime mumbled.

"Exactly. So coming to this school, to the city is different. I don't know how everyone might react to Lime being a head member the of CC Fashion department, or you M, being the son of Bulma or me being a Prince."

"The crown prince." Lime corrected.

"Yeah, exactly." Gohan kept his gaze down on the world below.

"Well, I have one question."


"Did they say when to start being nice to her?"


"Well there you have it. You can still keep your respect for her up, whatever is left of it anyways. And-"

"And maybe you can lay it on her that she won't get anywhere with you if she isn't being respectful to you or us." Mirai finished. "Got it?"

"Yeah, got it."

"Good, now put on that bandana and transform, we got company."

Sure enough, coming from the southwest towards them, a yellow jet copter. Sure it was several miles away but there was no doubt who was behind the wheel and closing fast.

"Mirai, take Lime and head to the north side of the city. I'll head west." He tied the white bandana around his face. "GO!"

Lime jumped into Mirai's arms despite already floating. Mirai ascended followed by Gohan and they scattered.

She spotted a large black dot heading towards the city from the west and that turned into three smaller dots.

It has to be them.

She headed in their direction conveniently forgetting that there are no cranes or wire setups nearby. The dots must have seen her because two wound up having a yellow glow around them.

It is them!

The dots broke off into to two groups. One going by itself and the other two flying off together. Since she was closer to the single, she followed that.

Gohan, despite having insane speed, was traveling slow. If you count 150 mph slow to begin with but you know. Videl was gaining on him.

Why do I have to listen to my parents? I really just want to be left al-

He was broken out of his thoughts as the sound of gunshots filled his ears and come to complete stop.

He checked his watch, 30 minutes before school started. He checked below him and saw police cars in front of a building. A bank. A very large bank. The sounds of engines behind told him that he had a visitor.

"Ok, freak. Hands were I can see 'em."

Gohan pinched the bridge of his nose. No matter who she is, how in the world, is she going to even arrest him? They are 1000 feet up! And once again forgetting that there is no wires or cranes.

"Good morning to you too."

"Don't get smart with me. I saw you-"

"There's trouble below us. If you want to do this right now, feel free talking to the wind." Gohan cut her off and began his descent onto the scene, letting Mirai know that there was trouble by flaring his energy a bit. Videl looked down at the Gold Fighter in anger but before she could start yelling, her communicator went off.

Videl we need your help at Central Star Bank! It's being robbed! If you can find the Gold Fighter and Warrior, we could use their help too.

Videl fumed. Those freaks were being asked for help and she should be the one to find them? Ha! Well, she found one a while ago, who should be on the scene soon.

"On my way, Chief." Videl cut the transmission and guided her jet-copter to the ground below near the police line and the crowd that was forming. She failed to witness a familiar head of red in the crowd as well, trying to get them to back away.

Gohan stood there, cape flowing behind him, with Mirai looking at the bank. They could sense multiple energies in the building. Most were marked with fright, the rest had a tinge of evil and malice. The chief's voice brought them out of their concentration.

"Oh Videl, you made it. We have word that…"

"What are they doing here?" She pointed to the super powered teens. "They ran from me this morning and you want their help? And why is the fighter wearing a cape?!"

The chief sighed. This child really needed to chill. "Videl, we're going to need all the help we can get. There are hostages on the first floor and the bank director is being held on the third floor. We're pretty sure two more are working the vault in basement and they are carrying assault rifles and who knows what else."

"You don't need THEIR help. I'M all the help you need."

Gohan and Mirai shook their heads at the short fighter. Pride will be her downfall and if she's not careful, it will kill her.

It was at that moment that the bank door opened and masked man, in all black and body armor walked out the bank, down the front steps, holding a pistol to the head of a male bank clerk.

"Oi! Anyone try anything and buddy boy here and the 15 inside get a bullet to the head!" The criminal soon found his hands free of a human being and a gun.

"What 'buddy boy'?"

The criminal paled and turned around to come face to face with an armored covered chest. He promptly fainted.

Videl and the crowd stood stunned. They didn't even see Warrior move but he had. The clerk was with the police, the gun lay in a crumpled heap, and there was now, one less baddie to worry about. Videl wasn't about to be undone. She bolted forward determined to stop the thieves.

"Videl, wait!" Gohan called out but it fell on deaf ears. But where ears fail, the eyes and body reactions take over because as soon as Videl hit half way up the stairs, a wall of bullets landed in front of her causing her to stop, lose her balance and fall back down the stairs only to be caught by a purple clad Gohan.

"You really need to stop rushing head first, Miss Videl, it could get you killed."

She blushed at the closeness but soon recovered.

"Put me down, you jerk! I don't need your help! Maybe if you acted rather than standing around…"

Gohan put her down and walked away, tired of her attitude and yelling.

"Where are you going?!"

"To act out my plan."

Gohan met up with Mirai, they nodded and turned back to the bank. Gohan put his right index and middle fingers, together, on his forehead and focused on the five energy signals on the third floor. Mirai snapped his fingers and cracked his neck. After a silent 'go' the pair disappeared. The sounds of glass breaking, screams, and gunfire resonated from the bank. It happened so fast that no one really knew what was happening and somehow the bank director himself was outside and unharmed.



I could sense that four of the hostage takers were facing the door and the last two were in the basement. This was going to be fun. I moved so fast that I even surprised myself, obliterating the glass doors and windows by the sheer force of my impact and then sliding on the tile floor. I looked up and saw that my movements hadn't even been registered by the crooks and moved to take out the two on my left, the buildings right, side. I chopped the one by the door in the neck, knocking him out and jumped over the one behind the hostages and lightly tapped him in the stomach. Out like a light. His partner on the other end was just now realizing that I was in the building, turned and gasped. Precious moments wasted. I felt Gohan was back outside for a brief moment and then he went back inside. I rushed the third guy at the same time, rammed him into the wall behind him, picked him up and threw him into the fourth guy who managed to get one shot off at me only to hit his partner. The pair then flew out the window, down the steps and landed in the street. Their two cohorts followed closely behind. Soon four more bodies came from a third floor window and landed in a heap next to my pile. The hostages were starting to get up and file out of the newly made doorway. Gohan floated out the window, arms crossed over his chest, cape billowing. He landed, smirk present on his face. We both approached each other, did a double back fist tap and finished it with sending two fingers over to the opposite shoulder.

"How long did it take you?"

"Bout 10, 12 seconds maybe. You?"

"12.5." He looked down at his wrist, turned it over and gasped. "We gotta go! We got about 20 minutes left."



I IT'd to a back room on the third floor. Four masked gunmen surrounding a tied up figure: the bank director. Obviously to make sure whatever code he gave them for the safe worked.

"…We will kill you."

"Kill who?"

The henchmen turned to face me but I was already behind them, putting my hand on the director, and IT'd again to Videl, set the guy down and went back up into the office. The scene that I came into was hilarious. They were clueless and speechless as to what just happened and looked like chickens without heads. I cleared my throat and the four stopped. One raised his gun and pulled the trigger back. I crushed the barrel of the gun as the bullet was way down the tube. All four stared in surprise as I stared to gun wielder in the face.

"You done being punks? Ready to give yourselves up?

I was answered by punch to the face and resulting in several cracks of hand bones breaking. Oh yes. I chopped one guy in the neck, kicked another into the wall and stared the other two in the eyes for a while. I flinched, making them jump and run into each other, butting heads. It was a sight. I walked over to them and knocked them out. After gathering the bunch, I threw them out the window. Not that I cared. I heard about this bank. It was a focal point in an investigation that was looking into the banks' owner illegal dealings. They could afford to replace one window if they are busy stealing their customer's money. The director could be a thief, but as for this crime, he could well be innocent of. I jumped out the window and floated down, cape billowing behind me. I must look so freaking cool right now. I land near Mirai, we do our handshake and I gasp. I don't want to be late.

Original POV

"Twenty minutes to what? Where are you going in such a hurry? Going to help organize more crimes so you can stop them?"

"Where we have to be is none of your concern." Gohan answered.

"Why is that? This is MY city, I demand you tell me what I want to know."

Gohan was about to retort when he was tapped on his shoulder. He turned to see Mirai pointing at the door. There stood two highly confused bank robbers with duffel bags full of money. The cops pulled out their guns and aimed. A collective freeze roared out from each of them. But the criminals ignored them and focused on the blonde haired demi's. They froze, dropped the bags and ran to the cops. Whatever fate that befell their friends, they didn't want any of it and by the looks of it, it hurt.

Videl smirked thinking the criminals were afraid of her and saved her the energy from kicking their asses, but as usual, she was wrong. It was good to see the robbers being placed under arrest. Speaking of which, she turned around to tell the fighters of their crimes of destruction of public property, being vigilantes, and just plain annoying her but they were gone. In the air, three teens laughed at Videl's frustration before heading for school and leaving the police to their work.

18's class

18, uh… Ms. Jinzoju, was teaching her class on the history of the dark ages of the planet. She just about reached the birth of the Ox Kingdom when the door busted in and a very upset Videl marched up to her seat. No greetings besides an 'I'm sorry', Videl made no acknowledgment of her teacher, which was very disrespectful to 18's eyes, just nothing from Videl other than angry breathing and a rough glare.

"Nice to have you join us Ms. Satan. But next time, before you come barreling you're way into my classroom, knock first. I'm in the middle of teaching."

A huff came from Videl. She replied with a very quiet, whispered 'whatever'.

Of course the entire class caught it. 18 smirked. Only two things could easily upset Videl to make her disrespect a teacher and she looked up at the trio behind Videl for the two of them. Lime pointed at Gohan and Mirai with her thumbs. Sellout.

"I'll let you cool down Videl, but do remember your manners next time."

"Videl, what's wrong?" Erasa whispered.

"Those flying Cell impersonators. That's what." Videl hissed. Erasa didn't respond. Mrs. Jinzoju was glaring at the pair while holding her weapon. Poor Johnny was still out.


Videl ignored all the pleas and cries for her to join random fans of hers for lunch. She ignored them all as her mind was focused. The videos and information from yesterday was still very fresh and she could replay each scene and remember the lines of black and white words on the page and the fact that Capsule Corp had a firm grip on the information. But the biggest thing was Son Goku using lights. She needed to interrogate Gohan. If Son Goku could, then he could too.

And that makes him a trickster like Cell. If her father defeated Cell, she could defeat Gohan and expose him as the son of a trickster and a lying prince of a kingdom that probably supported Cell. Though she had no proof of that claim but it was one step closer to proving her right and that's all that mattered.

For now, she was biding her time until gym.

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