WOW: bra. Curiosity ... it's not just the cat that suffers!

Best wishes to my American friends who are buried under snow tonight. Stay warm and safe x

Disclaimer: I don't own Dean, he doesn't know what he's missing.


It was just healthy curiosity.

Discarded in Dean's duffel, the bra was a forgotten souvenir from a recent conquest, and Dean thought; "why the hell not?"

Sam was busy showering; what he didn't know couldn't hurt, right?


Dean had heard that trying on women's underwear was liberating. Like hell it was; this was a tortuous vice clamped round his chest and all the squirming and gyrating on earth couldn't help him reach round and undo the clasp.

He was sure he'd sliced off a nipple, his arms were going numb ...

And now the bathroom door was opening.

Whoever said curiosity was healthy?



A/N: I know our beautiful boy is not exactly a willowy little thing, so I'm working on the assumption that this particular conquest must have been some voluptuous buxom wench!