Just for You

There's a tough exterior surrounding me and my heart. It comes in many different colors, each a streak in my brown hair. Parts of it are my piercings. Reinforcement comes from with all my thoroughly creative snide remarks.

Cat is the only person who knows who I really am underneath-but she hardly counts. I've known her since we were in diapers. We practically live at each other's houses. We know each other's secrets. Cat, is charismatic to say the least. She makes all the friends I claim to be too good for. She is the polar opposite of me. Plenty of guys would love to go out with her.

So when you sat down next to me in Sikowitz's class, I wasn't expecting anything. Sure, you were the guy everybody swooned over and I'll even admit I thought you were a little a little.A short conclusion was drawn from a quick glance from under my eyelashes. Sit next to me or Robbie. Needless to say, you chose wisely.

. . .

"Jade West," you said huskily. I refused to react how you wanted me to.

I turned to face you. "Well, if we're assuming formality here..." I arch my eyebrow. "What do you want?"

You remained unphased and smile. SMILE at me. I found it sickening for you to be amused, yet also oddly comforting. That was when I finally took a good look at you. A strong jaw, warm eyes, and a gorgeous red-plaid shirt.

"What I want, if for you to accompany me to dinner on Friday night."

On the inside, I froze, tempted to drop character if just for a moment and go out on a whim. No questions asked. Instead, I played coy. "Now why on earth would I want to please your desires?"

You closed in, breath warm on my ear. "You intrigue me," you whisper, sending chills down my spine.

To this day, I still don't know what possessed me to let out a breathy "then yes", but I did. Just as the starting bell rang.

You straightened out. "Great, I'll pick you up at eight." You turned away.

I kept my eyes plastered on you, ready to demand how you knew where I lived. But I managed to control myself. I didn't want to scare you off. Maybe later, but not then.

. . .

Fast forward a mere two months. That is where we are now. I can tell, we are the real deal. Which is exactly why I'm here. There's a bruise forming on my thigh, where I repeatedly hit myself because I just couldn't feel. You are my beacon, my rock, as cliche as that sounds. You are the reason I am currently in your RV after bearing my heart and soul to you. The reason I am currently in your sleeping arms. I have opened up, just for you. Because you can fix me.

. . .

A/N: I apologize if Jade was out of character, it's my first Victorious fanfic. That said, for the time being it's probably my last. I've got so much to do! *sigh* The show has been my guilty pleasure for-two years now. But I still don't feel I can characterize enough to do an all out fic. Oh well! Please review with input!