Welcome to my first GotenxBra story! Here are a few important things to know!

1. Pan is Goku and ChiChi's daughter- making her Gohan and Goten's sister! So please do not ask me 'why is Pan calling Gohan her brother?'

2. NONE OF GT HAPPENED! The only evil villian the kids have ever faced is Buu and that was when the boy's were 9 and the girls were 5.

3. The rating will go up.

4. This is a GotenxBra and TrunksxPan story, so if you do not like these couples... Well then no one is forcing you to read this.

5. I hope everyone enjoys the story and please review.


SUMMARY: Bra has always had a crush on her best friends older brother, and when he returns home from years of traveling he see's that Bra is not a little girl anymore. It's clearly obvious that they like each other, but with Goten's girlfriend and nerves getting in the way it seems they will never make a move. After one drunken night fantasies come true for the two. Now, they are both on a trip of a lifetime...

-I hope it caught your interest!

Chapter one

It was a clear April day as Pan Son made her way to the Briefs house. She was in a hurry as she opened the door and ran inside, her long black hair flowing behind her. Pan's mind was set to find Bra, that was before the smell of cookies caught her attention. She made her way to the kitchen to see Bulma; the woman was muttering to herself about something. A smile lit up on Pan's face as she silently skipped over to Bulma and threw an arm over her shoulders making the woman jump.

"Morning Bulma-San," Pan greeted with a smile.

"Pan," Bulma said holding her chest. "You scared me to death!"

"Sorry Momma," Pan said with a smile before kissing the woman's cheek.

Bulma laughed, "How's my second daughter today?"

"Great! I see you are cooking again."

"Yes, well Vegeta wanted some cookies. He might not get any though if Trunks does not stop stealing them. Have you come to torture him?"

"Actually, I was looking for Bra. I've got to tell her something."

"Well, I believe she's up in he room doing homework."

"Thanks, Bulma-San," Pan said giving her another kiss in the cheek as she stole a cookie and took off.

"I saw that Pan!" Bulma called after her.

"Vegeta can spare one!" Pan said with laughter. She made her way up the stairs eating her cookie happily along the way. As soon as she took her last step someone grabbed her around the waist tightly before wrapping their other arm around her shoulders to secure her arms.

"Trunks, let me go!" She told him.

"I know you was not even about to go talk to my sister without telling me hello first."

"Hi!" Pan said turning her head to look at him with a big smile.

"That's a bit better, but that's hardly a hello."

With a sigh Pan wiggled her arms free before turning all the way around in his arms. She grabbed his face before kissing him. She pulled away shortly, "How's that for a hello?"

"Better," Trunks said with a smirk as he started to lean down for another one.

"Later Boxer Boy," Pan told her boyfriend. "I have to talk to your sister first- very important stuff!" She said as she removed his arms from around her waist before running to Bra's room. Trunks stared after Pan confused. She was something else, but that was one of the reasons why he liked her so much.

Pan opened Bra's door to see the blue-haired girl siting at her desk doing school work. "Hey Pan," she greeted when she saw her friend before turning her attention back to the work.

Pan crossed her arms as she walked over to her friend, "Seriously Bra, homework? It's Friday, we have the whole weekend."

"Yes, but I would rather get it out of the way quickly so I won't be freaking out Sunday night like you will be."

"Psh," Pan said waving her right hand like she was swatting at a bug. "I'll get my homework done." She walked over to Bra's bed before sitting on it, "Anyways, you'll never believe what I just found out."

"What's that?" Asked Bra.

"Guess," Pan said with a smile.

"I don't know, you're passing the eleventh grade?" Teased Bra.

"Hey! I make good grades!" Pan said crossing her arms again.

"I don't see how. You hardly ever do your homework."

Pan shrugged, "I have other stuff to do. Now, do you really want to know?"

"Yeah, why not?" Bra said turning around to look at Pan.

"GOTEN IS COMING HOME TOMORROW!" Pan said with a smile as she threw her hands up.

Bra's eyes widened as her mouth began to get dry, "He is?"

"Yeah, I just found out when I arrived home. So, I knew I just had to come tell you!" Pan said with a wink.

Bra blushed lightly at not knowing what to say. The last time she had saw Goten was three years ago when she was thirteen. It was the night of his and Trunks' graduation party, and he informed everyone that he would be traveling the world for a while. He explained that he did not know when he would be back, but he would not be gone for too long. Bra cried over a boy for the first time that night. She has had a crush on Goten since she was ten, and the thought of not seeing him for however many years made her heart hurt. But, now that he was coming back, Bra felt giddy.

Pan laughed at her friend, "I knew you still liked him!"

"Shut up," Bra said with a big smile.

"We're throwing a party for him tomorrow, so I imagine you guys are coming."

"Oh no, Pan!" Bra yelled jumping up from her seat.

"What?" The raven-haired girl asked confused.

"Tomorrow?! We need to get to shopping, and now!"

"Bra!" Pan whined as her friend dragged her away.

-I know this chapter is short, but it's really just the introduction. The next chapter will be longer, and Goten returns!