"Masaaki, Kaito!" Pan warned her two oldest sons as they walked towards Capsule.

"What?" the two eight-year-olds said innocently. "We're not doing anything."

"You're being bad," Sora said as she tilted her head back. She was walking in front of them holding both of her parents hands. Her twin was walking silently beside their mother and well her other brothers were fighting like they normally did.

"Can't you two get along for a few hours?" asked Trunks. The boys normally did get along, but when they got into certain moods they did not.

"It's not my fault if Kaito-Kun is a baka," Masaaki said crossing his arms.

"Take that back!" Kaito yelled.


"At least I don't stink like Masaaki-Kun!"

"Enough!" Pan finally said, "behave yourselves!"

"Act guilty," Trunks whispered to his sons. Pan rolled her eyes as she pretended to not hear it.

"You know what they say, the strongest first!" Kaito said as he ran inside of Capsule.

"More like the oldest, since he his the most strongest!" Masaaki said pushing his twin aside as they entered the backyard where everyone was at.

Suddenly some grabbed both of their heads and smashed them together. Riku walked over them with a satisfied smirk, "Cleverest."

"Ah!" Masaaki and Kaito said before attacking their brother.

"Boys!" Sora said annoyed as she stepped on her brothers and made her way over to Pantii. Trunks and Pan just stood there watching their boys roll around on the ground.

"Are you two going to stop them?" asked Goten.

"No," said Trunks. "Masaaki, swing your fist swifter, and Kaito put more force behind your kicks," he told his children. "The winner gets ten bucks."

The three boys really started going at it now as they powered up to super Saiyans and went through the backyard like crazy animals. "Boys! If you get your outfits dirty you're grounded!" Pan yelled out to them.

Trunks just laughed at his wife as their sons zoomed past them. "Having kids was a good idea."

Pan sighed a she sat beside her longtime best friend. "Tried?" Bra teased.

"You could say so," Pan said with a smile. "Hows my nephew?"

"He's a kickin'" Bra said patting her growing stomach. "I think he's ready to come out and spend the night with his aunt Panny."

Pan did a face. "No offense Bra, I'm kinda sick of little boys at the moment."

"I don't blame you," Bra said Masaaki, Kaito, and Riku all smashed into something.

Pan sighed. "They're hellions I tell you."

"They must take after their mother, " Bra teased. "I'm surprised about how strict you have become. I remember the rebellious teenager who got suspended from school-"

"You got suspended?!" Masaaki yelled as he and his brothers stopped in front of their mother.

"That's no fair!" yelled Kaito.

"You grounded us for a month for getting suspended!" declared Riku.

"I was a teenager and stupid, but I'm not about to let you boys act like that. Be good kids."

Riku snorted. "I don't think that will happen Mom, I mean we are yours and Dads kids after all..."

"Go play," Pan said rolling her eyes.

"Yes ma'am!" her sons said with a salute.

"They'll never let you live that down," Bra teased.

Pan smiled, "probably not."

Bra looked around the group with a smile. Pan was now talking to her mother who still looked good for her age. Her father was off probably training somewhere. Gohan and Videl were laughing with Yamacha and his wife he married six years ago, Kimi. Roshii, Tein, and Krillin who had Eighteen making sure he was making the right moves on a card game. Marron had settled down two years ago and had a little girl with her husband, they didn't come today because she was sick. Trunks was smiling at his three sons as he handed all three of them ten dollar bills for trying their best.

Bra's eyes focused on Pantii for a minute. Each day she grew more lovely as signs of early womanhood began to appear. She had her eyes, nose, and lips, but other than that she saw Goten. Pantii really was a special girl, and the light of her and Goten's life- as well as their son who would be arriving in a few months. Bra couldn't imagine her life another way.

She felt eyes on her and turned to see her husband smiling at her softly. She smiled back at him and when he winked she laughed lightly. How did she ever get to become so lucky? She really was blessed. Life had- and still would be a trip, but it would be a trip with Goten and her family so she knew it would be marvelous.


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