E/O Challenge WoW - Bra
Words - 100 each
No Spoilers
Disclaimer : Neither they, nor their incredible potential Hunter's Lair, are mine.

A.N. Two drabbles this week, first is the obvious one in response to the challenge word, (cos it just had to be done).
In the second, I decided to try using the WoW in every sentence. Fun D


Sam stands at a pivotal moment, how things go
from hereon is totally dependant on his skills...

Unpicking locks had always been Sam's forte more than Dean's. Dean often announced, in his most convincing and authoritative manner, that it was entirely due to the physics of Sam's fingers; in that they were as long as "freakin' octopus tentacles".

Sam knew if he cracked this puzzle, then they'd both be home free. Dean's reassuring voice popped into his head, "Know your enemy, understand how they work, that way you've got them beat."

With everything hinging on those nimble fingers, Sam went to work...and allowed himself a victorious smile as he deftly unhooked his patiently waiting lady friend's bra.



Things between the brothers have become so bad,
Sam suggests he go his own way (again)...

Dean's tone was abrasive.
"So...What now Brainiac?"
Sam braced himself.
"I think maybe I should...branch out on my own."
Hitting the brakes hard, Dean turned to Sam, furious.
"Things get tough between us, so back to your usual brand of dealing, huh? Fine...Go!"

Sam tried pretending the rain and howling gale were bracing, but gazing toward the long, empty road, he wondered if he'd been too brash? His phone vibrated, seeing Dean's name, Sam answered.
"Sammy...It's pissin' it down. Stop being a brat...let me come get you."
His moment of bravado thoroughly soaked by the downpour, Sam smiled,
"Yes please."


Till next time,
Chick xx