District Four: Peter Van Burren

"What's the damage?" I ask my best friend, Adler, panting, as he check the time.

"Forty six minutes, thirty five seconds point zero five" he reads off of the stopwatch round his neck.

"Yes! New record!" I cheer proudly.

As part of my training for the games, I go for a run every morning around the district, and sometimes Adler comes along and times for me. I am quite proud, that for a district with a fifteen mile radius, I managed to get round the whole thing in just forty five minutes! I grab a drink from the fountain nearby with Adler, then we say our goodbyes and head home in seperate directions.

When I get in, the first thing I spot is our Nanny, Sophia, cooking bacon on the hob.

"Bring it to my room as soon as it's ready. I like my bacon crispy, not burnt" I tell her.

"Sorry, Master Van Burren. I can't do that. Your parents have arrived home from their recent buisness trip early, and request to see you for breakfast in the study"

I groan. I thought that they wouldn't be back for another two weeks. My parents often go on buisness trips to the Capitol to do trading. They hired Sophia to be a Nanny to me and my siblings, Marcus and Lulu, when Lulu was born. Not that I mind, Sophia is a push over, and will do anything I tell her to. Marcus, who's twenty, is never home and always at his girlfriend's house, and Lulu worships the ground Sophia walks on. I don't know why, she's certainly nothing to admire. I pressume it's because Sophia is the only other female in the house full-time.

"Fine, bring breakfast up there. Be quick about it. It's a big day today" I order.

She just nods and returns her focus to the bacon.

I climb the stairs two at a time until I get to the third floor, where the study is. I push open the door, not bothering to knock, and walk in to see my Mother and Father sat with Lulu.

"Peter. How are you? It's lovely to see you! Your Father and I were just wondering where you and your brother had got to!" my Mothe babbles.

"I'm good."

"Where's Marcus?" my Father asks, sounding somewhat annoyed.

"He's at his girlfriends house" I say, anger creeping into me. How dare he use that tone with me.

"Marcus has a girlfriend" my Mother chips in, sensing my anger.

I just nod, fist clenched.

"How lovely, we'll have to meet her before we go away again" my Mother adds.

"So Lulu, how have you been?" my Father asks, changing the subject.

"Good! I learnt my numbers"

"That's nice dear" my Mother says, totally uninterested.

"I can count all the way to one hundred!"

"That's good"

"Would you like me to show you?"

"Not now, dear. Perhaps later?"

There's an awkward silence until Sophia walks in with four plates, each with two golden rolls filled with crispy bacon. The only person who bothers thanking her is Lulu.

"So, Peter, are you volunteering today?" my Mother asks, trying to start the conversation again.

"Yes, probably. I know I' only seventeen, but I bet I'm better than all of the eighteen year olds put together" I boast.

Once breakfast is over, I excuse myself to get ready for the reaping. I start with a quick shower, masaging coconut shampoo into my hair. Once I am out of the shower and completely dry, I go into my room and find my reaping outfit; a pair of black jeans and a red polo shirt, teamed up a black leather jacket. Then, I decide to do my hair. I walk over the mirror and gel the front of my short but thick black hair so it spikes up. I look in the mirror and smirk at my reflection.

'Looking good' I think to myself. And I am. With my short, black hair and dark blue eyes, I look strong and determind. I have a good body as well. I am muscular with a swimmers body, which I suppose is only natural from the ammount of swimming I do. I am 5"11, a lovely height to be as I am often told. When I have finished admiring myself in the mirror, I head downstairs to find my parents have already left with Lulu, and Sophia is cleaning up the remaints of breakfast.

"Make sure you get all of it" I sneer as I walk out of the door. I walk to the reaping slowly and thoughtfully as I think about how cool the Capitol will be. When I get there, I queue jump so that I am behind Adler. We chat and make fun of the snotty twelve year olds, who are crying and clinging to each other. Once we've had our blood taken, we go and stand with the other males. Adler is sixteen, so he stands in front of me. I take this oppurtunity to continually poke him in the back. When our escort trotts onto the stage, we whisper about how stupid she looks an make fun of her. We shut up though when she moves to the girls bowl.

A stupid twelve year old who is shaking uncontrollably is reaped. Easy kill. However, a girl of about sixteen soon takes her place. She could join the Careers. I could still kill her though. Then, our escort has her hand in the boys bowl.

"Neptune Joyce" she calls out.

Another twelve year old. He has no chance. He is like a stick insect, no muscle on him whatsoever. He'll die in the bloodbath for sure. He'll bring no pride to our district at all whatsoever. He'l make us look stupid and weak.

"I volunteer" I say casually, strutting to the stage, pushing my chest out. The twelve year old nods gratefully and goes back to his friends. I don't acknowldge him. Weakling. He obviously doesn't train.

"Peter Van Burren" I say loudly, before the escort asks me my name. These games are gonna be a piece of cake.

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